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Dan Bilzerian Accepts Additional Bet - Puts His Private Jet On The Line

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Posted on 29 March 2016 by "T".

In earlier news, high-stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian originally was risking his $600,000 on a biking bet starting from LA (his home) to Las Vegas (Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign in Nevada), but now he could also end up losing his private jet if he fails to complete the circuit.

Dan Bilzerian and fellow poker player Bill Perkins, who is a hedge fund manager, agreed to the bet last month, which states that Dan must ride his bike for a distance of roughly 300 miles and reach the iconic sign "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas".

Dan accepted another challenge and wrote on his Twitter last week that if he fails to complete the ride, he may very well lose his G4, a private jet that is worth tens of millions of dollars.

A new individual enters their bet, Rick Salomon, a rich celebrity who frequently plays high-stakes poker. In the bet, Rick will win the jet only if Dan dies or "goes brain dead." If Dan manages to complete the bike ride in the agreed-upon 48 hours timeframe, he will win $250,000 from Rick, in addition to the $600,000 from Bill Perkins.
Therefore, if Dan manages to victoriously finish the bike ride all the way to Las Vegas, he will win close to $1 million.

To prepare himself for the ordeal, which is scheduled before March 31, Dan accepted Lance Armstrong as his personal guru. According to The New York Post, Dan says he plans to shell out around $125,000 on equipment, chase vans and other support staff that will help him during his ride including a trainer, a bike mechanic, two chefs, a doctor, masseuse, and an assistant.

Also, Dan is going to give $25,000 to Lance Armstrong's child-cancer charity whether he wins or not. If he wins the bet, he plans to use $350,000 to cover a recent poker loss.

Dan wants to do everything he can to increase his odds. He said, "I'll have a dozen bikes in one of the vans, and may get a giant tricycle" in case his legs lock up. Dan added, "I might take Provigil, which is what fighter pilots use to stay focused."

Perkins earlier said, "Dan can take any drugs he wants. I think this is the worst bet Dan has ever made - he can die."

When Dan was still attending college at age 25, he suffered a heart attack at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas after partying hard with a mixture of Viagra and cocaine as well as staying awake for four days. Standing at about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing at 200 pounds, Dan's physique also is not what one would classify as biker material, and he hasn't ridden a bike for 18 years. He also said that he had spent less than 20 hours on an actual bike throughout his entire life.
Whether you are rooting for him to win or you wish for him to lose, Dan admits he's somewhat a little nervous about this bet, "I don't know how I'm going to feel. I think it's physically doable, but obviously it's going to be hell."



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1 comment on "Dan Bilzerian Accepts Additional Bet - Puts His Private Jet On The Line "

 pochui29/03/2016 19:12:22 GMT
well what a shrewd move from the PR dudes managing that fame thirsty individual also called dan bilzerian- wow dan risks to lose his private jet on a single bet! crazy right... BUTT only if he dies or goes brain dead along the way... like he would fcukin need that private jet in the case of dying because bitten by anaconda on the way to las vegas...

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