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PokerStars 7 Beta Is Here!

Tags: deposit bonus, freerolls, leaderboard, pokerstars 7, software beta.
Posted on 11 August 2014 by "T".

The beta version of PokerStars 7 (desktop software for Windows PCs on the .COM, .EU, and .ES sites.) was released on Thursday last week. The new software was described as follows by Brad Willis on PokerStars Blog: "We think you're going to be impressed. The new software looks a lot nicer and boasts new features with just about every click. No matter whether you are brand new or a PokerStars veteran, the new software is aimed at getting you seated and playing as fast as possible. And that's not all. It's a powerful new piece of software."

PokerStars' Lee Jones said on the day of the release, "Over the last few years, we have invested countless hours to research, design and develop this new iteration of our flagship software. We believe this release is friendlier for new players and more intuitive and powerful for our veterans. So now we're inviting our players to test the beta version of the software and help us ensure that it meets the high standards that everyone expects of PokerStars."

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10 comments for "PokerStars 7 Beta Is Here!"

 doubletop77711/08/2014 09:38:55 GMT
This software does look excellent and these sites keep coming up with new and improved software all the time so kudos to them. I look forward to playing it and perhaps it might change my luck as well!
 mgabesz11/08/2014 14:47:56 GMT
Letter types a bit unusal and some parts of the lobby are uncomfortable but good at all, favourites with one click is very useful.
 mirexxx11/08/2014 19:37:33 GMT
Modifications of the software included also a cleaner tournament lobby, the possibility not only to detach but also to fully hide the chatbox from the tables, and to use the so-called "chip graph,” a handy feature that tracks a player's progress through a tournament and shows it in relation with other useful data as the 'average chip stack' and 'largest chip stack' graphs throughout the tournament.
 Mipetin12/08/2014 01:39:00 GMT
Looks lot simpler, but has many new features that i like. I think PS 7 is excellent upgrade
 pochui12/08/2014 06:18:49 GMT
not going to upgrade for sure (unless stars offer a free $100 for doing so)- first of all it's beta, but that's not the worst part... rumors float around that with this new upgrade you update to a new mega-riged system and you are doomed right from the start, such features like the magic river was in the old version, but new 7 has magic turn and even magic flop- so no need for any hopes- you are beat right from the flop...
 Vazh9312/08/2014 20:12:05 GMT
Excited to try out the new software. I think this will be a great improvement.
 greatgame312/08/2014 20:22:52 GMT
hi, I have almost a month testing the PS 7 and I can tell that the improvements are quite good, hopefully soon out of its beta mode and go make the official

thanks for letting me be part of this community and please excuse my English and my writing errors

greatgamne greetings
 demodawggy12/08/2014 22:14:00 GMT
Yes,...one must always be aware of the new mega-rigged systems for sure...! Big Smile

...don't know what to think of this new system,...it's got it's ups and downs for sure...!

Gotta give a little to get a little,...but the trade off may not be all lollipops and balloons...!

...talking about 'rigged'...whatever happened to ol' mascona dude...? Confused
 pochui13/08/2014 07:51:40 GMT
Posted by demodawggy:
...talking about 'rigged'...whatever happened to ol' mascona dude...? Confused

he had some pimped up version of Stars 6 software downloaded from some Russian torrent site which probably was the reason behind all the rigged claims... but now he has gone a step further and downloaded Stars 7 Beta from North Korean Safe Torrents Alliance and he was never seen anywhere again... moral to the story: stick to Russian torrent sites
 Macubaas13/08/2014 14:42:25 GMT
At the first look i really like the clean look of it ans it also seems that it moves really good...

If they also changed that RNG those river cards it would be the perfect poker room online Evil Big Smile Big Smile

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