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partypoker Cash Game Leaderboard Winner vorosbarnavarga With Some Solid Advice

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Posted on 20 April 2020 by "T".

One of partypoker's recent winners in the Cash Game Leaderboards is "vorosbarnavarga" from Hungary, and he has some solid advice to give to fellow players on the site.

He began playing poker in 2008 after taking advantage of a free bankroll offer. At first, he played every game type, but in the end he settled on playing mostly Pot-Limit Omaha.

He said, "I graduated from university as an agronomist and also studied some IT. I'm 44-years-old now and maybe a little old for grinding micro-stakes, but I have plenty of free time nowadays."

In case you're wondering just like we do, an agronomist is an expert in the science of soil management and crop production. He's definitely been planting a few seeds for success recently and loves his time at partypoker, mainly the Cash Game Leaderboards.

He said, "I played for many years at PokerStars but I decided to find another poker site when they started limiting players to playing only four tables. I really wish I'd come to partypoker sooner. This is the best promotion I have ever participated in. Micro stakes players can reach 100% cashback thanks to receiving the default cashback."

Grinding it out at the PLO Cash Games
vorosbarnavarga grinded it out at the $0.01/$0.02 PLO tables and finished on top of the leaderboard, which awarded him $200. He also profited from the cashback loyalty scheme and finished with plenty of profit from his play, something he advises you try to do when chasing down the leaderboard prizes.

"I disliked having to play up to 12-hours per day but I had to because I wanted to win. With the extra hours I can also win more from the game itself. I didn't follow properly but I think I won between 50 and 60 buy-ins and managed to win even more from the Cash Game Leaderboard prize."

"I usually played from the afternoon until I was tied. I quit if I couldn't stay focused. Also, I never checked my bankroll during session because it can confuse and make you play scared if you have lost too much money."

He says he probably will not be chasing the leaderboard immediately. Instead, he took a couple of days away from the action and now has a goal of reaching $100 in rake and seeing where that places him on the leaderboard.

Great Tip for Leaderboard Chasers
For potential leaderboard chasers, vorosbarnavarga has these excellent words of advice:

"My tip for the leaderboard is there is no point chasing the big score if you lose a lot from playing. Don't go all-in with crappy hands just to generate more rake. I saw many players go broke with little or no equity. In the end, you may just break even with the leaderboard prize."

Join the Cash Game Leaderboard action each and every week and see if you can climb one of the 16 separate leaderboards! Every partypoker cash game player has a realistic chance of winning a cash prize worth up to $10,000.



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12 comments on "partypoker Cash Game Leaderboard Winner vorosbarnavarga With Some Solid Advice"

 dule-vu20/04/2020 10:21:51 GMT
no matter is there leaderboard or not,you still cant play all in with crappy cards just to back money that you lost!
 antonis32120/04/2020 10:51:34 GMT
He is one of the many winners of these leaderboards , congratulations to him Smile

The leaderboards that PartyPoker has introduced for cash games , spins , besides the other promotions such as the Dily Boom Tournaments , are awesome promotions for all players , to play more and win more . The leadervoard prizes iare an extra motivation , alongside with the regular rakeback , to play more and have way far more winnings , or at the worst occassion , if you very unlucky or not so good , to have your losses back and break even Smile
 CALICUL20/04/2020 18:33:31 GMT
To win such a promotion you need to know a lot. Whenever you want to play a lot find a player faster than you. Anyway he had to be a winning player on this leaderboard and he told more about his gambler life. The story is beautiful if it is explained in more details.
 dule-vu20/04/2020 19:22:26 GMT
to win on such a leaderboard,all depend how much money you have on account and time for playing,because bigger rake you collect,you will get more and more points,but no matter if you lose in one day a lot,you will still have enough to play in other days!but if you bankroll is low,then you must play slow!
 maragatero21/04/2020 02:05:19 GMT
I see that leaderboard like I saw some shop windows with expensive toys, when I was a child. I never will get it! hahaha. Seriously, I think that this, and a lot of promotion can be successful for players that naturally play (and win) a lot in each room. Have no sense to try of get it playing a number of tournaments or hands that you don´t use to play. Is a guaranteed loss!
 Mober21/04/2020 17:50:30 GMT
One of the successful micro buy in players.
If you multitable and you are good at it, you can make a steady income.
I didnt know about the change in rules at pokerstars limiting your
play to four tables only.
Probably he wont be the only one that left the site due to this change.
 CALICUL21/04/2020 18:40:28 GMT
The leaderboard is not for us if we do not run a lot of money. I liked to play long before but i didn't have a good bankroll. Now i have some bankroll but i don't have time to play. The one who won this promotion has years of poker behind and good skills.
 dule-vu21/04/2020 19:59:35 GMT
we can see that in every country on this world we have players that love to play poker and to spend lot of time on it!hungary or every other country,people try to make money and spend even 12 hours like this players!so this is just benefit to him,to win such a leaderboard and nice money prize!
 antonis32122/04/2020 05:22:16 GMT

Congratulations once again to him for winning the first position in the nano/micro cash game leaderboard . it's not the easiest thing , so much competition , and in low takes so many are the players competing each other for the win or for the leaderboard prizes .

Good that he advices players not to play recklessly , but instead play in the right positions , normal hands and pots , not ATC , very loose ,cause that might break their bankroll balance .
 maragatero27/04/2020 00:22:42 GMT
I wish that 888poker could make a leaderboard of low buy-in sit and go, when I return to the tables! When I played it in the past, I played a good number of sits by day. I don´t know which is a good average, but surely I could appear in the board. By now, I start to look for all the old notes, papers and range tables that I makes in the past, to start my new study period
 antonis32128/04/2020 20:52:38 GMT
888poker has many $ 0.10sngs for a ticket or top three prizes , also 0.50$ sngs , with many players playing them , so you can find action on these . But sngs of $1 with 18 or more players don't have many registrations , you have to wait a lot , maybe hours , better try them on rush hours . I remember the $1 8 max , was it with 36 or 45 players ???Anyway , when I was winning $1 tickets , I was always playing that sng, but many times they were not full , so i was playng with less players . So , maragatero , with no so much action on the sngs , a leaderboard don;'t think it would be successfull there . But they could make one (if they don't have already) for cash game s, or for tournaments , they have many games and full tables of these games Smile
 roeish307/05/2020 18:56:46 GMT
Got in to read the solid advice and was a little disappointed by it. Don't play all-in with crappy hands just to chase a promotion is a little too common-sense to be a really good advice. Grinding for me thakes all the fun out of poker. You could just as well find a real job and at least make something possitive for the society and not just waste your time at the tables.

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