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BREAKING NEWS: Full Tilt Poker Open For Business!

Tags: april fools, black friday, breaking news, doj, doj, full tilt poker.
Posted on 01 April 2012 by "A".

Just a few moments ago, Full Tilt Poker under Group Bernard Tapie, announced that all necessary paperwork has been signed and that Full Tilt Poker will be open from April 7th 2012, where users can register an account, or alternatively use their "old" login details.

But that is not all! According to a statement from Group Bernard Tapie, a couple of new "faces" for the site have just been signed;

"I'm very proud to announce that Lionel Messi and Tiger Woods will be working as Full Tilt Poker ambassadors from next Monday onwards, with the main purpose being to help players improve their game, take part in various tournaments (2012 WSOP among others), events and bounty-tournaments with the rest of the Pro Players."


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70 comments on "BREAKING NEWS: Full Tilt Poker Open For Business!"

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» BREAKING NEWS: Full Tilt Poker Open For Business!

 AliceB401/04/2012 16:02:00 GMT
lol @ me- when will I learn to read the whole article before I click the Like button????
Aww crap! Read first- then .......oh well- made me smile for a minute- hehehehe
 dumitruu01/04/2012 16:28:39 GMT
haha 1st april joke not funny dics
 Samarietis01/04/2012 20:12:49 GMT
Really nice almost got me xD
 Greenmohave01/04/2012 20:28:14 GMT
My heart was pumpimg, my blood was flowing and I had already had my account re-opened until I clicked on "Read the Whole Story". What a let down, but I gotta laugh at myself for getting so excited! This is a really good one though I must say! But, I believe this will happen this year!
 kodeman01/04/2012 20:34:55 GMT
ya era hora es mi sala favorita
 ungi9901/04/2012 20:58:16 GMT
GOOD JOKE PERIOD.... And I just heard Phil Hellmuth won another WPT title as well
 damosk01/04/2012 22:11:16 GMT
BRM....what a hoot..... love the way you reported this and had a right good laugh, even though they still have some of my bank roll. The Messi and Woods links were something else and almost played the right ball with the lines you chose. Cracking good effort once again BRM.
 kinogomes01/04/2012 22:16:36 GMT
VEry nice april fool joke. I bet all FTP fans got very excited wit the joke!
 Moesie-what01/04/2012 22:57:46 GMT
It really shittted the crap out of me when i saw mr big tee on my screen but however it was not the best joke ever to start with but it was a clever one Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
 SANTY02/04/2012 00:34:25 GMT

 Allbaam02/04/2012 05:05:10 GMT
Those who have money will be refunded caught it?
 XWINK102/04/2012 08:14:50 GMT
OUT OF BUSSINS, Angry Angry Angry Thumbs Down
 Chartoule02/04/2012 09:52:35 GMT
As a joke, nice one.

Otjer question is... Make jokes like this with FTP problem is a little sick. Thousands of players have $$$ involved there (my 8k) and maybe they don´t see the funny in here.
 Fakiry02/04/2012 13:20:56 GMT
Wow, very nice news, I think I will opt to open a new account because I forgot all about my past data (login and pass) for FT, do you think it will be possible to open this new account with the same mail? Will they have all the old accounts in inactive mode, or will they give this chance to open new accounts and then, if the new account email matches and antique account, they will erase the old account? What matters now is that, during this week we will all be waiting to see new FT promos here at BRM, and then, on the 7th, FT will be exploding of players everywhere, every levels!
 byng002/04/2012 15:19:04 GMT
Posted by Parci:
Well, i'll end my BRM account, how's that for a joke

Bye looser, only joke is you !!

Cool Tongue Big Smile
 Hellboy4202/04/2012 17:15:40 GMT
About as funny as a fart in a diving suit. To A, try engaging your brain before you try something like this in the future.
 SuperNoob02/04/2012 17:47:12 GMT
Posted by MicroMachina:
The whole thing is an ongoing joke imo. It was illegal, it got shut down. People who should have known the risk cry foul as the world turns. If you got jacked by tilt for a large sum and continue to play illegal poker then you now know the risk and have only urself to blame if anything happens again.

it was illegal in US not for the rest of the world (atleast most, dnt know about laws in canada)
if there was proper segregation/management of funds, the rest of the world wudnt hav been affected much by it like pokerstars
 B1gfoot02/04/2012 18:35:43 GMT
Well, I LOLd, and I have a nice sum on there, TBH the tag "April fools" gives it away.
Lets see if people fall for it again next year!!
 jsantos7503/04/2012 00:03:12 GMT
hahahahaha nice
 emilszczaw03/04/2012 11:55:21 GMT
i wonder for how long it's gonna last
 Fakiry03/04/2012 13:38:18 GMT
Can’t believe this was the April 1st BRM joke and only now I am realizing it. The dream of playing there again is becoming so real and so near that I really thought it was true. You really got me…
 4soul03/04/2012 19:29:31 GMT
lol...i still believe that fulltilt will be opening in 7 will be just exacly 1 year than was DOWN!
Good joke!
 jsantos7523/04/2012 20:15:47 GMT
lest gooooooooooooo playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
 damosk23/04/2012 21:35:37 GMT
At 23 days days is this a record for a BRM April Fools? Or has there been a time delay to and from Canada? Usually the Canadians are pretty switched on!!!!!!
Anyway,,,,cant wait for FTP to come back so I can see hopw many people who said they would never go back....go back!!!!

Happy St George's Day
 kingjonnyPT24/04/2012 17:00:12 GMT
Omg they'r back...

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