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Video: Gus Hansen VS Theo Jörgensen ...in the boxing ring?

Tags: gus boxing, Gus Hansen, Gus Hansen vs Theo Jörgensen, Gus vs Theo, theo boxing, Theo Jörgensen.
Posted on 25 February 2009 by "T".

Yes, you heard right! When PokerStars EPT Copenhagen finished last Saturday Gus Hansen challenged his fellow countrymen Theo Jörgensen for a real fight in the boxing ring. And of course money was involved as we are talking about some of the most successful poker players there are.

Gus Hansen was the one that came up with the brilliant idea to challenge another poker player in the boxing ring for some serious cash, this in order to promote his new site Gus Hansen TV. The one that accepted Gus challenge was no one less than Theo Jörgensen who is known to be someone that is not afraid to take on new challenges.

Before the match
Gus was the big favorite to win the fight as he's a quite big guy, he used to train a lot and still does. Theo is also very fit but no one could ever even imagine that he could beat Gus Hansen more than at the poker table. Gus was also very confident that he would win the fight as he and Theo agreed that Gus would get $25,000 if he won and Theo would get $35,000 if he won. This means that Gus would get $10, 000 less if he took home the fight.

It was a very tuff match between the two Danish poker pros. One could see that both of them had been training very hard before the match and that neither of them wanted to lose. Unfortunately for Gus Hansen was that he underestimated his opponent Theo Jörgensen who took home the match on points after a couple of rounds.

Here you can watch the match between Gus Hansen and Theo Jörgensen

Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4 


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24 comments for "Video: Gus Hansen VS Theo Jörgensen ...in the boxing ring?"

 donrizi25/02/2009 15:26:14 GMT
 Davoodoo25/02/2009 15:27:36 GMT
What a fight!! .. gus was smiling most of the time Big Smile
 oaiaaia25/02/2009 15:35:33 GMT
Some of the punches were pretty nice Smile...
But you know what would of been great? puttin them in a ring with a boxing pro and see if they can last 4-5 rounds Big Smile
 T3ddyKGB25/02/2009 18:05:34 GMT
i bet we are gonna see more fights like this (hope so anyways) - always fun to see amateurs boxing Smile
would be funnier without helmets but as far as i remember the rules do not allow it.

@oaiaaia, 1 round cost alot breath...and i dont think its gonna be a good fight because he would run like a rabbit, except hes boxing vs a lower class boxer.

but we had something like this in germany. a german showmaster has been boxing vs regina halmich. maybe you know her (she has been light weight worldchampion for over 7 years i think)...she knocked him out Big Smile

edit: as far as i remember she weighs 30kg less than him

 B1gfoot25/02/2009 18:25:32 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
What a fight!! .. gus was smiling most of the time Big Smile

Its called "i took one on my nose and now am strugling to breath"
Gus got owned
 doomdy25/02/2009 18:29:52 GMT
Yes i was searching for this vids Smile
Great to watch lolll.
Gus with no skills only agression and theo boxing relaxed countering Tongue
You can see theo had much more experience.

Great to watch Smile
 GeneYuss25/02/2009 23:06:42 GMT
Actually, Theo was the favourite due to him training 4 months plus and Gus only training a few weeks. And Gus Hansen just recently had knee surgery too. It was funny he came to the ring in a wheel chair with "do you really want to hurt me" song Smile

Nice one B1gfoot Smile Ya, usually when a fighter smiles, that means he got hurt.
 xTHEPLAYERx26/02/2009 01:04:26 GMT
gus is the best!!!!!he's a strong boxer and a very good player,go gus!thank's for video!!
gus is very aggressive on the table and on the ring...
 Administrator26/02/2009 08:08:22 GMT
I love how Gus entered the scene... "do you really wanna hurt me"-song, in a wheel chair Big Smile
 f0n0t26/02/2009 13:49:55 GMT
Hansen owned Smile
 intentcity426/02/2009 13:53:28 GMT
yeah they got tired didnt they, i noticed they used extra heavy gloves as well just to keep it friendly.
 GeneYuss27/02/2009 02:47:47 GMT
Posted by dunotra
yeah they got tired didnt they, i noticed they used extra heavy gloves as well just to keep it friendly.

Just before the fight, Dwan and Antonious were playing the "Durrr Challenge. They stopped playing to watch the fight and Antonious said something like "stupid head gear..no ones going to get hurt" lol. And Antonius bet on Theo and Dwan bet on Gus.
 B1gfoot27/02/2009 19:20:34 GMT
Also geneyuss antonius seams to think gus kicked butt?? not sure that he did watch it
 77007728/02/2009 01:31:50 GMT
That was awesome Big Smile Big Smile K.O.
 GeneYuss28/02/2009 22:09:46 GMT
B1gfoot, I didn't watch the whole fight, I just skimmed through it. I seen a couple good punches by Gus and he was the aggressive one but I think Theo's jabs won the fight.

Did you guys notice Gus fell down?
 Marduk4401/03/2009 02:23:29 GMT
I like boxing , but an higer level . Thing about Nationality or Olimpic tournaments. Unlikely, when I watch a fight (about last five or more) wins punches who did not wins hart of public .. you know what I mean Smile I read about it , this is ... fact - no one hurt :lol
 SSNIGLETT01/03/2009 12:27:36 GMT
lol well gus is one of my fav
 ITiLt4FuN01/03/2009 14:37:19 GMT
Nice one Gus Blink but lets keep serious...u are a much better poker player than a boxer! Bet ur money on a table instead of betting on a fight...or try doyle in a fight..lol
 GeneYuss02/03/2009 07:54:44 GMT
"try doyle in a fight" Smile Did you hear some magazine said Doyle is in the top 15 people to die in 2009 lol. Than Doyle bet him 10 to 1 that he won't die in 2009. 10k to 1k, but it will all go to charity.
 Noogey02/03/2009 13:25:07 GMT
Ha ha ha, poker pro player are totally crazy ... they don't know how resolve their different ...
 Tabby02/03/2009 15:41:29 GMT
haha sounds like alot of fun
 Chinatello03/03/2009 15:25:31 GMT
I wanna see the twice fighting! xD I'm just kiding!! eheh
The real men resolve the problem in the poker tables!! Blink
 weakminded03/03/2009 21:08:00 GMT
It was a nice fight I have to say, some good punches, and I got to say, Gus can take some hits, I didn't expect that. Still technique is something they didn't trained for I guess Tongue. Next time maybe instead of a boxing match a UFC freefight match between durr and Helmuth.
 weemanjcb15/04/2009 17:35:48 GMT
hahaha nice video is crazy but nice Big Smile

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