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Grand Prix Ireland Online is Back on partypoker

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Posted on 18 March 2021 by "T".

Grand Prix Ireland is back and better than ever!

The Grand Prix Ireland returns this month as part of the Irish Open Online festival.

Grand Prix Ireland

  • A part of the Irish Open Online
  • Date: March 28 to April 6, 2021
  • Prize Pool: €250,000 GTD
  • Buy-in: €55


As always, this Grand Prix has a low buy-in of just €55 but comes with a massive €250,000 guarantee, making it a nice opportunity for all players to have a shot at big bucks.

This year, partypoker is excited to host the Grand Prix Ireland online as it can run it as a progressive knockout, something that the poker room wanted to do with the Grand Prix brand for such a long time. The PKO format is great for the Grand Prix because it presents a lot of opportunity for their valued players to make more money by knocking other players out of the tournament, even if they don't manage to make it into the top places.

Check out the schedule below:

The Day 1s will run on partypoker from March 28 to April 5 with Day 2 and 3 on April 5 and 6 respectively. There will be lots of opportunities to qualify for the tournament, so keep your eyes peeled on the partypoker lobby for info on satellites!


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23 comments on "Grand Prix Ireland Online is Back on partypoker"

 Cesar1418/03/2021 13:39:15 GMT
this event is one of the great ones, this month will be wonderful with the ireland grand prize, the buy-in is I think reasonable to play the tournament with a huge prize of 250 thousand euros, it is a good opportunity for the players to have the possibility of winning money, good luck to all.
 dule-vu18/03/2021 14:00:27 GMT
so this will be party of irish open and news that we had yesterday and something extra for all players!we can see that tournaments will have same buy in and PKO system!this is great chance for all that love this kind of poker and not for big buy in as we can have when this big series are in question!
 geseco1219/03/2021 05:20:56 GMT
the party is assured with this great poker event, a great Irish open party, the prize will be for thousands of dollars with just a 55 euro ticket, I think many will be able to play it.
 Cesar1419/03/2021 14:14:38 GMT
It is fun and at the same time proud to be able to play these great events, I think that few are the privileged ones, I do not think that those who are starting to play poker will play it, that's why I say they are privileged, but we must not lose hope of playing some day these types of tournaments.
 dule-vu19/03/2021 14:26:45 GMT
I dont know will I play some of this tournament,but in general I like this knockout tournaments and system where you can earn money even before you come to prize pool,but ofcourse you need to kick out players from tournament and to earn money from them!dont say that is easy,but extra pool is great and thats why players love to play them!
 DinGo!19/03/2021 22:09:39 GMT
It,s cool to see, that this good tournament is back. Need to keep an eye on the satellites, maybe they will have this 0.01 qualifiers, so everybody will have a chance to qualify with no risking lots of money. Also this is good, that this is a PKO, always cool to take some money just for some knockouts.
 geseco1220/03/2021 05:41:28 GMT
I think it will have satellites, but well I share the idea of ​​DULE-VU that I also like to play elimination tournaments, since you can win money even when you do not reach the prizes, that makes the variance less, because you will have more possibilities to earn some money, excellent that modality.
 CALICUL20/03/2021 15:06:31 GMT
It is extremely difficult to make money with freeroll games, but players can deposit $ 20 or $ 30 each month and play satellites. When they qualify to try nice winnings, because it is difficult for us to pay directly with money down the entrance in good tournaments. This money is not a major risk, because it is not too much and i think it's a small effort to deposit. This grand prix worth the effort to try for qualify and many games from Party the same.
 dule-vu20/03/2021 18:11:35 GMT
subject is about something else,but we still have comments how is hard to make money from freerolls,even this have nothing with thread!
yeah geseco12,this is something different from normal tournaments and I love that system,where you can earn nice amount before prize pool,just to kick out players!sometimes they lost chips trough game with other players and they you kick them when are almost gone and have only 200 chips!thats why this system if great!
 Cesar1420/03/2021 18:49:33 GMT
I do not like elimination games, because the prizes of the first places go down, but it is a matter of taste, everyone knows which one is better to play, you have to always choose so that you do not waste time and win some money, for that we are.
 geseco1221/03/2021 13:12:16 GMT
It is true that the prizes go down, but it is a matter of each one, I in particular like it with elimination, because if you do not reach the prizes you have a better chance of winning money along the way, so we reduce a little the option of losing per tournament , the statistics in players who play tournaments is that 70% lose, so we have to be careful with that.
 CALICUL21/03/2021 15:19:29 GMT
This Irish grand prix is ok even for you, because any tournament is good if it has big prizes. It is important to try your luck, because anyone can learn a little strategy, if they have the internet in front of them. Elimination tournaments or not if it's Texas Hold'em worth the effort.
 DinGo!21/03/2021 16:36:10 GMT
Of course it,s better to play PKO tournaments, just because even if you make a few outs you can take some money and this can help a lot. Maybe this can be even moneyback, if you make this knockouts. After that you will have a chances to win some money in tournament and even if you don,t do this you will have still some money.
 dule-vu21/03/2021 18:47:34 GMT
I must say that this person who made first tournament with this PKO or KO system is such a smart person and must give big admiration on this idea and that now players on whole planet can play same poker,but with different system of prizes!for me this is very interesting poker when I can get money on early stage of tournament!
 Cesar1421/03/2021 19:25:49 GMT
Everyone has a different opinion according to which tournaments they like the most, but in particular I really like big tournaments with big prizes, and I think that this type of elimination game makes the prizes in the first places go down, and that it becomes unencouraging to play.
 geseco1222/03/2021 14:57:29 GMT
The modality does not matter much, I think the most important thing is to learn a lot from the best, whenever you play poker in any modality, what you have to rescue is your game, how well you have done and how you could improve later, that it is what one has to look at.
 CALICUL22/03/2021 15:55:37 GMT
This buy in of 55 euros i think is general for all games, because i only see same tournaments. I thought that it was good if grand prix Ireland online had a special event, but is not the case. Satellites will not be too expansive for any player.
 geseco1224/03/2021 04:51:49 GMT
The opportunity to win a lot of money is available, because the buy-in of the tournament is 55 euros, and I think it is low for many players who are in this poker room, they will also participate in a prize of 250 thousand euros, that if anyone excited, good tournament will go to play.
 CALICUL24/03/2021 16:17:35 GMT
To be honest, i'm jealous because of these tournaments made as part of the Irish Open Online festival. I would have liked to play party poker, but it is not possible. The prizes are very big and the opportunity to win is great, because they will have many paid places. Is good for you, guys.
 Cesar1424/03/2021 22:00:40 GMT
Everyone wants to play it my friend, it is a tournament, but few are those who really have the privilege, that is why you have to work hard in the study and strategies to scale levels faster and play these tournaments that we like so much.
 CALICUL25/03/2021 18:04:26 GMT
a buy in of 55 euros is not so big for these games because you have variant of qualifications. I have always liked satellites, because they are cheaper and you can get the qualification with little money. I want to win bigger money in good tournaments, but so far i haven't been able to make more than a few hundred dollars per tournament. Maybe in future, i hope. Series like this Grand Prix Ireland are good for all players
 DinGo!25/03/2021 18:37:38 GMT
I think that most of the people will prefer to play this Progressive knockout tournaments, just because it,s always good to take some bountys, especially because sometimes you can see some people on the table with lots of money, who can raise and all in with any garbage hands, lots of rebuys, and you just can have some money.
 CALICUL29/03/2021 14:34:31 GMT
Courage guys, because you have one more week to try for qualify in the next tournaments of irish grand prix. Yesterday was a game, but this days are others and for that you will have to fight with other gamblers. Good luck with that.

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