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PokerStars: New Deposit/Reload bonus ($100,000 in free tournament value)

Tags: deposit bonus, freerolls, pokerstars, reload bonus.
Posted on 20 January 2012 by "T".

Great news for everyone who intends to make a deposit on PokerStars and for example take part in Turbo Championship of Online Poker ($10,000,000 guarantee), which started yesterday. If you make a deposit, you will be rewarded with entry to 4 $1,000 freerolls per day for 31 days. In other words, more than $100,000 in free tournament value. Also, if you make your first deposit, you will be rewarded with the 100% welcome bonus up to $600.

The $1,000 freerolls will run everyday until May 20 at these times: 04:00 ET, 10:00 ET, 15:00 ET, and 21:00 ET. The freerolls use a special freebuy format, which means that the entry is free, but you can re-buy as many times as you want for the first hour for just $0.30. This will most probably give every freeroll's prize pool a nice boost.

Click here for more information on this Deposit/Reload Bonus.


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11 comments for "PokerStars: New Deposit/Reload bonus ($100,000 in free tournament value)"

 bmarthu21/01/2012 01:03:42 GMT
how difficult it is a freeroll?
 todd331121/01/2012 03:12:24 GMT
that bonus is shit,,make a deposit and get free tours,,so what i want $$$$$ on making a deposit..there tours last for like half a day,,so the deposit bonus sucks,,y dont they ever offer money on a deposit
 Arithmajik21/01/2012 05:41:02 GMT
One thing that is nice about the above offer is that anyone can participate, even if you already have an account there and also there is no withdraw restrictions (right?). So being a Canadian like myself you can deposit with instadebit, play the tournies and withdraw if you like without loosing anything to yourself. See not so bad.
 hulkborges21/01/2012 07:12:20 GMT
amazing this newness, already was slow to release something like this, there have not seen anything like it, I think competition is coming with everything out there already and the site begins to worry, of course reloading my account
 dozn0121/01/2012 07:17:15 GMT
hahahaha my freeroll is better and you dont have to deposit................... Big Smile
 Macubaas21/01/2012 15:40:08 GMT
I think the participation on these freerolls is just sick, i saw one yesteday and there were around 15.000 players regsitered!!!

In otherwords you need tons of luck to get in the money...
 Arithmajik22/01/2012 19:17:01 GMT
Ha ha, totally agree with you there Dozn01. I'd much prefer to pla in your freeroll without question. And thank Macubaas, knowing that there's 15000 people in them I'm not even going to bother participating, way to much time invested for such low prizes.
 Fakiry23/01/2012 11:25:14 GMT
Pokerstars is very concentrated in getting the attention of its players to TCOOP. I have a friend who is starting to be among the best 100 poker players in Portugal (we have a lot so what I mean is that he is in a good ranking, he is a good player), but unfortunately he only last 15 minutes in the Pokerstars/TCOOP deposit promo before this, the one with the $22 ticket. He ended all-in with 1010 against A10 and his opponent got a straight. Things happen, but looks like there’s being a lot of action on this.
 Serpang23/01/2012 16:23:11 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
hahahaha my freeroll is better and you dont have to deposit................... Big Smile

Absolutely right !!!!!!! so please continue the freeroll , don't just once, LOL Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Where you new video ? I am waiting Smile Smile
 DaCapo7123/01/2012 17:09:41 GMT
It was better when they offers a good reload bonus. The Freerolls are good for beginners. Here you can get 0,10-$ after 3 hours playing Big Smile
 MIGO1424/01/2012 09:35:03 GMT
These are rebuy tourneys (for 1 hour + 1 addon)
Starting stack of 1200 chips only, 8 minutes blinds (when PS started these freerolls it was 1500 and 10 minutes blinds, lol)
Yesterday evening the tourney had about 15000 entries and a lot of rebuys, so the pricepool was at
$ 9.900,- in the end.
If one gets lucky and can get deep in this, there is a decent amount to win.

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