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Video: Program about Online Poker Cheaters on 60 minutes

Tags: 60 minutes poker, cheating gamblers on the web, Graycat, Potripper.
Posted on 26 November 2008 by "T".

CBS news program 60 minutes will on the 30th of November send a program about the cheating that has been going on at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker...

The first story is about a player called Graycat that was killing the game for months even though his play was terrible and he won with 15 standard deviations above the mean, which was approximately equivalent to winning a one in a million jackpot six consecutive times.

The other story is about the player Potripper who made the 10-high call against Marco "CrazyMarco" Johnson in a $1,000 buy-in tournament in September of 2007. The Potripper was later traced to the headquarters of Absolute Poker in Costa Rica after a player requested his hand history and instead received more information than he should have, including other players cards and ip addresses.

The Washington Post's Steve Kroft and the team behind 60 minutes have been investigating these matters for over 4 months and will now send a program about it on Sunday the 30th at 7:00pm ET on CBS.

Watch a video clip from 60 minutes Cheating Gamblers on The Web

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14 comments for "Video: Program about Online Poker Cheaters on 60 minutes"

 hawkgman26/11/2008 22:48:35 GMT
What the F*** this is crazy, makes you really question wheather poker online is fair. Hmm anyone else concerned abou this, or is it really rare???
 mza18727/11/2008 00:17:46 GMT
now every1 is a suspect dun-dun-duuun
 GeneYuss27/11/2008 03:45:23 GMT
It's old news but it would be cool to watch the documentary. Not same time at Action Poker Freeroll is it?
 intentcity427/11/2008 11:59:37 GMT
Thats why im broke, and i was starting to think i couldnt play.
 T3ddyKGB27/11/2008 13:36:34 GMT
lol intentcity

this is worth a watch tho even if its old news.
can someone (whos got CBS) record this and upload somewhere? or can i watch it online if i sign up on CBSnews site?
 Predobar27/11/2008 14:10:54 GMT
I don`t know if this is allowed but would also like if someone could record this show.
 intentcity427/11/2008 14:20:50 GMT
i dont know anything about this, (what the scam was, how he did ect ect) sounds like the only reason he got caught was greed.
 Buhl3r27/11/2008 16:41:43 GMT
pff... this is greedy... Well, Is rly hard to find ppl using this kind of 3rd programs, but well, at least, some got caught!
 Predobar01/12/2008 14:50:28 GMT
Anyone watched this show?

edit: it looks like there is entire show online
 slipsy01/12/2008 15:44:26 GMT
this program actually has brought things to light i play alot online and that may change `as i too believe there are more sites upto this were ever money is involved there is always a scam it stinks
 aissou01/12/2008 15:50:49 GMT
where can i see this video please oh mmy god chetaer in online gaming ???
we play we re money and deposit fo r loose vs cheaters grrr the poker rooms will must to do something about that Angry Aww crap! Angry Aww crap!
 Predobar01/12/2008 16:48:30 GMT
Open the link provided below the article and it should be in right sidebar. It is the first report so just wait for 2-3 minutes it will come.
 B1gfoot11/02/2009 12:26:54 GMT
Full vid here
 mcandrews3rd11/02/2009 16:21:49 GMT
as if they let him off just for confessing how to do it, shuda put him behind bars and changed the software he wudnt hav bin able 2 do it again

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