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World Poker Tour Championship Day 3

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Posted on 22 April 2009 by "M".

At day 3 of the World Poker Tour Championship at the Bellagio in Las Vegas there were 162 players remaining. These 162 players were going to fight for a place at the final table where the winner will be awarded with $2,143,655. Due to the fact that most of the players still have huge stacks compared to the blinds the action has been pretty slow the first two days but that changed at day 3. At the end of day 3 more than half the field had been knocked out and there are now only 62 players left that have to come back to play day 4.

Matt Hyman vs. Steve Sung

Matt Hyman makes a 13.000 raise in late position and Steve Sung who is in the big blind makes a re-raise and Hyman three bets with another 220.000 raise and Sung makes the call. The flop comes JClub6Diamond4Club and Sung goes all in instantly and Hyman makes the call just as fast. When they flip their cards over Sung shows 10Club10Spade and Hyman shows ADiamondASpade. The turn brings the KSpade and the river is a harmless JDiamond and Hyman takes down the pot and goes up into the chiplead.

Here are the standings after day 3:

Steve Billirakis 1,722,000
Matt Hyman 1,663,000
Mark Seif 1,315,000
Nenad Medic 1,306,000
David Singer 1,116,000
Blake Cahail 1,059,000
Phil Ivey 1,036,000
Nick Binger 1,036,000
David Baker 952,000
Freddy Deeb 932,000

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12 comments on "World Poker Tour Championship Day 3"

 Davoodoo22/04/2009 14:30:25 GMT
Uh oh, Phil ivey with chips cant be too good for the other players ...
 MANUEDO22/04/2009 16:31:31 GMT
Yes, totally agreed.
Phil is really dangerous expecially when he's '' chipped ''
We'll see
 shevrette22/04/2009 20:13:19 GMT
I totally disagree, Phil is going to lose... Smile))
 boris422/04/2009 21:41:23 GMT
easy money
 thpe94ad23/04/2009 10:47:33 GMT
What are the blinds?
 shokaku23/04/2009 11:02:29 GMT
Posted by shevrette:
I totally disagree, Phil is going to lose... Smile))

Yep. I guess he will bust out at position 34. Big Smile

24 players left. Some big names still in. Chipleader is a unknown to me.
 doomdy23/04/2009 11:11:16 GMT
I hope to play my first live event end of oktober Smile
Just 30min from my home so can bike it Tongue

Small buyinn of $75 Smile
 Calmplay23/04/2009 15:28:54 GMT
Ivey busted with AK vs Scotty's A9 (as expected by some mobsters), and now after Day 4, Scotty is sitting in 6th. Yeah go baby Thumbs Up also notice that Jenifer Harman is still in it which no doubt prove once again she's the best of the best... Worship

Man... Scotty recently had that rumor about he'll probably quit poker... but after Day 5 with 10 remaining player he's the chip leader Worship it was Harman who finished 11th with her Aces cracked vs 10 2 which we all know from who this hand belong to Thumbs Up
 DrTre121326/04/2009 03:27:33 GMT
I wonder how my fave player, Daniel Negreanu did..?? Phil is my next fave player. And yes, Phil Ivey with a stack is like sending a bull into a china shop haha!
 xxxbchxxx26/04/2009 03:38:59 GMT
a lot of people in here seem to love Phil i dont rate him at all COME ON
 Calmplay26/04/2009 20:34:24 GMT
Phil is very good at making excellent start but deep, he usually fails because his failing bluffs cost him a lot... Scotty went 6th and Timochenko (not sure if it's written like that) won it for $2.1 million as first prize winnings.
 mcsnakey76527/04/2009 12:42:51 GMT
david singer gonna take it all Smile

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