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WPT - Festa al Lago: Tommy Vedes wins $1,218,225

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Posted on 28 October 2009 by "T".

Tommy Vedes from New York had a really tough fight for the win on the final table. Many times he almost went out, but then got very lucky on the river. In one of the key pots that brought him to the top, he was all-in with A-10 versus A-J and got a 10 on the river. Down to heads-up Vedes had a massive chip lead with over 13 million chips against his final opponent Jason Lavellee's 2.5 million chips.

This is how the final hand was played out (Blinds: 100,000/200,000 - Ante: 20,000).

Lavellee moves all-in with 2,775,000, and Vedes quickly calls with KDiamondQDiamond. Lavellee shows 8Heart6Heart. The flop comes ADiamond9Spade5Club, and Lavellee picks up a gutshot straight draw. The turn card is QClub. At this point Lavellee only have four 7's that can give him the pot. The river card is a QSpade, and everything is over. Tommy Vedes received $1,218,225 for the win, and Jason Lavellee $795,150.

Final table results:
1st: Tommy Vedes - $1,218,225
2nd: Jason Lavallee - $795,150
3rd: Craig Crivello - $477,090
4th: Freddy Deeb - $278,300
5th: Jason Burt - $208,725
6th: Shawn Cunix - $168,970

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6 comments on "WPT - Festa al Lago: Tommy Vedes wins $1,218,225"

 xxxbchxxx28/10/2009 21:08:58 GMT
Why cant all heads up play be that simple?
But still 400K difference between the pay offs.
86s is no all in bluff...what a dillon. i bet he was gutted when he got called..
86 hahahahaha i bet the other guy was pissing himself.
 jevo28/10/2009 21:19:52 GMT
lmfao wp tommy! He got deep in the main event too so we maybe seeing a lot more of him
 SuperNoob28/10/2009 21:52:48 GMT
Vedes had a lot of luck in the game but it was his first major tournament title and that too 1.2 mil $.
btw what was lavellee thinkin moving allin with 86 lol
 blazingpf29/10/2009 05:35:13 GMT
wow, this really seems easy ...
to be millionaire..
1.2million just gambling.. does this sort of tournament held often i wonder
 MANUEDO29/10/2009 07:59:15 GMT
He pplayed simply as he should.
Brave and aggressive, more and more, as you have to play in HU final table, expecially if you are chip leader
 mazas22/10/2010 09:22:16 GMT
good pot and nice win he was really happy just in few days earn so big money pot
congrates and good luck in future

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