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HighStakes: Gus Hansen loses €1,4 million on a tennis bet

Tags: French open, Gus Hansen, Rafael Nada, Robin Söderling, tennis.
Posted on 03 July 2009 by "T".

The Danish poker pro, Gus Hansen, recently placed a 1,4 million euro bet on a tennis player to win 2009's French open. Unfortunately for Gus his tennis player lost already in the quarter finals and a very lucky bookmaker could collect €1,4 million euro.

Gus Hansen is known to be a very heavy gambler on all types of things next to playing poker. This time he placed a €1,4 million bet on the world's best tennis player, Rafael Nadal, to win the French open 2009. Unfortunately for Gus, Rafael Nadal, lost against the Swede Robin Söderling (6-2, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6) in the quarter finals already. What one should bear in mind with Gus bet, is that Rafael Nadal that he betted on had a winning streak of 31 matches before this one versus Robin Söderling. And the last time Rafael Nadal lost a set, was against Roger Federer back in 2007.

How much this bet hurt Gus bankroll, we can only speculate in. What would be interesting to know though, is who the bookmaker who accepted this crazy bet was?

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32 comments on "HighStakes: Gus Hansen loses €1,4 million on a tennis bet"

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» HighStakes: Gus Hansen loses €1,4 million on a tennis bet

 DrTre121304/07/2009 00:31:56 GMT
Posted by amstaffy:
gamble it--we are on this planet once--spend, have fun, take risks

I agree the we should have fun and take risks...adrenaline is tha shit!! are you so certain we only live on this planet once? Confused
 amstaffy04/07/2009 01:43:32 GMT
Posted by DrTre1213:
Posted by amstaffy:
gamble it--we are on this planet once--spend, have fun, take risks

I agree the we should have fun and take risks...adrenaline is tha shit!! are you so certain we only live on this planet once? Confused

I dont -- i dont even know where I am half the time
 T3ddyKGB04/07/2009 09:26:01 GMT
quote:"when u are so addicted to betting u will always be in trouble"

agreed. except you have insider knowledge.
i wonder what were the odds ? not that high because of nadal i guess. if it was worth to risk $1.4mill for 200k Tongue
 xxxbchxxx04/07/2009 09:37:56 GMT
well if you had the money he has betting 1.4 euros wouldnt skint you
he is obviosly a gambling man and as all gambeling men know its what you do with it that counts HeHeHe Big Smile
and he done a wrongen that time.......
I wonder if he told his Shock
 T3ddyKGB04/07/2009 16:10:16 GMT
quote: "well if you had the money he has betting 1.4 euros wouldnt skint you either"

i got to know a person who inherited DM 40million (around €20 million) and lost EVERYTHING in casinos in less than 5years due to being addicted to gambling.
now a days he lives from social welfare in 40qm appartment.
 Jodoli04/07/2009 17:34:22 GMT
Lol! This gus hansen has to be crazy. one point four million dollars!! this is crazy! lol Ok the probabilitie of rafael nadal lose were low, but 1.4 million dollar is an amount that i will neve risk, specially because i dont have that amount in my possession! lol
 SuperNoob04/07/2009 20:04:50 GMT
Is he stupid betting so much money on tennis players?
He was really very unlucky to lose money on rafael nadal and bookmaker very lucky to win.
Who would have expected Nadal to lose in quarter when he had never lost a match in french open.
 Mascarilha04/07/2009 22:20:31 GMT
The bet is Nadal do win the Roland Garos.

1.40/1.45 was the odds...

Nadal can be the king of RG, but at these odds there is no value... 1.4M :s
 dianakyra05/07/2009 10:36:01 GMT
What did he get if he had chosen federer! Think better than rafaels odds on rg

maybe he can bet 20 million 2day on federer winning wimbledon! think he will make 1.4 profit than?
 spanishman05/07/2009 12:15:45 GMT
i think this doesn't hurt him very much =)
he has soooo often won high stacked poker tables ,, that this 1,4 millon lose is bad but he can live with it =)
he will get it back from others at poker tables
 hahne198606/07/2009 12:30:18 GMT
dont ever bet against a swede =)
 fochizza06/07/2009 12:46:07 GMT
Well i guess he can afford it, but i would never bet huge amounts on tennis (even if i would be as rich as him)! Nadal is a superb player but tiny things can change a tennisplayers play!
Tennis is alot like poker, you need to be a good player and be mentally strong to be succesfull at the highest level!
 razordemon06/07/2009 17:48:50 GMT
I like very much to bet in several sports like soccer, nba, nhl, tenis... But1.4M$ is a lot of money to put in one bet even if you have a lot more to bet.
 ACE00706/07/2009 19:13:16 GMT
I think that to bet that much, one must have either lost quite some and tried to cover all in 1 go with a certain bet or most probably one person who won a lot and this 1.4M will not be out of his personal hard earned money... rather easy earned money Blink
Anyway, the only way to overcome this is to forget the past and lower the bets profile Blink
 Mariukas99106/07/2009 21:12:09 GMT
what a looser.. he's just good in poker
 Gottfriedx06/07/2009 21:14:35 GMT
These people just don't know the value of money anymore
 DaneMitic06/07/2009 22:11:24 GMT
1,4€, its peasnuts for Guss, I dont think he cares about it... I have seen a video on youtube about him losing over 1Mio. at offline/tv events in 2-3 Days, then he went to his hotel room and played online poker for a few hours and now guess what happend...? Yes, he got his MANIES back.... Blink
 MuradMurad06/07/2009 22:14:46 GMT
 Nitscho07/07/2009 18:33:54 GMT
This is hard..... and what do we learn out of that? Don't bet on tennis if you are a poker player haha Big Smile
 KingEraiser23/07/2009 16:50:40 GMT
he lost the dimension for money...
thats not can he bet 1.4 Mio ..???omg
he should better give this money children in african
 ih8usukouts30/07/2009 11:42:44 GMT
I wish I could afford to do I wouldn't care what people said about me. I'm jealous!
 mrnugger01/08/2009 22:49:55 GMT
such high bet is crazy to make even if you are a rich person and do not think that this does not hurt him because everyone hates to lose when it depends on money
 PokerJosh02/08/2009 01:41:57 GMT
hmmm... seems to be a trend for poker Pro's to loose their money in other gambling-games. Even if you would think that they know how to invest money profitably^^
 Phospate2202/08/2009 08:34:40 GMT
this is nonsense, yes he can afforid it to loose 1.4 million for a stupid tennis game, but mannnnn 1.4 million is too much, i could live like a king from that money, Man that dude is crazy 1.5 million for a tennis bet man i cant belive this.....
 karstenkloss02/08/2009 08:49:53 GMT
Crazy guy! How someone can bet that amount of money. For normal people is this enough money until the end of life. And he bets on a tennis-match. Crazy! Aww crap!

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