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Points - everything you need to know about points and leaderboard

The following applies to all our leaderboards; Party Poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker:

Registering to earn points:
First make sure your account details (Account Name for Party Poker, User ID for PokerStars and Player ID for Full Tilt Poker) is registered on the individual leaderboard pages: PokerStars leaderboard / Party Poker leaderboard / Full Tilt Poker leaderboard.

If not registered yet, please register as soon as possible, as you won't be earning points until we have your account details registered for each of the leaderboards you want to participate in.

Earning points:
In order to earn points, you simply have to play in any of our multiple daily freerolls, you can play as many as you like. A complete schedule is available in our Freerolls section.

Your freerolls winnings are then converted to leaderboard points. If you win $9.75 in one freeroll, then you get 9.75 points for the leaderboard. If you win another $13 in the next freeroll, 13 points will be added, so you now have a total of 22.75 points. Of course you get to keep your winnings (dollars) at the poker sites as well.

Not getting any points for the leaderboard?
There can be several reasons why you didn't earn any points (yet) for the leaderboards:

1) You didn't register your account details.
In order for you to earn points for the leaderboard, you need to register your account details (see above under "Registering to earn points" for more details). Please note, whatever dollars you won in previous freerolls will not be applied to your newly registered account details on the leaderboards, only dollars you win after registering correct account details will be converted to leaderboard points.

2) Leaderboard not updated yet.
We usually update the leaderboards once daily (Monday-Friday), with the freeroll results from the day before. So if we update the leaderboard at around 2pm (example) with the results from yesterday, then the freeroll(s) played in the morning of today, would not be included yet. Those results will be added the following day.

3) You registered wrong account details or mistyped it.
For freeroll results (dollars) to be converted into leaderboard points, we need to know your exact account details (Account Name for Party Poker, User ID for PokerStars and Player ID for Full Tilt Poker). If you registered wrong account details, or mistyped it, then your winnings will not be converted to points. Visit the Registered wrong account details FAQ for more info.

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