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Two Players closing in on partypoker's very First Diamond Club Elite Rank

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Posted on 25 February 2019 by "T".

On the last day of January, partypoker announced their newest addition to their VIP program, the Diamond Club Elite level featuring an impressive 60% cashback. At the moment, there are two top players aiming to become the first player ever to obtain that status.

Diamond Club Elite by partypoker
The Diamond Club Elite rank launched on February 1, 2019. Any player that opts into the program and contributes at least $200,000 in rake over a 12-month period across any poker game type will be eligible to join the exclusive club.

Here are some of the awesome perks one can enjoy from the new rank:

  • Diamond Club Elite members will earn themselves $16,000 VIP packages to the Caribbean Poker Party held annually in The Bahamas, along with entry into November's MILLIONS Online worth $10,300.
  • Members can benefit from exclusive VIP service at partypoker LIVE events, as well as dedicated 24/7 support lines.
  • partypoker will also reward players with $10,000 in cash upon reaching the 50% milestone ($100,000), along with a further $20,000 cash bonus once the full $200,000 rake target is reached.

The Diamond Club Elite is an extension of partypoker's main VIP program, ‘Diamond Club'. To become eligible onto the original Diamond Club loyalty program and unlock up to 50% in cashback, players must commit to raking at least $100,000 over a set twelve-month period across any poker game type. Members will benefit from their own dedicated partypoker account manager, plus the opportunity to attend hospitality sporting events.

SunnyBooy and sp0ubledy
Regular online players at partypoker named "SunnyBooy" and "sp0ubledy" have accomplished 25% onto their quest to reach the highest level with each raking $50,000 this February (the goal is to rake $200,000 in a 12-month period).

Both these industrious grinders are playing mid-high SPINS to try and reach their goal of becoming the first ever player to achieve the coveted Diamond Club Elite status.

Players vying for the poker company's newest club status are allowed to play any and all games available at partypoker.

partypoker managing director Tom Waters said: "We are extremely excited to take partypoker to the next level and reward our most loyal players with the introduction of Diamond Club Elite.

The opportunity for our players to earn 60% cashback along with a fabulous MILLIONS World package and a seat at MILLIONS Online makes us the clear number one choice for VIP players in the online poker industry.

We're also offering 100% cashback to the first two players who can hit the $200,000 target separately across either cash games or SIT & GO JACKPOTS - meaning incredible value for two of our valued VIPs."



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13 comments on "Two Players closing in on partypoker''s very First Diamond Club Elite Rank"

 CALICUL26/02/2019 08:31:16 GMT
Professional players who will reach this diamond level of Vip are very advantageous by Party Poker. I am amazed to see here 60% cashback, cash money but also other good prizes. Probably PP is at this moment the most generous poker room. They offer many good things for the players. Cool
 doubletop77726/02/2019 08:38:25 GMT
These two players must be playing a serious amount of poker. These guys play many many hours a day and i take my hat off to them for their superb levels of concentration. I am just a few hundred grand short of matching them!!
 bowie198426/02/2019 19:49:16 GMT
Wonder what kind of rakeback deals were being given out to their own Team Poker Pro's. They seem to bring in a lot of half-famous semi-serious players to market them on twitch. I would imagine most of the money given out to them is earmarked.
 pajalnick26/02/2019 20:16:31 GMT
60% refund This is of course very cool ... it's just something incredible .... and for PartyPoker this is of course a wonderful advertisement for the players .... so that they play more and try to achieve diamond status .... but having reached it status very few players .... the rest will only hope
 Gerimantas27/02/2019 07:29:13 GMT
Ok i think personally it is only promotion that sound very good but when think about this situation, party poker so elite club is place where you get cashback of 60 percentage you pay, so still 40 percentage go to website and you just pay your ppace into club because you give big money to site
 Mober27/02/2019 10:14:06 GMT
Less than a month ago, that they introduced the new vip system,
and already some are closing to get the title?
And we are talking about 200k USD in rake Smile
Well for sure, it was not a BRM member playing in party poker Smile
When you have the money...
 SAVAN28/02/2019 09:30:49 GMT
What countries are these players from? And where can I see the whole table?
 Bedobash8328/02/2019 20:31:50 GMT
Congrats that 2 player.
I Think... a lots of hard work and time when somebody reach this level. And a massive bankroll Smile
 Mober01/03/2019 11:33:48 GMT
I doubt it has to do with hard work, reaching that level.
It is all about money after a point. The more you put in the easier it is.
And the high rollers dont play for such rewards either way i believe.
They are in for the pots, and the rest are just a pleasant addition Smile
 dule-vu01/03/2019 13:25:17 GMT
you can imagine what bankroll they have on account when they can collect this kind of rake and in this short period!they will easy be on this years amount and they will get prizes in few months!they have lot of money for playing,but they still have to spend lot of hours on playing online!
 CALICUL02/03/2019 09:16:28 GMT
I do not think big stakes players will have a problem to accomplish this objective. It is easy for them to reach this level but with the condition like this party poker room to have enough players. Big players sometimes have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their account. They can run very easy in cash games a lot of money. Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA11/03/2019 19:28:20 GMT
“. . . at least $200,000 in rake over a 12-month period across any poker game type . . .”
- That's roughly $16,700 per month or $550 a day. What? $550 a day?

“partypoker will also reward players with $10,000 in cash upon reaching the 50% milestone ($100,000), along with a further $20,000 cash bonus once the full $200,000 rake target is reached.”
- The idea will certainly motivate both winning and losing poker players.
 Nightkid12/03/2019 21:07:28 GMT
this news if I had not seen it hahaha good I see that every time even more people who come to shine in poker ... and the fight nose if it will be because they are good or because they are the 2 more silver spend in tournaments hahaha Confused Confused Confused

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