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It's Time To Get Excited For The 2015 Red Spade Open

Tags: Ike Haxton, PokerStars, Red Spade Open.
Posted on 22 September 2015 by "T".

Here's something to look forward to. On Sunday, October 4, the $55 Red Spade Open is back on the world's largest poker site. This special tourney has a $1,000,000 guarantee prize pool, including at least $100,000 to the winner, plus $500 bounties on the head of all Team PokerStars members. That's not all! If you eliminate Team Pro Online's Ike Haxton, you'll get to play him heads-up for an additional $1,000!

Although a $55 buy-in is pretty cheap for a $1 million guaranteed tournament, there are, of course, satellites for much less than that. You'll quickly find all satellites to this tournament by searching for ‘Red Spade Open' in the tournament lobby. You can also buy your ticket for the tournament in the VIP Store. 

Good luck!

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10 comments for "It''s Time To Get Excited For The 2015 Red Spade Open"

 bowie198422/09/2015 12:53:44 GMT
Fifty five bucks is cheap considering the prizepool, but it's way too much considering how many players going to share that million at the end.
Thousands upon thousands going to satellite in themselves so I am not sure $55 is great value in this case - at least for me.
 pinotte22/09/2015 12:59:03 GMT
Another one that you will get probably around 100K entrants. This kind of tournaments is not for me i just hate too many peoples playing. Not enough skill or luck to go very deep so i am just not playing them.
 Heskor22/09/2015 15:10:36 GMT
Cheers i would like to say that if any mobsters are going to play then good luck have fun and hopefully you guys can make it to the top and make a lot of money, cheers peace out mate have fun at the tables and good luck , hope you do well, im off for now and be back later have to rest and see some movies and then back to do some work and all, cheers good luck guys have a nice time at the tables mate cheers peace out!
 StheP22/09/2015 16:35:52 GMT
well this is exelent tournie, maybe Ill try to sat in, because its realy worth to play such a tournie, and who knows, maybe you win some big flips, and find yourself at final table... also there is bounties on poker stars team members, so there is one more way to make some $... this is realy exiting, and I will try to sat myself in
 crash5822/09/2015 22:51:21 GMT
you have to remember, there is bounties on poker stars team players, but only if they play,i remember a few years ago they had bounties on the pro's and there was only 2 or 3 that played the game, i might actually deposit and play, i havn't deposited in a long time, but i think i might take a shot at this one Confused Hmmmm maybe. Big Smile
 StheP23/09/2015 20:03:22 GMT
there are 15 pokerstars team members registred till now... on all of them is 500$ bounty, and on Ike Haxton you got 500$ bounty plus you got to play after that heads up with him for 1000$ more... lucky guy who knock him out, he will have chance to get 1500$ for 55$ :S If I decide to play, I would probably sell some action, if I can...
 damosk23/09/2015 21:02:02 GMT
The Red Spade Open.....what a great tournament. I love playing in this, I'm not quite sure why but it always feels a little bit different to other PokerStars tournaments and I feel like I play a bit better in it as well, so who knows, let's see what this year brings. Good luck to you all who play.
 crash5823/09/2015 21:15:41 GMT
Hey StheP, since you said you could sell some action , maybe you could do it this way.

See if any mobsters want to invest $5.50 in you.

You would need nine investors, cause your paying $5.50 too

you'll split everything you win 10 ways, including bounties and if you got lucky the heads up against Ike.

The nine investors cannot ask for their money back, because thats what investing is all about, make a profit or lose.

BUT: show some proof why your worth investing in and not just looking for a freeroll.

I might be interested in this deal myself. If you like this idea you should start a thread soon so mobsters have some time to think about it.

After all it's only $5.50

Good luck bud. Thumbs Up
 StheP23/09/2015 21:20:33 GMT
no I dont want to sell 100% of action, max 50%, and that is just maybe...maybe I will decide to take a shot without selling action, maybe I will not play... I havent decided yet...but one thing is for sure, that if I decide to sell some action, I wouldnt sell more than 50%...
 crash5823/09/2015 21:30:43 GMT
K just a suggestion. Big Smile

And it wasn't 100% it was 90%

Split 10 ways including yourself

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