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A Brief Update On 2014's High-Stakes Games (Online)

Tags: dan cates, full tilt poker, high stakes, jungleman12, Niklas Heinecker, ragen70, viktor blom.
Posted on 04 April 2014 by "T".

It's been a while since we made some news on the high-stakes poker games online. The most notable winner at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables in the past few days is Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker (picture), who was the biggest winner last year with $6,190,599 (65,577 hands over 506 sessions).

According to highstakesdb, Heinecker won an impressive 1.4 million dollars between Sunday and Wednesday against other nosebleed regulars, including Gus Hansen, "Samrostan", Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Phil "Polarzing" Ivey. Unfortunately, the German pro has decided not to show his long-term results on highstakesdb, so we can only speculate in how much he has won/lost this year.

Not all players have opted out from having their long-term results displayed. At the moment, Daniel "jungleman12" Cates is the biggest winner online this year with a profit of $1,032,838 (33,428 hands over 262 sessions). In total, the 24-year-old American is up $8,438,855 (334,257 hands) playing on Full Tilt Poker!

Now, it's impossible to make a news article about high-stakes poker without mentioning another young and successful poker player who's constantly on everyone's lips. Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, 23, was up well over $2 million in the beginning of February, but, as you probably already know, he has been struggling a bit as of late. Well, he's still up $575k (111,218 hands) and is ranked 3rd on the list of 2014's biggest winners online, but that kind of money isn't plenty when your name is Viktor Blom.




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15 comments for "A Brief Update On 2014''s High-Stakes Games (Online)"

 doubletop77704/04/2014 11:43:04 GMT
Viktor Blom is only up about $575,000!! These tables always make a fascinating read and i always wonder how muh of their own money are these poker pro's playing with.Gus Hansen never seems to win lately and it would be nice to see him come back with a big win
 Theapple04/04/2014 12:17:54 GMT
"At the moment, Daniel "jungleman12" Cates is the biggest winner online this year with a profit of $1,032,838 (33,428 hands over 262 sessions). In total, the 24-year-old American is up $8,438,855 (334,257 hands) playing on Full Tilt Poker!"

holy cow... and they keep on blabbling about gus and other players.. . wonder how much rakeback he got .. on top of his 8,5m winnings, lol

not sure how you forgot to include this into this article but here it is... theapple is $8,9 up today, which is freaking awesome.

 Heskor04/04/2014 14:52:41 GMT
It is just breakeven stretch and it happens to all players though it is declining but a few good hands and big pot and he will be up to his 2million profit or more. Just wonder how his profits will go to if he has a good run of cards. Anyway it is been a while since I read about high stakes this is refreshing.
 bowie198404/04/2014 18:23:56 GMT
At this point Im pretty fed up with all this hype Isildur get years off and on. Hes obviously a gutsy player but Im confident that many millionare who is playing high stakes (4 real) as a hobby could produce similar stats, huge up and downswings or whatnot.They are not the sharpest tools in the shed, they just can afford to loose. As our Viktor, whos got some sweet rakeback and sponsor deal behind him, hes making money while loosing. Its not p.oker, its money laundering.
 ddblt197004/04/2014 19:25:00 GMT
In the last years there is less and less high stakes cash games on the internet.

Well, I am not surprised by that, though.

Only sad a little.
 noonlion05/04/2014 14:06:34 GMT
Cates - that guy is a criminal and cheat.
Also to see 3rd highest winnings at 500k for Blom, that right there tells you that the internet era of mega bucks is well and truly over. There are no soft games now. You can see it at every single stake level now - solid solid players at the micros. Essentially it's about risk and variance now - do you have the dough and capital to take shots higher up and does variance run kindly for you.
 Theapple05/04/2014 15:20:49 GMT
"Cates - that guy is a criminal and cheat."

erm what do you mean by this one? Tongue i want to know more about it... i mean if its working for him, we should give it a shot too ! :=) Who else wants to be a criminal :o

but seriously now, i really want to know more about it and why do you say hes a cheat, cant be he mad over 8m and people havent noticed it yet... or maybe they have, idk? Tongue
 highyeah05/04/2014 15:56:03 GMT
Blom is sick !

Some high stakes players said that isildur is receiving 100K$ in a month from ftp and he's freerolling in the high stakes
Maybe that's the reason why he play so agressive and swingy game
 ddblt197005/04/2014 20:02:12 GMT
Blom plays really crazy,
sometimes it looks like he is gambling for thousands of dollars.
 Theapple06/04/2014 19:04:37 GMT
Thats because he does Tongue And by the looks of it, he doesnt even do it with his own money, which makes it all that easier

 ddblt197006/04/2014 20:23:52 GMT
Yep, those are my thoughts about Blom as well. According to me, he is some kind of

gambler sponsored by FullTilt, the wilder he plays, the more publicity.
 Macubaas07/04/2014 18:52:20 GMT
Unfortunately lately i did not watched the high stakes scene but is jens kylonnen still playing on pokerstars or full tilt poker??

As for results as long as cates plays his A game he will always be up and never down Smile
 ddblt197008/04/2014 09:35:50 GMT
The high stakes online scene is unfortunately much smaller than before the black friday.

You can only very rarely see a high stakes game nowadays.
 Fakiry08/04/2014 13:28:48 GMT
About the rakeback... do they really get rakeback when playing these values? I guess they do, perhaps it works in similar ways to the rest of the levels. So, realizing they don't just bet their money when playing for these values, having business angels behind, i guess they could get a nice life just for living out from that rakeback,huh? Ok, it wouldn't be enough for who get's used to deal with so big amounts, i see your point (even before you comment my comment Tongue).
 ddblt197020/04/2014 12:49:49 GMT
I think they pay less % from every dollar in pot than an average micro to mid stakes player. When a famous player plays on certain poker site, he publicizes it and the poker site doesn´t want to lose such player and gives him good conditions.

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