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Americas Cardroom: What's coming in 2017!

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Posted on 10 January 2017 by "T".

Fresh off a record-breaking year that included three guarantee-busting Million Dollar Sundays, Americas Cardroom is starting out just as hot in 2017 with a new and improved tournament schedule.

The new schedule begins TODAY and has added tourneys and bigger guarantees every day of the week. Here are just some of the highlights below:

  • Renovated morning schedule with over $40K in additional GTD Prizes
  • Additional $100,000 in guaranteed prize pools on Mondays
  • Double the amount of special tournaments on Saturdays
  • New daily "Top 10 Tourneys" with big guarantees (top-10 finishers get 10% of prize pool)

Players are sure to love our new schedule with many of our new players from around the world especially enjoying more convenient start times.

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5 comments on "Americas Cardroom: What''s coming in 2017!"

 bowie198410/01/2017 15:02:48 GMT
Not sure about the more convenient start times since I barely have free time to do anything on an average weekday but for sure somebody will like it as opposed to me. Somebody who plays cards and dont complain Big Smile
 pochui10/01/2017 21:14:06 GMT
well i am also not too sure about that renovated schedule, especially when the word "morning" is added to schedule... me ponders that alcohol and cannabis is already done it's work and by morning time there is none of the braincells remaining in order to last a morning poker session. other than that- change is always interesting, lets hope it will bring us more good.
 damosk10/01/2017 23:10:23 GMT
Well! A change is as good as a rest to a blind man in a pink suit playing snooker! As for A R, what would be nice to see from them in 2017 would be the opportunity to make a deposit using a world wide recognised facility called a debit/credit card. Then I would more than happily take part in their revised schedule, in the morning, afternoon and evening! Until such time, I don't think I will!
 Ingrind3310/01/2017 23:56:25 GMT
This is just great news, for a new time there comes new generation, then you always need to adapt. Even if the people would not change, than it can never hurt to make some image adjustments and to offer new exciting features.
They are surely not new with this, since every business needs to use this strategy to survive.
Schedule changes however are a sensitive thing.
 Robbo199011/01/2017 00:02:53 GMT
i havent logged on to see the scheduled in my timezone but the only site with good variety and amount of tournys all day long is stars. the others are so bad - for me. so if these are better then i too shall make my first deposit with them....although i use debitcard Aww crap! so i guess not

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