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Isildur1 is soon gone from the high stakes scene?

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, Isildur1.
Posted on 03 December 2009 by "T".

Isildur1 came from nowhere and crushed the most successful high stakes player (at that time), Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Isildur1 won about 5 million dollars in no time from "durrrr" who had to ask his dear friend Ziigmund for a buddy transfer a couple of times. It's mostly thanks to the crazy heads-up sessions against "durrrr" that the unknown Swede became one the most talked about persons in the world of poker.

It only took Isildur1 two and a half week until he had won more than $6 million dollars. At this point, many thought that he would be the new king of high stakes and that he was here to stay. However, it didn't take long before Isildur1 started playing pros he stood no chance against - Ziigmund, Phil Ivey Patrik Antonius and Brian Townsend. All of these players have completely crushed Isildur1 and taken about $2 million each from him.

Isildur1 has now played well over 130,000 hands since he started showing up at Full Tilt poker. He has gone from $6 million plus to minus $1.3 million in just 6 weeks time. Some people think that Isildur1 could have been a big winner if he avoided playing Pot Limit Omaha and didn't play so long sessions without a break, when others say that he's too young and inexperienced and that it was just a matter of time before he lost everything and disappeared from the high stakes scene.


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27 comments for "Isildur1 is soon gone from the high stakes scene?"

 bmobregaj03/12/2009 11:32:35 GMT
was bound to happen IMO
 potripgirl03/12/2009 11:41:34 GMT

Omaha was his death.

But he´s a great NLH Heads-Up player imo..
Or why do you think most of the "FT-Pros" did not want to play NLH against him?
 B1gfoot03/12/2009 11:46:41 GMT
Heres a short story, 2 crazy unknowns made a quick impact on the poker world, UP UP and away thier money went. The end. NEXT.
Durrrr must be kicking himself right now.
 M3turbo03/12/2009 12:03:17 GMT
Haha talent like this doesn't disappear, wait and see Blink

Imagine the will, strength and talent of this young guys mind, he might be knocked down(most of us tries to get knocked down in life or in poker), but more important is how fast does he rise. So the question is not "if he got knocked of the horse" but how fast did he mount it again and I believe this guy will mount it VERY FAST.
 BhStaljin03/12/2009 12:46:00 GMT
well this will happen eventually,he is going to lose everything he soon,but it is his problem of not knowing when it is time to take a break and stop.....he should keep the money,and lay low for some time
 shokaku03/12/2009 12:55:12 GMT
HU PLO is just to swingy. Only be playable with good bankrollmanagement. That guy is good at the tables, but he does not care about the money. Good to build up, but allways vulnerable to lose it all.

If it was realy that Blom guy, he just repeated on a larger scale at Full Tilt, what he had done on IPoker before. Depositing some money, winning big, but losing it all in the end.
 B1gfoot03/12/2009 13:39:51 GMT
BTW im talking about martonas and Durrrr Tongue .
I actually think Isildur1 playes hard that seams his style, problem is if he crushes HS then no more HS players Shock FT have to put him on FT, gangwarfair, FT Pros Vs Isildur1.
 shokaku03/12/2009 13:52:03 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
BTW im talking about martonas and Durrrr Tongue .

You don't like the durrrrster?
 Davoodoo03/12/2009 14:36:12 GMT

I really dont think this will be a joyfull christmas for isildur ...
 Ali_c03/12/2009 16:01:20 GMT
should never have touched omaha...
 Bizla03/12/2009 16:55:12 GMT
I'm glad lol.
 LaBaiz03/12/2009 20:10:21 GMT
I believe that Isildur1 must take a rest for a while, get his head together and try from the scratch, trying to apply some new strategies.
 schmoyster03/12/2009 20:55:29 GMT
Isildur will be back. He will buy playmoney from McSnakey and will start his rise to the very top.
 ih8usukouts03/12/2009 20:59:14 GMT
He def. rocked the poker world with his super aggro play style. Just like most pros' have gone broke before it will be interesting to see what will come in the near future. He's down (just a tiny bit) but not out
 pothead201203/12/2009 22:07:48 GMT
Even if he comes back and manages to get some more money out of durrrr then only to give it to patrick and phil afterwards!!! Btw: Many good poker players are broke because they just cant manage money well this is one the other thing is that isildur1 has a far to big ego how else could he think just because he beat durrrr he would stand a chance against ivey Imho he should live on fish not try to hunt sharks
 potripgirl04/12/2009 10:14:25 GMT
he´s not done yet Big Smile

ATM he´s waiting at 9 tables Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 shokaku04/12/2009 10:39:21 GMT
Posted by potripgirl:
he's not done yet Big Smile

ATM he's waiting at 9 tables Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

But "only" 200/100.

Peanuts. Blink
 potripgirl04/12/2009 11:11:19 GMT
He´s also waiting at a500/1000$ and 2 300/600$ tables
 B1gfoot07/12/2009 14:54:45 GMT
Well looks like they are both on the up Durrrr and Isildur1(bloom? bloom says its not him?)

@stich90 If your going to CandP dont do it with the top posters replies. Thumbs Down I tend to notice.
HS gets to live on, wounder who lent Durrrr money this time Big Smile
 M3turbo07/12/2009 14:59:30 GMT

Click his name....I did yesterday and saw 2-3 of his post all just empty quotes Confused

I will report now Evil
 B1gfoot07/12/2009 15:04:51 GMT
yer there all CandP
 M3turbo07/12/2009 15:06:36 GMT
Dooh sorry never mind Tongue
 B1gfoot07/12/2009 15:07:13 GMT
ok LOL
 M3turbo07/12/2009 15:08:09 GMT
Smile Big Smile
 shokaku07/12/2009 19:32:02 GMT
The beast is back. Shock

Isildur won close to 3 million today. Shock

Victims were Ziigmund (over 1.4 million), Townsend (over 900k) and durrrr (over 500k)
 SuperNoob09/12/2009 19:47:10 GMT
only person he's able to win from consistently is durrrr, others have been able to win back from him but durrrr is unable to figure him out.

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