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Brian Hastings feels bad for Isildur1 after the big win

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Posted on 10 December 2009 by "T".

Brian Hastings is not a newcomer when it comes to playing poker or blogging. Already back in 2005, when he had his first big win, he started writing about his life as poker pro in his blog. However, it's thanks to the big win against Isildur1 that Brian Hastings has been in the headlines on the most poker sites and poker magazines in the past few days.

In the latest blog post, Hastings writes that he still can't believe that he has the biggest winning day in online poker history thanks to the $4,2 million session against Isildur1. However, he doesn't write anything about any of the hands from the session. In other words, it seems like he doesn't want to reveal any info on how to play and win big against the Swede.


"Wow. I just had the biggest winning day in online poker history. Did this really happen? I'm still having a tough time believing it did (although not quite as tough a time as I'm having trying to study for finals right now). When everyone starts playing poker, the dream is that one day they will hit it big and make obscene amounts of money that one couldn't fathom working a 9-5 (well most 9-5s). But for most, this is just a pipe dream. For it to happen, one needs a combination of very large amounts of both skill and luck (well maybe not always the skill part for a few certain WSOP main event winners/high finishers, but they need an astronomical amount of luck). And here I am, winning a record $4.18 million in one day (well not exactly - no I didn't have 100% of my own action, and no I am not going into any further detail about this) playing online poker."

From reading the rest of Brian Hastings latest blog post, it's not hard to understand that he's the happiest poker player in the worlds right now. However, he ends the blog with writing that he feels a bit sorry for Isildur1.

"Although we are adults gambling with our money and know the risks, I do feel bad for Isildur to a point. Last year I had a 1.4m downswing at 500/1k taking 100% of my action (unbelievably stupid), so I've been there. He's a talented player and I hope he rebounds and I think he will."


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22 comments on "Brian Hastings feels bad for Isildur1 after the big win"

 Ronsaki10/12/2009 11:07:04 GMT
Not only a vgood poker player but a person aswell Smile
 AA-Daelt-AA10/12/2009 11:15:21 GMT
i guess everyone feels bad for the looser of 4,2 Million dollars in one day making it also the biggest donwing record of the online poker history.
 Tchungpo10/12/2009 12:04:38 GMT
Hehe, its nice from him... but poker is cruel anyway : he feels sorry, great, but isildur wont get back his money (at least, not without risking another heads up Tongue )
 mazas10/12/2009 13:40:19 GMT
4,2 Million dollars fenomenal online poker sum and every poker player will be feeling very bad 4 loosing
 xxxbchxxx10/12/2009 13:52:27 GMT
Wow thats quite a quite response from some one who just won so much $$$
I hope he uses it wisely and has a great time on it.
As for feeling sorry for Isildur naaaaaa if you knew who it was then maybe but for all he knows he just beat some one else..
 ih8usukouts10/12/2009 16:30:52 GMT
Congrats on his part for winning so much money. As for feeling bad for Isildur1, that's part of playing the game. You know what the stakes are you are playing for and if you lose, then you lose. I don't think Isildur1 would be posting in blogs that he feels bad for taking money off someone. At least no post was ever made about durrrr
 psycokiller11/12/2009 00:59:29 GMT
Can't even fathom losing that much in one day, let alone winning it. Either way, it would be an experience that u would never forget.
 jevo11/12/2009 01:03:46 GMT
I love it, Brian must have some kind of read on Isildur otherwise he wouldn't be so defensive about talking about it.

He's a decent chap from all accounts, couldn't help but feel for Isildur!

I'd be like - $4.2m > Bankwire > ATM > rub on titties Blink
 teteban11/12/2009 01:59:57 GMT
Hey, when I stack someone on 2NL I don't feel bad at all for them. I guess I'm not such a good person... Blink
 niccas11/12/2009 02:32:03 GMT
Is this isildurs end?
 ZmxPowah11/12/2009 06:19:43 GMT
Everyone are sorry for him Tongue.
It's big lost maybe it will end his game for while... or forever... who knows ^^
 Mago66612/12/2009 17:25:47 GMT
Isildur1 is a great player is just tikme cuestion to recovert the money hehehe warchout
 doomdy12/12/2009 17:39:20 GMT
Posted by Mago666:
Isildur1 is a great player is just tikme cuestion to recovert the money hehehe warchout

N welcome back Tongue
 BhStaljin12/12/2009 20:11:14 GMT
Isildur1 is a fabulous player,and I hope and think he recover again,but this time he should play a much more smarter,to not get involved to much in omaha,just NL Holdem
 AA-Daelt-AA12/12/2009 22:42:35 GMT
what i really cannot understand is how can a guy wins up to 6 millions and don't cashout at least half of it to grant him anough money to not work anymore for life.
Anyway maybe he will do it next time if he recover again from this broke.
 ViperX12/12/2009 22:53:25 GMT
I already like this guy. Smile Sounds like a decent person and a great player in one. Smile

Thumbs Up
 Aggro66613/12/2009 13:53:29 GMT
they are totally out of reality at this levels 6 mio, 4 mio, 1 mio - just numbers for them ...
 SuperNoob13/12/2009 16:13:08 GMT
he's surely gonna enjoy his christmas this year after winning so much in just one day.
lol look at the big steep rise in his poker earnings at fulltilt
 Wargtass14/12/2009 12:52:35 GMT
Yeah right. He only fakes some sympathy so Isildur willl bring his cash back to the tables for milking Tongue
 geckolux14/12/2009 13:41:46 GMT
Let's hope Isildur1 will get some of his money back! Go Ilisdur1!!!
 scottnone14/12/2009 16:51:30 GMT
Maybe its Mr IKEA. Then its only loose change.
 psycokiller22/12/2009 23:48:57 GMT
Since Hastings has now admitted to collusion to win that money, I can't believe that he's an honest decent person.

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