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Hop aboard The Party Express for Prizes Galore at partypoker

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Posted on 06 December 2021 by "T".

The holiday season is here and partypoker gets into the festive spirit by launching the Party Express. Hop aboard and enjoy free gifts every day to spice up the coming of the New Year.

It's very simple to join - just log in every day from December 1, 2021 to January 9, 2022, and collect your free daily gift. Along with the brand new, feature-rich tables now in play, players get to win various wonderful winter prizes including poker tickets, free spins on slots, free bet on sports, or even cash!

How It Works:

  • Sign up at partypoker through BankrollMob and get €8 Free + Deposit Bonus up to £/€/$30 Free play + up to 40% rakeback!
  • Go to the "Promotions" section of the partypoker client each day and three gifts are waiting for you on the Party Express.
  • Choose one to unwrap it and reveal your prize for the day.
  • Come back every day until Sunday, January 9, 2022 to claim a new present!

Extra Gifts

Fancy upgrading your Party Express ticket to first class?

Just complete your personal challenge to unlock a Second daily gift which has an even bigger chance of being high value!

First, open your free gift for the day. Then, complete your daily challenge.

Once you complete your personal challenge, you will receive your second gift!

There are 39 days between December 1 and January 9, so you can potentially receive an incredible 78 free gifts just for playing at partypoker!

Combine the Party Express promotion with up to 40% weekly cashback, partypoker's Legend of the Week, Daily Legends, Super Daily Legends, and the various leaderboards, and now you have the perfect recipe for a value-packed holiday season.

What prizes will the Party Express bring you?




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35 comments on "Hop aboard The Party Express for Prizes Galore at partypoker"

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» Hop aboard The Party Express for Prizes Galore at partypoker

 dule-vu10/12/2021 06:02:15 GMT
Its good that on every part of site,they have some free promotion!
 antonis32111/12/2021 17:49:27 GMT
Nice promotion by Partypoker , players have the chance to win extra bonuses and prizes everyday , one for free , one by completing a challenge , and the prizes can be tickets , spins etc that's awesome. I have on Bwin , but it's only one chance per day , it's only if you complete a challenge , and it's up until 25/12
 CALICUL11/12/2021 17:49:58 GMT
Party has interesting and good strategies
 ligador3711/12/2021 18:51:48 GMT
Excellent promotion without doubts. Getting free gifts is always a good promotion. And it is even possible to win an even better second prize.
Many days and many prizes (up to 78). It would only be necessary to mention what types of prizes it is possible to obtain,% of obtaining each prize and what type of prize can also be obtained if the daily missions are fulfilled.
 CALICUL11/12/2021 18:53:03 GMT
good luck with these daily prizes Thumbs Up
 geseco1214/12/2021 02:07:37 GMT
every day we have the chance to win a ticket to play every day this kind of tournaments that distribute every day 250 dollars in tickets, tremendous gift that makes the room for all its users, I have been lucky enough to take a ticket last week, now I hope another one more.
 dule-vu14/12/2021 02:22:02 GMT
You can win cash money,free spins,deposit offers and much more on this promotion!
 geseco1216/12/2021 04:20:45 GMT
this promotion is incredible, every day there are free tournaments, every day you have the chance to have a ticket for the tournaments that they perform, good luck in these events, and we hope it stays for longer, this offer is great.
 dule-vu16/12/2021 05:58:18 GMT
Yeah,lot of different prizes and you just need to pick at right time of day!
 dule-vu18/12/2021 17:52:15 GMT
this promotion is much better then on party casino page,where you choose from 4 cards!here you have 3 gifts and you more often get spins tickets,free spins prizes,cash prizes and why not to use it every day,when its free!
 geseco1222/12/2021 03:46:26 GMT
I like this offer very much, you can get different prizes every day, you will always have a gift per day, you can enjoy it in a tournament or in cash, so far I have always been able to participate in tournaments, I really enjoy playing them.
 dule-vu22/12/2021 05:58:07 GMT
in last days didnt got any prize on gifts,it was two times empty!
 dule-vu24/12/2021 08:43:40 GMT
its interesting promotion,better prizes then on free promotion on party casino,but sometimes he give empty presents,so you need to open them every day to get something normal!free spins on slot and free cash are best prizes!
 geseco1224/12/2021 17:46:39 GMT
what partypoker is doing with this promotion is incredible, every day there is a chance to win prizes and tickest to play free tournaments and win real money, it is not easy the tournament, but with perseverance you will win something.
 CALICUL24/12/2021 17:48:50 GMT
Who can play in party poker, can do it without promotions because here he has a great variety of games where he can win good money. This room is spectacular and the players are many compared to other rooms. That means a lot of opportunities
 geseco1229/12/2021 02:39:11 GMT
with this promotion everyone has the chance to win every day, cash prizes and tickets for tournaments of 250 dollars, the promotion is still valid, so don't wait any longer and try to play every day to have more chances to win more.
 dule-vu29/12/2021 05:44:04 GMT
its nice promotion!in last day I got two times 5 free spins on big bass bonanza,1 $ spins ticket and some others!few days till end of it!
 Haesje29/12/2021 08:30:01 GMT
I love to play poker, but unfortunately party Poker is not available in Belgium. We can download it but it automatically change into bwin poker app. So we are not able to take part in this party express. No special action available for us in Belgium Sad
But it's Nice to read that you are getting nice prices from it.
 dule-vu29/12/2021 08:34:11 GMT
its nice promotion,but too bad that you cant play anything at their site!
 geseco1201/01/2022 14:56:16 GMT
We still have one more week to enjoy the partypoker promotion, we have been able to win money with these tournaments, but there will be more news for the attentive players with that, a pity that some players can not participate in the promotion.
 dule-vu01/01/2022 14:56:44 GMT
lot of their promotions are till 9.1.,so players have enough to enjoy in free gifts and to pick it every day!maybe you will have luck to get something!
 geseco1202/01/2022 21:07:04 GMT
this promotion is still valid, everyone can participate and win lots of prizes, take advantage of it because it is until January 9th, partypoker is having good tournaments this year, and everyone can win.
 dule-vu02/01/2022 21:07:09 GMT
It will be on site for few more days!
Didnt had luck in last days,got empty box on last two picks!
 geseco1204/01/2022 00:34:27 GMT
to continue playing in partypoker, every day there are chances to win something, good luck to everyone, with these games you can get free money, still in force, we have approximately 6 days to continue playing.
 CALICUL04/01/2022 00:36:01 GMT
Good luck in the Party Poker, Geseco

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