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Doyle Brunson: "I'm playing poker 8-12 hours every day"

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Posted on 10 February 2012 by "T".

Doyle Brunson is 78 years old and has been around the poker scene for over 50 years and won lots of prestigious poker tournaments. To add to that, he has written several poker books and is a respected person among today's best poker players.

In the past few years, however, Brunson hasn't played a lot of live tournaments and also he has cut down on cash games. This is something that has lead some people to the conclusion that he's about to end his poker career. Well, those people probably don't know The Godfather of Poker well enough. And for sure they do not follow him on twitter.

"I'm playing poker 8-12 hours every day. I had 12 days of winning before unlucky 13 got me. Now I'm on a 2 day winning streakSmile" Doyle Brunson writes on twitter.


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23 comments on "Doyle Brunson: "I''m playing poker 8-12 hours every day""

 Fakiry10/02/2012 16:11:20 GMT
And everyone thought he was going to leave this life a few months ago, and dedicate to rest, and only appearing in some bigger or private events… Who would say he would be playing at this rhythm at this time of his life? Great man, great poker player, the legend keeps giving cards at the tables!
 Davoodoo10/02/2012 21:04:47 GMT
"Doyal brunson writes on twitter" ... jesus with the spelling of these news. Smile

What game is he playing, what stakes, and WHERE ?
 hoodi42010/02/2012 21:09:00 GMT
Doyle will forever be one of the greats. I just hope I make it to a tournament he does play in & get a chance to sit across the felt from him, & show him what he's taught me.=)
 Greenmohave11/02/2012 01:05:52 GMT
I miss seeing him on High Stakes Poker! Doyle is well respected throughout the poker world and the people who don't know who he is should.

He loves the game and won't ever quit and although I'm far from his level of play I feel the same way.
 Serpang11/02/2012 01:43:13 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
"Doyal brunson writes on twitter" ... jesus with the spelling of these news. Smile

What game is he playing, what stakes, and WHERE ?

Doyle room, of course Smile Smile and another ? Poker is his world, how can he leave it ? just take a rest for few month or years maybe, but would be come back, I am sure Smile

who know where he play and nick name ? Big Smile Big Smile
 Cliffem11/02/2012 12:09:24 GMT
Wat a ledge! Smile
 Macubaas11/02/2012 19:27:43 GMT
Doyle always said he like live poker and it's not a fan of online poker so i think he always played so much live poker Smile

From what i remember he is a very good mtt player, i saw him losing many times on live tv cash games.
 pochui11/02/2012 19:52:23 GMT
well what else for him to do? fishing, drinking and visiting the girls for some salami well as he is enjoying himself i think this is a very normal thing- at this age you deserve some time for yourself- so nothing strange over here. i would go for bit less, 8-12 hours a day is too tiring for me, and probably too boring as well
 TheMachineQC12/02/2012 08:18:06 GMT
Yeah he's probably not in great shape nowadays, so poker is probably the only thing he can do that will get his heart pumpin again ^^
 salford12/02/2012 09:51:50 GMT
I hope i'm still going strong when i get to hes age, big respect to you Mr Brunson.
 mahdrof12/02/2012 12:04:24 GMT
There is a lot of research being done on ways to keep the brain from aging, I wonder if poker is not one way? I know when I am multitabling the decisions regarding the math, position, history with opponent and such need to be made instantaneously, so as the years go by I wonder if this is helping the grey matter any Blink I'll report back to you in 30 years. Smile

I like Doyle, hope he keeps going for a long long time. Thumbs Up Dollar
 ohmano12/02/2012 16:24:41 GMT
I cant imagen how can he playing poker 8-12 hours every day in this age...
 TRIVAA13/02/2012 02:50:52 GMT
hahah it's kinda funny to read this... "Doyal Brunson writes on twitter." ON TWITTER... common...

but still I admire his desire to play Smile after all the years hihihi
 lupugol13/02/2012 22:55:50 GMT
Go GO Doyle Worship
 kwasac15/02/2012 00:36:17 GMT
Poker is his life, i beileve this is true story. Smile When his last moment come, i am sure that will be with cards in his hands... Rock on Texas Dolly!!! Worship
 troyapaisa5515/02/2012 02:43:16 GMT
But I Think 8 hours or more time playing poker or any other game is too much. I like to play poker, but my jife is something more than to play poker. Family, friends, other hobby... That is only my opinion.
 mishu200915/02/2012 08:30:56 GMT
To play poker 8 to 12 hours per day, is like you are going to a job , cause this is the norm for a job 8-12 if you dont have a job u can play this time, just that is much harder then u believe to be focuse so much time...from my oppinion is to much, but hey, everyone can take decisions for himself...
 dridu15/02/2012 22:58:53 GMT
Half a day ?! wtf
 byng016/02/2012 00:19:13 GMT
At 78, fun , nope, an addiction.

He should be relaxing somewhere, I've seen him on TV lately, a picture of tiredness,
and just plain old.
take upplaying hearts
 micalupagoo16/02/2012 06:25:32 GMT
doyle still my fav player
he can keep going and play long days cuz hes old school- something these up n coming young punks will still have to learn Smile
 DanyGR26/02/2012 21:24:32 GMT
I dont think that Doyle Brunson play not even 5 hour per day. What's the motivation at his age? He said this only for publicity; it's a chance to sign a publicity contract, so I think this is the single reason (To see the people that has not yet laid down his guns)
 Billy231107/03/2012 16:03:46 GMT
He's still in good shape... 8-12hours/day :O that's amazing
 Jkkpot07/03/2012 18:50:10 GMT
Doyle who? Only to 12 hours. Lightweight.

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