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Hastings about the $4 million win

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Posted on 17 December 2009 by "T".

Brian Hastings became one of the most talked about poker players after that he won over $4 million dollars in one single session against the unknown Swede "Isildur1." The win is the biggest someone has ever had in a single session, so of course, it wasn't so strange that he ended up in almost all poker headlines around the globe.

After the huge win, one could read in his blog about how happy and chocked he was after winning so much money. Now, a few days later, he has made his first big interview. In this interview one can read that he could never see this happening when he started playing against "Isildur1" that day and that he feels very fortunate to be were he is right now, and even though he played very well, luck was a major factor, according to himself. Brian Hastings says that he have received a lot of great feedback from players and friends after the big win, which he is really thankful for.

Its also mentioned in the interview that according to some rumors, a few players had a piece of his big win. However that was nothing he wanted to leave out any details about. And when he was asked about a possible comeback from "Isiludur1", he answered that he's a great player and that he for sure will be back at the high stakes in a near future.


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11 comments on "Hastings about the $4 million win"

 Badcall8417/12/2009 11:34:08 GMT
why posting old news?
 Wargtass17/12/2009 13:16:14 GMT
Yeah yeah Brian Hastings sucks Tongue
 AA-Daelt-AA17/12/2009 16:46:54 GMT
i don't really see anything news on this, anyway anyone would feel great when winning 4M$ in a day lol.
 teteban17/12/2009 18:15:38 GMT
let's get this story back when he blows it all in maybe the same time it took him to win it from the crazy swede Big Smile
 LaBaiz17/12/2009 20:23:55 GMT
wow, to have such a successful session in on night seems to be a dream come true. I wish i could have that kind of session time after time Blink
 xxxbchxxx18/12/2009 07:52:56 GMT
He might suck but his win will not be forgotten. Lets see what happens about his possible cheating scandle / collousion / paying off others ? it will all come out in the end just wait and see. i dont think this will be the end of it for Brian Hastings.
He could even get kicked off Fulltilt as a result of his actions and what he has said to an interviewer.
 SuperNoob19/12/2009 23:33:50 GMT
surely he's won big and earned him some name for that, but he'll regret whole his life for accepting using databases if fulltilt decide to take action against him.
 haarten8720/12/2009 00:24:33 GMT
noob got lucky Smile
 shokaku20/12/2009 06:40:35 GMT
Posted by haarten87:
noob got lucky Smile

I wouldn't call a high stakes regular and a cardrunners coach a noob. Blink

But he was "only" 800k up for the year before that session.
 doomdy20/12/2009 09:51:18 GMT
Posted by haarten87:
noob got lucky Smile

Dont ya like those rookies Big Smile

Btw i mean you and not Hastings........
 Fakiry20/12/2009 23:10:35 GMT
This is why it appeared a forum asking us what would we do if this hapeened. Well, Hastings is no "jon doe" player. Ok, so he is not a pro between pros, but he plays a lot for a long tim ago, and he knew what he was doing when going against Isildur. He ends up being the best because Isildur decided to extend his tilt thinking he could manage to end up better then things were running, but that didnt happened. This way, Hasting kept winning each time more in a row, till the time he was is the best winning level ever. Good for him!

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