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Ultimate Sweat Round Two - Jaime and Matt Staples must Reach 9.9% Bodyfat within a Year

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Posted on 16 April 2018 by "T".

After a year's worth of trying to lose weight and meeting his brother Matt at 188.3 pounds, Jaime Staples has won the weight loss prop bet, and hedge fund manager Bill Perkins was actually happy to part with $150,000 as promised.

While we thought that was over, Bill Perkins is not yet done with the brothers, and now they are slammed with another new insane weight-related prop bet by "GASTRADER", and seeing the timestamps on the Twitter posts by Perkins' proposal and Jaime's official acceptance, it took around an hour and a half to have the bet in motion.

On April 14, 2018, Bill Perkins wrote on Twitter:

Matt first saw the tweet and discussed with his brother. Right off the bat they weren't excited to see the "double or nothing" part so they talked with Perkins to agree with odds of 3:1 (their $50,000 to his $150,000), and before 2pm they agreed to the bet, and they set the odds and terms of the bet as well.

While the first bet involved both brothers to significantly lose or gain weight to meet halfway and it was quite a huge challenge to pull it off, this second bet of having to get below 10% bodyfat is definitely going to be a tough order for the Staples siblings. But if they have accepted, then that means they are committed to see this through and hopefully emerge as the winners of this bet in the end.

The younger brother Matt uploaded a short video (who looked less chubby now than he did at the last bet's weigh in) on Youtube on Saturday night, and it appears that he has already started in the past two weeks to work out to try and lose bodyfat, and thanks to this new Ultimate Sweat bet, he's going to use it as motivation to push himself harder.

It hasn't been mentioned whether trainer Mike Vacanti will be in the picture this time, but the poker community is expecting him to play a part in the brothers' 9.9% bodyfat weight loss journey since his expertise helped Jaime and Matt successfully reach their goal and not only did they win a sweet $150,000 from Perkins, Jaime managed to keep his weight at a healthy number from this point onward.



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11 comments on "Ultimate Sweat Round Two - Jaime and Matt Staples must Reach 9.9% Bodyfat within a Year"

 CALICUL16/04/2018 16:14:18 GMT
The first time was ok and the brothers won, but now they play again with another bet. This time it's not that exciting anymore, and it remains to be seen what they will do and who will win this bet. Bill Perkins if he loses again i think he will also make the third bet.
 pajalnick16/04/2018 20:40:09 GMT
I remember this bet .. it was interesting to know that the brothers won and fulfilled the conditions of betting ... of course now they are also sure that Unich will be able to fulfill the conditions of the bet .... it seems to me that given their experience they have a good chance of winning
 Sandmanilo16/04/2018 21:08:38 GMT
I'm surprised that this hedge fund manager Bill Perkins have decided to place a bet against Staples brothers again. They had already proven that they are the experts in weight management, so Perkins must be a very brave and rich man to do this again Smile
 Gerimantas17/04/2018 06:32:09 GMT
These guys are making some interesting prop bets and people from all over the world can see how this is going to them. I think it is nice to follow such prop bets and discuss with your friends. I think it is very hard to win this time because a lot of training need and this is not all people can do.
 doubletop77717/04/2018 11:57:21 GMT
I love reading about these types of bets and it always fascinates me just what people will bet on. These two guys do seem really determined and i think that they will win this bet as well
 godoy18/04/2018 05:34:20 GMT
that yes is to have money to throw away wanted to have this money to be able to make these insane bets with some friends because it would be very happy to have money to throw away in this way ilariooooooo kkkkk
 Mober18/04/2018 12:54:21 GMT
They are gonna be changing their weight and body fat for life it seems
to win one bet after another Smile
They won the first one. I dont think it will be that difficult winning the next one also.
And of course they will do their best again. Its another 150K Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA18/04/2018 13:46:22 GMT
Wow, 9% body fat? It's going to be a really difficult task. I don't think they are going to win the proposition bet this time. I just hope they both will stay fit and healthy. I have no idea what my body fat percentage (BFP) is. Maybe around 25%?
 pochui20/04/2018 21:00:19 GMT
dudes are at it again, and I must admit that this is quite a different task on their hands and bodies. in first bet they had to do the combo of losing and gaining weight, now they have to get into tip top shape. good luck with that.
 dule-vu21/04/2018 18:09:36 GMT
dont know who are this persons and what was all about it!especially I dont know this measures in pounds,like its problem to write in kg also!but if they lost so much kg and they earned money from that bet,that good for everybody!
 Mober22/04/2018 17:33:02 GMT
If they manage to win this bet also, they will become two of the most people,
in good shape out there.
And the skinny one wasnt that far, but the other one Smile
We are talking about huge transformation.
Would they do something like that with no money in stake?

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