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Black Friday: Absolute Poker co-founder to spend 14 months in prison

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Posted on 24 July 2012 by "T".

On Monday, Absolute Poker co-founder Brent Beckley got a 14-month prison sentence for his involvement with the online poker site's illegal actions before Black Friday. Beckley pleaded guilty to criminal charges, including bank fraud and wire fraud, in December last year. However, the 14-month sentence probably is a big relief for Beckley since he was facing a maximum sentence of 30 years.

In total, 6 of the 11 men who were accused after Black Friday have pleaded guilty to their crimes. The ones who still haven't pleaded guilty are: Ray Bitar & Nelson Burtwich from Full Tilt Poker, Isai Scheinberg and Paul Tate from PokerStars and Scott Tom from Absolute Poker


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8 comments on "Black Friday: Absolute Poker co-founder to spend 14 months in prison"

 Fakiry24/07/2012 12:23:01 GMT
Facing a 30 year jail sentence and only geting a 14 month one must have been a great relief for Brent Beckley. Usually there aren’t diferences this big on crime sentences judged in the USA. Now we just have to hope press will keep na eye on all these guys after the sentences to see in what kind of businesses will they enter next.
 noonlion24/07/2012 13:10:00 GMT
30 years....down to 14months....and that's justice? How?

Everyone knows business related thievery and malpractice never gets punished hard enough.

Imagine how many inmates will come out of that prison ready to dominate cash games, specialising in 1/2 Cigarettes NL
 B1gfoot24/07/2012 18:07:34 GMT
Not to defend any of them, but if the USA government did not pull out of on-line poker due to a stupid unclear ruling then there would not be all this problem.
Then there is the matter of regulators who should never have let this happen.
But all of them should have seen it coming and have a solid back up plan.
 pochui24/07/2012 19:02:34 GMT
cool at least he will get some time behind the bars- sure this is too easy on him considering 30 years were hanging on his head, but i wouldn't be surprised at all if he walked away with no prison- so in some way justice is partially done, now let's hope players get their money back and everyone's happy
 Macubaas25/07/2012 04:26:55 GMT
I'm glad to see that the US justice works good and people pay for what they've done...

I do not see how this guys thought that they could get away after what they done.
 Jibberish29/07/2012 01:41:47 GMT
a young punk ass kid from the ghetto would get more for being caught with a couple joints and this guy only gets 14 months, thats disgusting.
 Impak00701/12/2012 15:25:12 GMT
max rate of 30 years? and he takes only 14 mounths? It is some luck witch u need in poker... btw same as in poker indusry, as we can see
 MarcWinz01/12/2012 15:33:01 GMT
Perhaps the justice system is running some type of bluff and when he arrives at the prison he will be locked up for the 30 years!! Doubt it, Money talks as we all know!!

At least he got some time and didn't have to pay a fine with other peoples money !!

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