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Game Theory - A New Web Series About Poker

Tags: Aidin Nakhai, black friday, Brad Merkle, game theory, web series.
Posted on 05 September 2012 by "T".

A new series about poker has just popped up on the web. The series has the title "Game Theory" and is described like this by its creators:

"Game Theory is a dramatic web series following a poker rounder who uses his skill to navigate the world of live cash games as his bankroll grow from scratch."

In Game Theory we get to follow the main character Omar and his life after Black Friday. So far there is only a 12-minute pilot episode available, but the plan is to produce more episodes in the near future. The creators of the series, Aidin Nakhai and Brad Merkle, are now looking for sponsors and asking people to contribute by donating money on their website. In total, $415 has been raised so far and the goal is to reach $12,500 within the next 11 days.

Here is the pilot episode of Game Theory:

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9 comments on "Game Theory - A New Web Series About Poker"

 grahamy2705/09/2012 14:09:11 GMT
thats pretty good show..hope it takes off.would be interesting to watch more episodes of a storyline based around the poker world..
 djpremier05/09/2012 14:56:41 GMT
wow i really enjoyed watching this... i hope ppl will donate so we'll get to see more of this! Tongue
 Fakiry05/09/2012 15:54:07 GMT
It would be better for them if they think about trying to get sponsors near some broadcast company. This used to be easier in the old times because the offers were also less, but if they really think they have potencial to do a good work, why not going to the top and try to put it on tv?
 noonlion05/09/2012 17:09:53 GMT
That was really enjoyable and refreshing to watch.

Wasn't too OTT and it wasn't made for people who know dick about poker, so it had a certain rawness to it any of us regulars can relate to.

More please.
 bombsapphire05/09/2012 18:32:24 GMT
really nice ! I wish they got enough money to creat more episodes..
 noonlion06/09/2012 18:33:46 GMT
Posted by bombsapphire:
really nice ! I wish they got enough money to creat more episodes..

I'm sure it'll happen.

All they need is small donations here and there.

If someone has $1000+ BR what's a few bucks?
 arseneele08/09/2012 18:02:27 GMT
when I watched this I felt like a little schoolboy again
it waked up some memories of me winning the PSOP in 1994
for further information on how to win the pampers series of poker visit Big Smile
 WozzaMignun12/09/2012 10:11:42 GMT
A little corny and low budget but subscribed on youtube. I'm sure with an agent they could get a network like showtime to bankroll the show easily.
 kupakabra13/09/2012 10:52:28 GMT
This kind of stuffs is very usefull for me,because i`m somthin` like noob poker player or little fish Big Smile

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