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Peter Eastgate's eco-friendly poker table auctioned at WSOP

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Posted on 31 July 2009 by "T".

Eric Hansel, the founder of EGM Green, designs the world's only eco-friendly casino tables and furniture. He also provides LEED consulting services and a full suite of green consulting, including wind, solar, co-generation, and geothermal audits and implementation for casinos, hotels, spas and homes. However, Eric Hansel made the world's first eco-friendly poker table this year and brought it to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, he let 36 of the most successful players through the history of poker sign the unique poker table.

The poker table was then awarded to Peter Eastgate by Eric Hansel. Peter Eastgate, the WSOP 2008 champion, auctioned the table in order to gather some money for his own charity foundation, Friend of Eastgate, a foundation which helps children world-wide. The highest silent auction bidder came to be Eric Harkins from IMPDI (Image Masters Photography & Digital Imaging). How much money that was donated from Harkins is still not stated on Peter Eastgate's charity website. Let's hope it was a lot, since it's for something really good!

Have you ever given money to charity? If yes, what motivated you to do so? If no, why not?


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8 comments on "Peter Eastgate''s eco-friendly poker table auctioned at WSOP"

 Administrator31/07/2009 12:07:31 GMT
When I buy stuff on eBay, I often tick the box at the payment step to "donate $1 to...." - I don't really remember exactly what the donation goes to, but I believe it's often something to do with kids.
 Fakiry31/07/2009 15:24:42 GMT
It is nice to see this campaigns between poker players. I am an associated of the Rotary International Foundation, which was born in Chicago and then expand worlwide, and i contribute a lot to give better oportunities to the less afortunate. Everybody who can should do it. And its not just giving money, sometimes this people need a hand, a hug, someone to talk...
 Davoodoo31/07/2009 15:35:18 GMT
And why were it more eco-friendly than other poker tables ?
No i havent donated anything to charity in a long time ... i simply havent because there are so much money that persons who dont need it takes . Imo charity is only making the rich richer ...
 B1gfoot31/07/2009 17:38:29 GMT
Whats a eco-friendly poker table?
is it made from corn or something?
Is wood not eco-friendly, not such an eco person, something ill try to change as only good can come from it.
 DrTre121301/08/2009 12:02:37 GMT
Usually eco-friendly products are built in plants who specifically subscribe to green energies (ie. wind, solar, even nuclear), and they also use recycled materials in a lot of their stuff. Another thing is the materials theirselves...if they're recyclable, reusable, or may be toxic when disposed of. These are all taken into consideration when manufacturing eco-friendly products.
 jevo01/08/2009 12:09:17 GMT
Yeah, generally if the products used are from a sustainable source they can be considered eco-friendly.

More and more companies these days are using hemp, it's brilliant for almost anything, including toking Big Smile
 hoddiechris01/08/2009 12:41:45 GMT
i generall give all my small change when in a shop, say there is 13 pence change i put it the pot. that may not sound alot but i do it all year round. At the moment my charity of choice is help for heroes.
 SuperNoob05/08/2009 02:29:59 GMT
I don't give large amount in charity, but i keep on giving small amounts in charity that i can afford.
That was a very good idea to raise some funds for charity by selling an eco-friendly table signed by poker pros

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