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WSOP - Main Event: Payout structure for this year's final table

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Posted on 09 July 2009 by "T".

6494 players paid the buy-in of $10,000 and took part in the main event in the world series of poker this year. Of all the 6494 participants, 646 players will receive a piece of the total prize pool of $64,940,000. Even though $64,940,000 is a lot of money, it's still not as much as in last year's main event.

Even though so many players (6494) took part in this year's main event, it's still fewer than last year. This means that winner of this year's main event won't receive as much as Peter Eastgate (picture) did when he won back in 2008. Peter Eastgate received a bit over $9 million dollars, and this year the winner will "only" receive $8,5 million dollars.

Final table payout structure:
1. $8 546 435
2. $5 182 601
3. $3 479 485
4. $2 502 787
5. $1 953 395
6. $1 587 133
7. $1 404 002
8. $1 300 228
9. $1,263,602

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17 comments on "WSOP - Main Event: Payout structure for this year''s final table"

 Nitscho09/07/2009 13:55:21 GMT
Just awesome. i'd like to have so much money ;D ;D ;D.... alone 1 million for the 9th.....this is hard ^^
 Davoodoo09/07/2009 16:51:11 GMT
hmm all players started with 30 K chips right ? ... 30 000 x 6494 = 194 920 000 chips ... 194 920 000 / by 646 (ITM) = 301 579 average chipstack when they reach the money . LOL GOOD LUCK !
Average on final table 9 players = 21 657 777 ...unbelivable.
 jevo09/07/2009 16:51:16 GMT
Would it not have been the largest ever if all those players who got denied entrance on day 1d had gotten in earlier?

Still a hell of a 1st prize though
 Fakiry09/07/2009 19:23:10 GMT
Eight million dollars is a lot of money to win in a poker tournament. Just a while ago i have been watching an event, dont know which, of the 2006 WSOP, where the last 12 players all received above a million dollars prize. That even was announced by the speaker and every rookies at the tables just gone nuts and went "uff" and stuff like that! I wonder who is going to win this year...
 mirked09/07/2009 21:30:22 GMT
It is a sick amount of money for everyone in the final table. It will probably change the lifes for at least 4 of the finalists. By "just" coming on 9th place, it would definately change mine.
 Jodoli09/07/2009 23:24:22 GMT
It is absolutely crazy. This amount is huge almost 9 million dollar! You dont need to worl more and you can spend the rest of your life playing poker Smile But if i am not mistaken jamie gold won 12 million in the other edition of World Series of Poker!
 xxxbchxxx10/07/2009 00:26:34 GMT
Only 8.5 million hahaha ive never laughed so much ONLY
Oh the shame of only winning 8.5 million....
 d0ink10/07/2009 12:03:26 GMT
This is just sick, to much money, i would love to be on the final table. 1 million for me is just fine. gl for all players, specialy portuguese players
 SuperNoob10/07/2009 12:29:42 GMT
8.5 million for 1st place, thats a very big prize.
Good payout for other final table players too, after buyin of 10,000.
No wonder its the best poker tournament in the world, hope to play it some day.
 ImAllInAA10/07/2009 13:42:19 GMT
Good point Joe, they really should have found a way to accomodate the extra players. I bet two things will happen next year though, they will be ready for the rush of players on day 1c and 1d, also more players will be signing up early after hearing about this. Really, this is the WSOP main event and you wait til day 1d to SIGN UP? Are you f'n kidding me?
 holapoker10/07/2009 15:39:42 GMT
mammamia ,awesome i will play this one next year ,,,,
 spanishman10/07/2009 22:29:41 GMT
hmmm the 9th place would be enough for me to live luxury for some years =) yeah the first gets multi millionaire !!! =) when i have 21 years i will go there once only to see how fanatic they all are and to win this easy tourney ( dreaming ! )
great amounts of money !!
 guille22xt13/07/2009 04:22:02 GMT
I want to FT this main event, more than a mil for making it that far!! 21m chips will be average, really hard to get there :S
 ValeHonza16/07/2009 08:10:16 GMT
Ouch , thas awesome , i must play on wsop next year Big Smile
 KingEraiser23/07/2009 16:55:02 GMT
wow thats must be a great feeling for the 9 players to be a part of the final table

 ih8usukouts26/07/2009 08:54:17 GMT
Wow, that is nice but do you know why such a decline in the event?
 dianakyra26/07/2009 12:00:07 GMT
Send some $$$$$$$ 2 me

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