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Isildur1 is back! Won $732k last night!

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, Isildur1.
Posted on 17 February 2010 by "T".

Isildur1 is once again back playing for high stakes at Full Tilt poker! To be honest, I (and probably many other people who have followed him from Day 1) couldn't see a comeback coming this soon. I mean, where did he get all that money from? Is Tony G staking him? There are many questions we will have to wait for answers to. However, Isildur1 had the best possible start on his comeback as he ended up winning $732,000 in just over 5800 hands.

Most of the money Isildur1 won came from the high stakes player ZeeJustin. Isildur1 crushed ZeeJustin in this session. Let's just hope that Isildur1 has learned from his mistakes back in 2009 and that he's here to stay this time.

Viktor Blom = Isildur1?
Many pros who have followed and played against Isildur1 say that he for sure is Viktor Blom, a 19-year-old poker pro from Sweden. Viktor Blom, however, denied that he's Isildur1 when he was called up by different poker magazines last year. Anyhow, we have to keep one thing in mind. Even if Viktor Blom is the man behind the nickname Isildur1, he for sure has more to lose than to gain by telling everyone that he's Isildur1 as it would cause him a lot of problems with the Swedish Tax Department.

Here is a clip from last year's WSOPE where we can see Viktor Blom trying a crazy bluff.

Viktor Blom's hand is played 08:02 into the clip. However, I can recommend watching the rest of the clip as well!

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19 comments for "Isildur1 is back! Won $732k last night!"

 Puppet_Maste17/02/2010 10:38:36 GMT
go get them isildur.
we are all praying for you here in sair
 Kristan17/02/2010 10:53:12 GMT
LOL nice news indeed only Ive red it 8 hours ago and watched the session last night.

Not sure if Tony G staking him, more likely his father maybe Blink?

Obv he cant tell that hes Blom as he would have to pay millions for taxes and would be left empty handed. Look what they did to Eastgate - he won over 9 million$ and after taxes he was left with 3-4 mill. So better play as unknown to the world (tho pro players will def. know against who they are playing) until he can move to america and transfer all funds to bank account there quietly Blink
 Avalonn17/02/2010 11:23:03 GMT
Daaaamn I wish I could make that much money that fast. Ah well I'll have to keep trying on freerolls Tongue Haha, nice one!
 paulparadiis17/02/2010 12:31:06 GMT
That has to be one of the best news i've heard this year. Once again, we can enjoy this cracy guy, playing with crazy amounts of money!
 Fackinas17/02/2010 12:55:34 GMT
Congrats Isildur1 maybe we will se you in high stakes more often Smile And Good Luck at the tables .
 xxxbchxxx17/02/2010 21:08:07 GMT
Viktor Blom = Isildur1?
NO surly not I cant see him blowing all that cash to start with...can you?
He's an acomplished player and would never blow off that sort of $$$...Na
I say its a new face just got into poker but has deep pockets.
The truth will out in the end, cant keep many secrets now days..lol
 TheCardDemon18/02/2010 03:46:46 GMT
I have always had this crazy idea about Isildur1 : he has become a worldwide poker PHENOMENON in so very little time, and the entire world of poker players follow him in one way or other. But why the secrecy about his identity ?
I think there's an option not many people would care to share, but I think it might be a reality :

could Isildur1 just be a commercial stunt of FTP ?

where would he keep on getting all this money to throw around ? SOMEONE must be staking him/her. And thinking that the man behind him is TonyG seems foolish, because then Isi would certainly play on TonyG's site more often, but now it's FTP that almost get's all the attention and publicity.

Weird thought ?

Think about it !
 NanoGrinder18/02/2010 06:35:43 GMT
There are many reasons to keep your true identity secret when playing at FTP. I have understood that Swedish tax laws don't really encourage people to report their winnings coming from any place outside the European Economic Area (I am not recommending tax evasion but it is easy to see why someone might be tempted to consider it). Privacy has also its merits especially if you are rich I guess. Finally, there are people who study hand histories of opponents - why should you make their work easier?
 NikkiROI18/02/2010 08:03:33 GMT
and loose same last night
 shokaku18/02/2010 08:41:51 GMT
Posted by NikkiROI:
and loose same last night


Isildur1 $-902,748 (Last 24 hours)

Easy come, easy go.
 karlramirez18/02/2010 11:08:44 GMT
i hope to get there one day
 HOTMAMA18/02/2010 14:15:19 GMT
LOL...Has to be him....moves all in with sweet jack shat against a guy that flops trips.after a 3rd raise.Now I know why hes lost all his money.I dont think Brian townsend needed to scam this guy or hustle him.He is his own demiz.I think we would all be broke if we played like him.
 kinogomes18/02/2010 14:44:05 GMT
i think isildur is the best online player ever: the guy gives crazy action to the opponents and the rails. i think fulltilt won a new doimension with blom playing there
 mazas18/02/2010 15:12:01 GMT
good job for him if all the nighst in future he win he will have good pot in the end off the year

godo luck all
 SuperNoob18/02/2010 17:27:33 GMT
nice to see him back at high stakes
and as for identity of isildur i think he must have some personal reasons for not revealing it and don't see it being revealed any soon
 leroi2119/02/2010 02:03:23 GMT
cool new hope this time he learn his lesson and dont lose all hes money and if hes this blum hope he learn from this hand
 LaBaiz19/02/2010 16:04:42 GMT
I don't think that Isildur1 is Victor Blom, the crazy gambling play seems to be pretty identical, but don't believe that's him.
 Fakiry22/02/2010 14:28:38 GMT
By the way he did that bluff, i dont think he is able to get the victories Isildur already have from durrrr. Looks unimaginable! We still have to wait for him to show so we can know his true identity!
 daxanqc22/02/2010 14:45:30 GMT
732k... wathever he is Bloom or not... he win 732k anyway Agree good job

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