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EPT: Millionaire refused to pay for his sandwich

Tags: ept, london, Luke __FullFlush1__ Schwartz, the vic casino.
Posted on 05 October 2009 by "T".

Luke "__FullFlush1__" Schwartz, is well known for being a great poker player who has won lots of money during his poker career. He's also known for another thing, and that is that he got banned from The Vic Casino in London after that he refused to take off his hat. 

His friend, Eddie Hearn, is a very well known bookmaker and also a good friend of Luke. When Luke wanted to play EPT London at The Vic Casino, his friend Eddie Hearn of course wanted to help him out and therefore he decided to speak to the management. Eddie Hearn's talk with the management was successful and he managed to revoke Luke's ban. It seemed like the issue between The Vic management and Luke Schwartz finally was solved. But after that Luke got knocked out of EPT London during Day 2, he's once again banned.

The reason that he once again got banned from The Vic Casino is that he ordered a sandwich that he didn't want to pay for as he considered himself being a VIP customer. Luke just took the sandwich and walked away. Shortly after, the security escorted him out of the casino.


Do you think that Luke Schwartz (millionaire) is a man of principles, or just a stingy fellow?


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20 comments on "EPT: Millionaire refused to pay for his sandwich "

 BBU05/10/2009 15:48:54 GMT
stingy fellow, whatever that means.
 KG197505/10/2009 15:53:02 GMT
he's a complete and utter wanker, I hate his face, I'd love to kick it in!

I laughed the other day when I heard he got felted on a high stakes heads up game on FT .... hur hur. Tosser.
 shokaku05/10/2009 16:48:47 GMT

He made a bluff at the casino staff, but they called. Could be one of the most expensive sandwitches in history.
 Plexo05/10/2009 22:35:05 GMT
hahaha unbelievable. What does he think he is???? Being a millionaire and to do these kind of things is not good. Poker does not need players like this guy.
 M3turbo05/10/2009 23:03:46 GMT
Posted by shokaku:

Could be one of the most expensive sandwitches in history.

Or cheapest Agree
 jessthehuman05/10/2009 23:39:22 GMT
what an idiot. Be funny for a joke maybe, just to get banned again after making a point of diplomacy to revoke previous ban, but I get impression not a joke just a wanker ?? Idiot anyway.
 xxxbchxxx06/10/2009 09:24:12 GMT
No thats crap... I've been in lots of casino's all over London (the Vic inc) and the South East and I have never payed for anything whilst I was at the tables!
Drinks free, Food free and many years ago even cigar's free. I have ordered a whole plate of fruit before whilst playing poker.
If I was him I'd kick right off thats rubbish making players pay,.,.HA
 ih8usukouts06/10/2009 09:31:33 GMT
Sounds like he is a stubborn idiot. Being a regular poker player he should know how the comp system works in order to get something for free. Goes to show he isn't the VIP that he thinks he is
 mrplo06/10/2009 10:29:31 GMT
Confirmed busto Blink
 magatt96606/10/2009 15:13:24 GMT
Posted by M3turbo:
Posted by shokaku:

Could be one of the most expensive sandwitches in history.

Or cheapest Agree

surely the most indigestible Smile
 SuperNoob06/10/2009 19:45:11 GMT
what a stupid moron? he got what he deserved.
whats the problem paying for a sandwich? he could've been more careful considering his earlier ban
 Gabri06/10/2009 20:22:36 GMT
Unfortunately, some people that gain notoriety, behave like spoiled brats...
 Fakiry07/10/2009 12:44:31 GMT
Being banned from a casino because of a sandwich... that sure is to laugh! Probably if he had managed to continue in the EPT, perhaps the casino would prefer to give him two sandwiches per day, but since he didnt made it...
 NANACONDA23/10/2009 16:22:44 GMT
i dont understand why the casino would ban him for a sandwich, i mean suely he generates them more money than that. only conclusion i can come up with is that hes a right tosser.
 Yuki55526/10/2009 10:50:03 GMT
Gosh, this is a really pathetic attitude... Its sad some poker players act this way
 brennanaman126/10/2009 14:26:54 GMT
maybe he lost all his cash and couldnt pay lol
 Combo4Super27/10/2009 22:36:15 GMT
being a loser because of a sandwich? cmon man get out of ur vip world
 lecorbu28/10/2009 05:43:03 GMT
not want to accept a discount coupon clipping Fortune and refused to pay for the sandwich, not that it is a typical cocky and greedy millionaire!
 blazingpf28/10/2009 09:52:18 GMT
lol, i think he miss the days when he's poor and don't need to pay..

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