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Yevhenii Dushko Turns $0.01 Satellite into $19,184 at partypoker CPP Main Event

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Posted on 30 November 2020 by "T".

partypoker is happy to announce that there were a lot of wonderful stories surrounding the 2020 Caribbean Poker Party Main Event, and while everyone is raving about Diego Ventura's impressive victory for winning almost $880,000 as the champion, let's check out how a player from Ukraine turned a $0.01 satellite into $19,184!

Yevhenii Dushko finished 55th place in the Main Event, taking home with an amazing $19,184 prize. The best part in all this is that he won his $5,300 Main Event seat for just a single cent. Imagine $0.01 becoming $19,184!

The Ukrainian star won his way into Day 1A from one of the many centroll satellites. Just making it that far made for a great story but it appears Lady Luck wanted Dushko's story to continue.

"I got lucky during Day 1A when I had a set of aces over a set of eights and that helped build a stack and progress to Day 2. I felt I played quite well despite the obviously different level of skill compared to my usual limits; there were a lot of strong players."

After qualifying for Day 2, he had a full week to wait before the tournament resumed. He tried to go about his business as normal even though he knew he had the chance of a life-changing score.

"It was a normal week between Day 1 and Day 2. I was meeting with my girlfriend and my parents, but I always have the tournament in the back of my mind. It was a very important tournament and I knew I needed to cash. I am not someone who misses opportunities like this."

Playing against Poker's Greats

Dushko battled with several of poker's elite on his journey in the Main Event but two stood out from the crowd - Team partypoker pro Isaac Haxton and Michael Addamo.

"It was an honor to play at the same table as Haxton. He is the very definition of a professional poker player and he sets standard that everybody should look up to. Also, during Day 1A, I played on the same table as Michael Addamo. I really like how he plays. Just the memories of us playing together cheers me up and I am sure it wasn't the last time we'll do it!"

Addamo finished Day 1A as the chip leader and settled in 58th place for $18.147, which means Dushko outlasted him! Haxton found his way to the final table where he finished 5th for $200,659.

$19,184 is the equivalent of almost 550,000 Ukrainian Hryvnia. The average salary in Kiev, Ukraine is 10,000 Ukrainian Hryvnia, so this score is big for Dushko. Has he spent on anything extravagant?

"I haven't even thought about any big purchases to be honest. I know that I have to keep my head cool after winning this big prize. The money will help my life for sure, but I feel like I don't have to do anything spontaneous. It also will help me continue growing as a poker player. I am grateful that my friends and family treat my love of poker with respect and without the stereotypes about gambling. This is support was very important to me."

"I also want to thank partypoker for this incredible opportunity."

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11 comments on "Yevhenii Dushko Turns $0.01 Satellite into $19,184 at partypoker CPP Main Event"

 dule-vu30/11/2020 20:35:12 GMT
great story and great for this player!I am glad that somebody who really need this money,got him and that he will think twice on what he will spent him!probably we have lot of players who come from really small satellites on some big tournament,but they dont win anything,but this player got great amount from just 0,01 $!you need to lot of time,skills and some luck to pass everything and to come to end!maybe its not such a big amount for this players who have 5300 $ for buy in,but for every regular player this is very big!
 geseco1201/12/2020 06:35:57 GMT
Well this story is impressive, imagine from $ 0.01 to $ 19 thousand, well a nice story, that makes you want to move on despite the circumstances, also congratulate Diego Ventura, who is a great player, he is also Peruvian, he is my compatriot, I I like it and I am very happy that a Peruvian has won the Caribbean party and won a great prize.
 dule-vu01/12/2020 21:28:09 GMT
when we see in news that average salary in Kiev is 10000 of their currency and that he got 55 their average salaries,you can see what this means to him and every normal man from Ukraine!his success is even bigger when we know that he got this from only 0,01 $ and that he need to pass so many stages and to spend lot of hours on it!nice work!
 antonis32101/12/2020 21:30:50 GMT
PartyPoker gives so many opportunities to biuld a bankroll or win a big amount of money from nothing , from just a cent , like Dushko from Ukraine . Ican feel his happiness , $20K is a big score , from cents to such an amount , it's thedream of every freeroller , of evry player to sore big with little . He achoeved a big score, now he can play more and better games or but sth with this money for himself orsb he loves these days Heart
 CALICUL03/12/2020 00:09:20 GMT
Party Poker has an interest to solve many good things for players. Sometimes that bankroll of some players manage to produce a lot of wager and good commissions for P. P. Anyway, they sometimes must to offer something nice.
 Rogerio1003/12/2020 07:52:12 GMT
Great to read those stories. Today literaly everyone one has a chance to win it big, becouse you can find a satelites for very low buy ins, even for 1 cent as it was in this case. Of course you need a lot of luck too, but important is poker dreams are alive for everyone.
 geseco1203/12/2020 17:08:22 GMT
well that's great to convert $ 0.01 Satellite to $ 19,184, that has partypoker that gives you the opportunity to win a lot of money with just little, but it sounds very easy, but behind everything there is a lot of work and perseverance of the player, congratulations on the achievement to follow go ahead to earn more, well, effort always has its reward.
 dule-vu03/12/2020 22:55:05 GMT
I know that this kind of satellites will play somebody who dont have money for bigger buy in-s,but this kind of stories I love to read and to see how this money will help to this player in real life!this money will help him and will change his life,like 1 million would change to some other!
hope that this kind of story we will have again in next months!
 CALICUL04/12/2020 01:52:08 GMT
I couldn't earn more than about 550 dollars with just a few cents. It was something more special then,,, but i guess you have for try to earn more money. It is important to insist and maybe this day will come as well. Good lick, guys.
 geseco1212/12/2020 13:56:18 GMT
Converting pennies from dollars to thousands of dollars is incredible, but poker anything can happen is a very exciting game, and what makes it special is that anyone can be lucky enough to win millions of dollars in a matter of days in a tournament, Sometimes it is your day and things turn out well for you and you earn great amounts of money that can change your life.
 CALICUL12/12/2020 19:46:36 GMT
Yeah, i know. The feeling of earning something nice... when we don't invest too much is higher than make a buy-in and recover your investment and earn a few extra dollars. I want to win something bigger in poker but for that also need luck.

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