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Peter Eastgate off to a good start in PartyPoker Premier League

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Posted on 27 November 2008 by "T".

The Danish world champion Peter Eastgate is participating in the Party Poker Premier League. He lost his first heat where he was playing against some of the biggest names in poker. This tournament has a lot of stars playing and you will see players as Annette Obrestad, Devilfish, Andy Black and Roland de Wolfe. The American player JC Tran is also playing and he was the one to bust Peter Eastgate out of the heat.

This is how the hand played out

Peter Eastgate goes all in with QHeart3Spade and gets called by Tran who shows AHeartKClub

The board helped neither player and Tran takes down the pot and the first heat.

After Eastgate's first heat he has collected 6 points that he got for his second place finish.

The standings after Heat 1:

10 points - JC Tran
6 points - Peter Eastgate
4 points - Annette Obrestad
3 points - Andy Black
2 points - Roland de Wolfe
0 points - Devilfish

In the other group of players Tony G proved to be the best for the day. Here are the standings in the other group after heat 1:

10 points - Tony G
6 points - Tom "durrrr" Dwan
4 points - Vicky Cohen
3 points Phil Hellmuth
2 points - Juha Helppi
0 points - Nenad Medic

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7 comments on "Peter Eastgate off to a good start in PartyPoker Premier League"

 hawkgman27/11/2008 13:32:47 GMT
My bet to win, it Tony G is off to a good start, i hope phil hellmuth busts out early, dont know anyone that likes him ???????
 Buhl3r27/11/2008 16:28:01 GMT
Imo, the winner will be Andy Black he have a good poker style for a season imo
 Saint27/11/2008 17:22:56 GMT
Yeahh I agree Buhl3r.... You just have to wait and bide your time though, cos its poker, anything is possible.

 taavi1927/11/2008 18:23:42 GMT
Seems im the only one whos holding thumbs for Peter. :O
 Whiskerer28/11/2008 03:01:29 GMT
I think we all know someone that like Phil, and that is Phil.
 acehighness28/11/2008 09:41:27 GMT
I actually like Phil ... Maybe not as a person when he is at the table, but outside that he's an OK guy and he's also a damn good player. I dont give a **** what some ppl think of his play, you only get to see a few hands on TV anyway and you don't see how he got that big stack that he blows away in 2 hands Smile
 padod28/11/2008 09:44:05 GMT
durrrr is gonna win imo lol

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