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PokerStars Brings Zoom to Android

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Posted on 15 May 2012 by "T".

Today PokerStars released an Android version of Zoom Poker, a fast action ring game format that give players more hands in less time! For now this version of Zoom only works on Android-powered devices, but probably it won't take long until Zoom will be available for iPhone and iPad as well.

Also, the official version of Zoom is now available in the poker client - almost 2 months after the beta version saw the daylight for the first time (more than 300 million hands have been played during this time)

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13 comments on "PokerStars Brings Zoom to Android "

 Fakiry15/05/2012 14:15:21 GMT
Pokerstars team works really well in developing solutions for their main public, they know what we look for. Having 300 million hands played in two months on this new format is a proof of that: fantastic! I have to say I still haven’t tried it, and I still haven’t read anyone around here commenting about that type of action, but I am really curious about it, think I will have to make a new deposit to go look at it with my own eyes and “taste” it! And now having the chance of doing it anywhere, instead of being stuck to pc, is the cherry in the top of the cake!
 marinho15/05/2012 15:25:49 GMT
I was waiting for this to play on my Android Phone. Very good news.
 cbce15/05/2012 15:26:11 GMT
wow that's great! finally zoom on my iphone to play on the go!
 pochui15/05/2012 15:36:56 GMT
i must admit i like zoom poker- it's fast, action filled and wipes out your bankroll in an instance- zoom and your money is gone! probably pokerstars could have created a commercial for zoom poker on tv- with the main slogan saying: "Zoom poker- fastest way to lose your bankroll"...but i still enjoy it
 noonlion15/05/2012 17:55:29 GMT
well that's pretty crazy.

i think most people who play it on their phone will lose money - it just seems far too casual and easy access.

on a side note - is pokerstars going to take over the globe?
 Emmenaar8915/05/2012 18:19:47 GMT
Nice, after i played rush poker at full tilt i fell in love with this continues action. Its saves a lot of time to get a got hand. Pokerstars, nice work! Thumbs Up
 Chartoule16/05/2012 09:44:50 GMT
When Pokerstars begin to do something they work hard and quick. Zoom Poker for android in two mounths, wow.
FTP old costumers want the same speed too...
 AllanGL16/05/2012 13:03:23 GMT
Would be so nice to play poker on an android device.. If I get one, for sure I would play on Poker Stars.. The zoom feature is very cool, but I don't use it too much.. I like sit and go's and tournaments.. Good advance for Poker Stars!
 Fakiry16/05/2012 14:32:52 GMT
Posted by noonlion:
well that's pretty crazy.

i think most people who play it on their phone will lose money - it just seems far too casual and easy access.

on a side note - is pokerstars going to take over the globe?

All this billion dollar businesses which have the capability of calling almost everyone who has even if it is just one dollar to spend to go and spent it there are many times defined like “another work of those who rule the world”, and these groups of powerful people even have names, although it doesn’t mind now to refer it here. If we think better businesses like Pokerstars came from the most simple ideas of business when created. So anyone can reach this level. One just need to have a good and simple idea. Look at the facebook creator…
 daryan1118/05/2012 16:44:31 GMT
I like this form of poker
 soeoner1828/06/2012 08:56:45 GMT
love poker
 pokerminde28/06/2012 09:19:08 GMT
Nice, i will try it

 retribution28/06/2012 09:28:48 GMT
This isn't the first place I heard this news, and was immediately excited since I had just gotten a new android based phone when I heard it. With hands shaking, I quickly went to download it. Installed it and went to sign in, just to be told it was only available in Europe. Guess I'll hafta wait until it's available here, but super excited for when it does.

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