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PokerStars TCOOP 2013 ($15,000,000 guaranteed)

Tags: 2013 TCOOP, 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker, PokerStars.
Posted on 18 January 2013 by "T".

The 2013 Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) kicked off yesterday and already 4 events are in the books. TCOOP will run until January 27 and a massive $15,000,000 prize pool is spread across 50 fast-paced turbo events.

There are tournaments in Hold'em, Omaha, HORSE and more, all with short blind levels and played in different formats (Hyper-Turbo and 3x-Turbo tournament etc). As always, there are satellites running around the clock at PokerStars, so you only need to deposit a few dollars to take a shot at the big tournaments, where some serious cash is up for grabs!

Last year 1,450 players won their seats in the Main Event through satellites, and 191 of them cashed! This year's Main Event will be played on January 27 and $2,000,000 is guaranteed by PokerStars. The Main Event buy-in is $700, but thanks to cheap satellites, you can win your seat for a fraction of the buy-in.

Need some advice on how to play turbo tournaments? Here is a tip from Friends of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander, who juggles school and poker - just like many other poker players out there.

"My advice is not to be scared. Players cannot wait forever for good hands, so you have to look for spots to put on the pressure. Look at the stack sizes of your enemies and make a play. Short stacks will be ready to gamble a little more!"

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16 comments for "PokerStars TCOOP 2013 ($15,000,000 guaranteed)"

 Terroreffekt18/01/2013 11:52:27 GMT
Once again, an outstanding range of tournaments, but for poker players like me too high a buy-in to start with. I play not very often, and I therefore did not attend the occasion in such tournaments. I will pay a sum determined someday to participate in such tournaments but I should be but are still much better not to gamble all my money
 coszmin9318/01/2013 14:55:50 GMT
nice Shock
 jessthehuman18/01/2013 15:08:32 GMT
Posted by Terroreffekt:
but for poker players like me too high a buy-in to start with\

Plenty of satellites for these! I should know, last few days I've been hammering them like crazy building the T$!
 pinku13518/01/2013 18:53:15 GMT
Good day everyone Smile
Pokerstars are on a spree of success !!! after the successfull completion of micromillions here is the tcoop... i was happy with the micro millions i participated in a few of them but in tcoop i cant participate Sad do not have enough bankroll to do so !! hope so ill atleast play the next season of the tcoop ..

Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 kinogomes18/01/2013 20:42:44 GMT
Pokerstars wins more than 5 millions of rake per day, they can make all this kind of stuff because they win millions a day and billions a year! And even this 15 millions they are offering iam very sure that thwy will win much more than that because almost all garanteed prize tournments at stars have more players than the total of the prize they are offering, plus the comission everybody pays to play eveyr tournment!!
 leking118/01/2013 23:50:09 GMT
i lover the tourbo tournements, but when whil they offer hypo series of poker Smile
 jessthehuman19/01/2013 02:40:47 GMT
Posted by leking1:
but when whil they offer hypo series of poker Smile

just FYI: But 'hypo' is basically the opposite of 'hyper'
 mareekmia19/01/2013 08:44:24 GMT
Sorry - no finance for buy-in!
 Mysik8619/01/2013 08:55:52 GMT
I dream about day, when I will be able to buy-in on similar tournaments...
 damosk19/01/2013 15:47:10 GMT
Implayed in a TCOOP event last night and while doing quite well got eventually rolled bybthat good old faithful Pokerstars MAGIC RIVER which took my legs and left me floundering out quite limply. oh well good adventure and hesres to the enxt one.
 hoze01099019/01/2013 17:39:02 GMT
It would be nice if there were freerolls to this tournaments,for some of us that can not affort,but i guess that it would have to be like satelite-satelite-satelite to get a nice buy-in ticket.
 gil1908198119/01/2013 20:08:49 GMT
 Macubaas20/01/2013 21:03:36 GMT
There are really so many options to get it on these tournaments which is really nice!

This year i want to start playing tournaments so i'll register for a PLO sattelite Big Smile

Good luck to all mobsters that will participate!
 Fakiry21/01/2013 11:14:32 GMT
A little bit more than 10% of those who entered main events last year through satellites have made it to the paid places, that may not seem too much, but taking in consideration there are sattellites with micro buy-ins, perhaps that should be something to take in consideration for those who don't want to pay a bit more.
 bombsapphire21/01/2013 17:13:39 GMT
I have a $27 token for TCOOP.
I'm a small stakes hold'em player and not good at tournament.
$10 or $20 is enough for me. Which is the best event to make some money for me?
 Fakiry22/01/2013 14:09:24 GMT
Posted by bombsapphire:
I have a $27 token for TCOOP.
I'm a small stakes hold'em player and not good at tournament.
$10 or $20 is enough for me. Which is the best event to make some money for me?

You have today at 6p.m., for $400k, and Saturday at 2p.m., if you want to go for NL Hold’em, but there’s also Omaha, Studd and Razz action for that ticket. Play like you use to, don’t go thinking there are other tables on the same game, concentrate on yours and play it like if it was cash, try to keep your stack updated with the level of the blinds and you’ll go far.

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