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EPT: Vanessa Rousso takes home the High Roller Championship

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Posted on 05 May 2009 by "T".

Vanessa Rousso, the Team PokerStars Pro, took home the EPT High Roller Championship last weekend and received a stunning amount of €570,000 in first prize. The final table included notable players like Tony G, William Thorson, David Steicke & David Eldar.

Last weekend the EPT High Roller Championship was played. Players that made it to the final table were, David Steicke, Andrew Feldman, William Thorson, David Eldar, Florian Langmann, Tony G, Randy Dorfman & Randy Dorfman. But it came to be Vanessa Rousso, Tony G and Randy Dorfman that were the 3 last players in the tournament. They made a deal almost straigh away. The deal was that the winner would get €150,000 extra, and the remaining prize pool would be divided between the three of them. 

Tony G was the first player to get knocked out. This left Randy Dorfman and Vanessa Rousso to play heads-up. It came to be a very long heads-up match between them and it seemed that neither of them ever would give up on the battle for the first prize of €570,000.

The final hand was played out like this

Flop comes 3Club9Spade8Club - Both players check

Turn 5Club - Vanessa bets 150,000 and Dorfman calls.

River KHeart - Vannesa decides to move all-in and Dorfman calls straight away.

Randy Dorfman flips over KClub5Diamond for 2 pairs. Vanessa shows 7Club6Spade for a straight which gives her the pot and the first prize of €570,000. Randy received €420,000 for second place, same as Tony G, thanks to the deal these 3 players made.



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5 comments on "EPT: Vanessa Rousso takes home the High Roller Championship"

 timona05/05/2009 22:42:03 GMT
Such beauty and so it is good in poker plays
 xxxbchxxx06/05/2009 01:10:11 GMT
Posted by timona:
Such beauty and so it is good in poker plays

yeah she s a beauty all right she can beat by boat anyday
and at that level she'll have to be good Evil
 Exxo06/05/2009 09:52:32 GMT
Very beutiful)))
 Fakiry06/05/2009 15:09:18 GMT
Great final hand!! I think it never passed through Randy Dorfman's head that she could have a straight at the turn. And when he saw himself with two pairs at the end, he sure thought he was ahead in front, but came out to be second. Who would say? By the way, nice deal the three made, hein? I think i wil start making some deals myself too Smile
 SpeedMix07/05/2009 03:04:05 GMT
I would like to have a wife poker player lols

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