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PokerStars announces $9 Million-added Players NLHE Championship in 2019 at the Bahamas

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Posted on 27 December 2017 by "T".

It looks like PokerStars is going all out this time at their PokerStars live events, as they announced the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold'em Championship (PSPC), with the site putting into the prize pool a whopping $9 million right from their pockets!

For those who are in the know, in the past few years the PokerStars site seemed to lose luster when it comes to their live tourney series. In fact, other online poker rivals have stepped up their game and it even came to the point that it may potentially surpass the long-time king of live poker festivals.

At the PokerStars Championship held in Prague (the main event there was won by Kalidou Sow by the way), it was Daniel Negreanu who made the exciting announcement, that the PSPC shall be a $25,000 buy-in event in the Bahamas, and they intend it to be single best event of 2019.

There are absolutely a lot of $25,000 buy-in events scattered throughout, but come 2018, PokerStars shall be giving away 300+ PSPC packages called "Platinum Passes", and each is worth $30,000 (includes travel and hotel expenses); thus, everything is free! By the end of 2018, PokerStars is expected to have garnered $8 million into the PSPC prize pool, and then when the event kicks off around January 6, 2019, they will add another $1 million to the first-place prize.

Thus, PokerStars shall be pulling out of their pockets a sweet $9 million and adding it to the overflowing prize pool for this special event, not to mention an additional $2 million or more in additional player value in the form of hotel, travel, leisure and other on-site expenses.

One important thing to note is that this free giveaway to 300+ players who really do not have a realistic shot of participating at a high-roller event will have the chance of sitting with the poker world's crème de la crème, and they finally have a shot at the title and prize that will surely change their lives for the better, and what's more, they don't have to bulldoze through a battle field of multiple thousands of players in order to reach the final table!

PokerStars Marketing Director David Carrion said, "PSPC is an opportunity to put a show together for the poker fans and the poker players of all skill levels and of all countries. We want to create something that stands out in the entry level, in the prize pool, in the mix of players, for recreational players, for serious players, and for professional players. It's our event for the players."

Carrion also said that with the manageable number of players, PokerStars can provide first-rate service for every person, to truly enhance and elevate each player's experience and make the event more meaningful for everyone. Of course, this is a good plus considering that only a select few of the people in that event will be successful to acquire that life-changing cash. Therefore, the event should at least be a memorable and life-changing experience for anyone who has a ticket.

How to go about winning one of these 300+ Platinum Passes? Well, the first one is already gone as it was awarded alongside the announcement in Prague on December 15.

The next batch of Platinum Passes shall be given during the online Winter Series between December 25 to January 7, followed by exclusive giveaways at the IPO in Italy, PSL Macau, PCA, and PokerStars Festival London.

These Platinum Passes shall be one per player, and there will be no trading or selling them. So if you win a pass (by luck or skill), then you're going to the Bahamas!

Check out their website for the schedule


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11 comments for "PokerStars announces $9 Million-added Players NLHE Championship in 2019 at the Bahamas"

 doubletop77728/12/2017 08:56:43 GMT
This looks like it is going to be a massive event and the extra guarantee should result in a massive entry. It's nice to see that they are giving 300+ seats away for free and it would be nice if someone could run very deep
 DaCapo7128/12/2017 09:13:21 GMT
That´s a amazing prize pool at the PSPC Bahamas in january! This tourney was the best combination of poker and holiday and Stars offers a lot of nice sat´s also for low budget player. Perhaps we see a mobster at the beginning of 2018 at the Bahamas Blink
 CALICUL28/12/2017 13:35:43 GMT
I will not try to play in the satellites of this tournament. In two days pokerstars are playing with me.
I played 10 spin & go and i won one, 7 second places and two in third position.
The penultimate date i played 13 spin & go and won 2. What bothers me is the fact that those cards were very miserable. In many games i had 1000 chips or more but i did not win.
Rivals received gifts and me losing. Pokerstars shame on you. Tongue
 pajalnick28/12/2017 14:15:18 GMT
a trip to the Bahamas is certainly wonderful ... but there will go only those players who have a lot of money .... so there will gather the most interesting players and it will probably be a very interesting event ... I will watch online this event and hope for an interesting catcher
 dule-vu28/12/2017 17:36:44 GMT
this will another great tournament at bahamas from poker stars and with grea prize pool for players!and just to be in atlantis at bahams is great and to play poker on vacation,what to expect more in life!nice job from poker stars!
 Gerimantas28/12/2017 20:39:17 GMT
I would like to play live poker tournament one day, of course a big prizepool is very nice and maybe to see some poker star. Maybe even to play with him on one poker table and win against hom Smile but to me this is only dream because i play only small stakes and it is hard to sin satellite
 Mober28/12/2017 21:51:56 GMT
I guess they have figured out, the gap closing lately with the rest of the sites, and that they
had to offer more from that they put into their pockets Smile
When there is competition it is always good for the players, even when it comes to live tournaments.
 Ingrind3328/12/2017 23:05:28 GMT
That is a huge prize pool and I think I am not going to follow that game, I really don't like to watch youtube videos about PS tournies. For anyone who wants to qualify for that tourney i can only say good luck and hopefully you get a good pay out, for some is this an ambition, for me not really, but that is something personal, enjoy it!
 Tony_MON7ANA30/12/2017 13:55:14 GMT
Wow! US$9 million in prize money! That's a pretty impressive number. Surely it will be one of the biggest and most coveted live poker events in 2019. Best of luck to all those participating in this fantastic event.
 pochui01/01/2018 18:06:15 GMT
ok not a bad thing that pokerstars have came up with here, about 300 players will be able to join best pokers pros from all over the world and hopefully kick their arses big time. kind doubtfully have to admit that seeing pochui amongst those 300 lucky dudes is highly doubtful though
 godoy14/02/2018 22:32:22 GMT
as it would be to earn a pass would be very incredible and would not have anything else that equals to that the feeling of who gfanha must be very cool and I like it I will also that I can

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