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Matt Staples makes Deep Run in partypoker's The Gladiator, turns $320 into $2253

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Posted on 20 February 2019 by "T".

It's only the start of this week and newly introduced first member of partypoker's Team Online Matt Staples is already taking down his opponents in "The Gladiator", the poker company's latest tourney in their PKO Power series.

The Gladiator PKO
The Gladiator is an all-new progressive knockout (PKO) Power Series online tournament launched on January 27, 2019 (Sunday) at 20:00 CET, featuring big bounties and even bigger guarantees for players. It runs daily at 20:00 CET, and players can participate in different buy-ins of $2.20, $5.50, $22, $55 with a high stakes $320 buy-in entering the fray on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

GTD prize pools range from $3,000 for just a $2.20 buy-in up to a massive $200,000 for a $320 investment for the Sunday tournament of The Gladiator tournament.

Players can re-enter once in The Gladiator tournaments, so if you get knocked out, pick up your cards and step back into the arena. The possibility of the bounties in The Gladiator can become big because the generous partypoker will take absolutely No Rake on the bounty element of any of their PKO tournaments!

Matt Staples turns his $320 investment into $2,253
On the Sunday edition of The Gladiator, a total of 260 players entered the battle arena.
The 22-year-old Canadian made a deep run on the tournament, placing 12th out of 260 players, turning his buy-in of $320 into $2253 - a very nice achievement considering it's only his first day as a partypoker online pro.

You can watch Matt Staples' livestream recording of his poker escapade via his Twitch channel.



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9 comments on "Matt Staples makes Deep Run in partypoker''s The Gladiator, turns $320 into $2253"

 bowie198420/02/2019 18:13:39 GMT
The $320 compared to the $55 in the gtd prizepool department is not at all special IMO. I am not saying that it should be five or six times as much but it should definitely be more than just twice as much. Dunno, just my two cents. Party is not famous about their higher buyin tourneys, maybe this is why.
 doubletop77721/02/2019 10:01:17 GMT
It's nice to see that one of their online team has done well in this tournament and it bodes well for the others to do the same. I bet it relives some of the pressure on the individual if they do well and prove that they deserve a place on the team
 Mober21/02/2019 11:13:02 GMT
I cant see why this is news actually, unless there is something wrong with the
numbers. He won 2253 USD for a 320 buy in?
And that is an accomplishment somehow? Smile
You can win more than that with only one figure buy in , in a tournament Smile
And what if it was just his first day as party poker online pro... Smile
 pajalnick21/02/2019 17:32:52 GMT
the achievements are certainly not very remarkable ... there are quite a lot of such achievements .... the gain is of course big but the entrance fee is also not small .... so it seems to me that this is an ordinary gain .... and this should not be singled out as something extraordinary
 bowie198421/02/2019 22:38:14 GMT
Posted by Mober:
I cant see why this is news actually, unless there is something wrong with the
numbers. He won 2253 USD for a 320 buy in?
And that is an accomplishment somehow? Smile

Yeah, it's weird. Seems 2 me he just collected a couple of bounties and called it a night after.
 CALICUL22/02/2019 07:47:54 GMT
This new gladiator game seems just like the KO tournaments but i can not say for sure. It is important that they do not have rake and the prizes are very good. Matt Staples has a good profit on his first day of online poker. He will have time to perform better. He's a good player. Smile
 Gerimantas22/02/2019 20:14:47 GMT
yes I personally too think like some people say in this thread that it is not very super results and not information you can say that is news. it is just results and you can write about all times he finish in money, but if we talk about result then yes of course good situation to make 8x to your buyin
 gpacheco8825/02/2019 03:29:07 GMT
how is this news?? there some kind of marketing shit or what.........if buy was $1 or $5 i guess, know what know.............this is not news just bs promotion shit......has to be
 CALICUL26/02/2019 08:30:47 GMT
Gpacheco88, Promotion or not you have to read the rules of this site and you will notice that BRM promote a lot of poker rooms, casinos, betting houses, bingo etc... You are an old member, an elderly man and you had to know what is being promoted here until now. The language is inappropriate...

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