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PartyPoker Introduce A New Promotion That's Absolute Genius!

Tags: PartyPoker.
Posted on 07 July 2009 by "K".

Party Poker bonusPartyPoker has tapped into the brilliance of the finest scientific minds around to formulate a new promotion that’s absolute genius.
Starting Monday 6th July, PartyPoker are going to square the pot of every 50,000th hand that’s played on cash tables to create some mind-blowing jackpots, from a minimum of $100 up to a staggering $5,000. Better still, everyone involved in the hand will get an equal share of the payout , while the winner will also take the original pot.
In addition, every millionth hand during The Genius will have a guaranteed $10,000 prize pool and the final 10 millionth hand of the promotion will be worth an astounding guaranteed $100,000. All the players dealt into these special Genius hands will share these fantastic cash prizes.
The promotion runs for 10 million hands, counted from 12.00 ET Monday 6th July. The details are as follows:

  • If a Genius hand hits on a table where the pot stands at $70, PartyPoker will square it to give all the players an equal share of $4,900: $70 X $70 = $4,900
  • If a Genius hand hits on a table where the pot stands at $20, PartyPoker will square it to give all the players an equal share of $400: $20 x $20 = $400
  • If a Genius hand hits on a table where the pot stands at $8, PartyPoker will give all the players an equal share of $100 (the minimum Genius jackpot)

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7 comments for "PartyPoker Introduce A New Promotion That''s Absolute Genius!"

 Fakiry07/07/2009 17:41:55 GMT
I have reading it on the poker site a while ago and it seemed pretty interesting. We just have to be playing cash game and, when one of those numbered hands appear, everyone will get a share of money. A very good way to call players to their tables. Marketing personal from poker sites dont sleep at work!
 Nitscho07/07/2009 18:34:45 GMT
Awesome.. but not for me Sad my account was rejected because i "already had one" which i definitly didn't have had -.-' could freak out ^^
 DrTre121308/07/2009 08:05:45 GMT
Yeah, same comment as Fakiry...excellent marketing promo. I've seen similar things done on other sites..like the 10 billionth hand on Victor handler, where every 100,000th hand or something got a cash prize. I like the whole Genius theme, and squaring the pot amount Big Smile
 SuperNoob08/07/2009 09:58:00 GMT
Thats a very nice promotion by partypoker, it will surely increase their traffic for few days till the promotions last.
As all players dealt will be given prize it is much better.
Hope they come up with similar ideas on other sites too.
 erik197009/07/2009 06:24:38 GMT
i like this promo to,i have been playing there now for a few days and stil did not hit the G hand.but i did have some luck on the tables,maybe it will hit me today becouse i feel very lucky,haha
 KG197509/07/2009 12:20:43 GMT
As a mostly tournament player, it's useless to me. I wish the stupid dealer would stop reminding me of the promotion ... I GET IT ALREADY!! Aww crap! Big Smile
 erik197009/07/2009 14:14:26 GMT
It does not take a GENIUS to be the next big winner.
but it does take a very lucky cunt Blink

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