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High Stakes: Daniel Cates Reaches $10m Milestone!

Tags: Daniel Cates, Full Tilt Poker, high stakes, Jungleman12, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey.
Posted on 11 August 2014 by "T".

There have some incredible games running at Full Tilt Poker in the last few weeks. Last week was no different, including Saturday's games where big names such as Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, Gus Hansen, Alex "PostflopAction" Kostritsyn, Niki Jedlicka and Daniel "jungleman12" Cates battled each other at the nosebleed tables. The latter, Daniel Cates, ended up winning an incredible $677.4k on Saturday! 

As of today, Cates is $2.78 million in the black this year (65,450 hands) and has surpassed $10,000,000 in winnings at Full Tilt Poker (366,279 hands)! According to highstakesdb, a site tracking online poker results, Daniel Cates is ranked third on the overall list of the biggest winners online with a profit of $10,187,263! He's not far behind Finland's very own Patrick Antonius in second place with $11,315,549. However, there is still a long way to go until he catches up with fellow American pro Phil Ivey, who has won an increadible $19,242,744 playing at Full Tilt Poker since 2007 (results for Polarizing and RaiseOnce accounts not included).

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7 comments for "High Stakes: Daniel Cates Reaches $10m Milestone! "

 doubletop77711/08/2014 09:40:34 GMT
These are astronomical amounts of money being talked about and i can only dream about such things. Jungleman is a heck of a player and always seems to be involved in all the high stakes games
 Heskor11/08/2014 14:57:56 GMT
Wow such a huge amount of money won and i could dream that one day maybe i'll reach that level and make some good money out of poker and stay in love with the game. Anyway congratulations to Cates , nice big win over the years, that is why you will be recognized as a good player good win over the years and still keeping up with the games and making money year in year out! Cheers!
 Mipetin12/08/2014 01:44:30 GMT
Nice work Jungleman. That's a lot of money. But, i don't want you to pass my friend from Finland so stop winning! Smile Thank you
 Sorin88812/08/2014 07:51:25 GMT
A big day for Alex Luneau at the virtual felt on Thursday saw the Frenchman climb to the top of the daily leaderboard after raking in $366,989.
Finishing comfortably ahead of Dan Cates($ 215,512 ) and 'Trueteller'( $ 202,989 ), Luneau was also the winner of a $46,000 pot after betting just $3,000 on the final draw.
 Vazh9312/08/2014 20:05:12 GMT
Gus Hansen probably helped a lost with Daniel Cates' win on that session.

On the serious note, good job and congrats on the milestone, Daniel.
 xxxpokerxxx112/08/2014 20:22:16 GMT
i just wonder who phil ivey can have more then 1 account on full tilt,but I guess when you are the 1 you can do what ever you want Smile
 bowie198419/08/2015 00:50:19 GMT
The best thing in this that the only stone I'll ever reach in my life is either going to be a kidney or a gallstone - by a mile. No other option for me since I am probably not at risk to loose five million in Manila (as him), or 600k on FT (to him). I'd even loose my mind loosing five thousand so then I'd be completely lost.

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