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New red pro at Full Tilt poker

Tags: full tilt poker, Jani KObyTAPOUT Vilmunen.
Posted on 03 December 2009 by "T".

Jani "KObyTAPOUT" Vilmunen is Full Tilt's newest red pro. Jani Vilmunen is well known for being a very skilled Omaha player in both cash games and tournaments. Even though Full Tilt still hasnt made an offical announcement on the website (or anywhere else) about their new red pro, it's obvious that Jani "KObyTAPOUT" Vilmunen now is a red pro since he's already playing with his own name and the red pro status at the poker tables.

Who's Jani "KObyTAPOUT" Vilmunen?
Jani "KObyTAPOUT" Vilmunen is a very successful poker player from Porvoo, Finland who has been playing for a long time at Full Tilt. Recently he has moved up in stakes and started playing against some of Full Tilt's biggest stars with mixed results. Jani has also had some success in live and online poker tournaments in the past few years. For example he came in 7th place in the PLO event in 2006 WSOP, 1st place in WSOP Europe's Omaha tournament, and a first place in PokerStars WCOOP Omaha tournament.


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20 comments for "New red pro at Full Tilt poker"

 dlkiv03/12/2009 16:05:09 GMT
The FT pros list keeps on growing. Interesting new choice.
 Chartoule03/12/2009 16:32:20 GMT
How many red pros have FTP?! Hundreds?!
Welcome to Jani, congrats to all the users of FTP.
 Bizla03/12/2009 16:50:25 GMT
He is a brilliant plo player
 Yuki55503/12/2009 16:53:54 GMT
Congratulations to him. Its interesting to see they took a PLO player, just at the moment when the PLO is becoming more and more popular at big stakes and for railbirds...
 riversucks103/12/2009 16:58:22 GMT
i wish i knew how to play plo seems like can be fun game just havent got a nack for that game yet Aww crap!
 Davoodoo03/12/2009 17:45:42 GMT

At least he cant be worse player than durr ... but i have never heard if him before either Blink
 ZmxPowah03/12/2009 17:58:59 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

At least he cant be worse player than durr ... but i have never heard if him before either Blink

Me2 i don't know who is this guy...
FTP is growing and growing... i would like to know if they got some % of the earning or just some cash.
 teteban03/12/2009 18:48:51 GMT
I think this is signaling a move of the pros towards Omaha. I guess the small edges just rub away with the variance of Holdem and Omaha is just the way to keep the edges alive
 justjohn03/12/2009 19:00:58 GMT
gl luck to him plo is a good game.. I'm not to good at high low though
 LaBaiz03/12/2009 20:12:39 GMT
Full Tilt Poker rooms pro count keeps getting bigger every month. looks like more and more players can afford to play at the highest stakes.
 bmobregaj04/12/2009 12:40:57 GMT
i want a red name, 100% rakeback baby!
 shokaku04/12/2009 14:18:42 GMT
Oha, a new pro at Full Tilt. Hope for Isildur. Smile

Can that finnish guy afford to lose more than 5 million, like Dwan did after signing to Full Tilt?
 teteban07/12/2009 23:19:25 GMT
Man, with so many red pros in Full Tilt, I guess it will eventually lose its value...It seems like they're giving them away these days...I've never heard from this guy before...but maybe he'll show why he belongs there
 Ronsaki07/12/2009 23:31:18 GMT
THey sure dont give red pro's away. Compare it with football.
50 years ago there were like 5-6 'best footballers' in the world. Now you have to list atleast 15 of them.Its just poker's popularity has raised and spread all over the world.

btw football=soccer= Pele Big Smile
 bmobregaj08/12/2009 01:06:34 GMT
watced this guy playing for a bit yesterday, he was on 4 omaha tables with 3x the buy in on each - he's either on a nice heater or is a very decent player. Time will tell!
 Lutenatik08/12/2009 02:38:18 GMT
I ve seen him playing at FT he s really good. Deserves that spot on the team
 SuperNoob09/12/2009 19:55:42 GMT
fulltilt have made a good addition to their team, he's a good solid poker player. surely gonna stay for long time with them.
 xxxbchxxx20/12/2009 11:55:18 GMT
FTP are still the best (in my opinion)
Highlighting there pros in red is a brill idea, can see them coming.
I remember when they first brought out the matrix games and i sat down for a £20 buy in and there was this dude who's name was in red.... i thought it was a bit strange and asked support why is this guys name red...haha they told me it was a pro....Cool first time i'd ever played with a pro...still lost lol
 lomax20/12/2009 12:09:11 GMT
i don't know him but congratulation. He is a solid or aggressive player? Confused there are some videos on you tube? Smile
 paulparadiis20/12/2009 23:35:33 GMT
I Love FT, it's so good that the pros play from time to time in smaller stakes too, so i can afford to play with them.

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