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Approve/Verification levels - what are they?

You might come across the term "approve level" or "verification level" related to your Mob account. They mean the same thing, so what's important is the actual level. Below is a list of the approve levels we currently use for Mob accounts:

This is the default level for all new accounts. Approve level #5 gives you access to login at your Mob account, certain poker/casino bonuses (such as gift offers), view freeroll passswords etc. In general, you'll get basic use of our site. No deposit poker bonuses cannot be requested while at this level. You need to verify your identity to increase verification level.

If you attempt to verify your identity in order to upgrade to a higher level but our investigation team did not approve your request for some reason, your account will either be rejected or approved on level #4. This level does not give you access to more than #5 but is only to show that you have attempted to upgrade, but failed. No deposit poker bonuses cannot be requested at this level.

When verifying your identity using our free phone verification system, our investigation team will look through your account. If approved, you will become approved on level #3. On this level, you will have access to some no deposit poker bonuses, but some providers might require a higher level of verification such as ID being uploaded. You will now also have access to forum, Mob Games etc.

Level #2 is like level #3, but slightly better. You get to level #2 by only uploading valid picture ID to prove your identity. If approved by our investigation team, level #2 is what your account will be at. Here you also have access to no deposit poker bonuses, forum, Mob Games etc. However, some poker bonuses might still require a higher verification level.

This is the highest possible level of verification we currently offer. You get to #1 by using our free phone verification system and uploading valid picture ID. Once approved by our investigation team, your account will be approved on level #1. All no deposit bonuses (available to your country) can be requested on this level. Plus of course forum, Mob Games etc. are also available on this level.

How to upgrade to a higher verification level:
If possible for your account, you will have a link at your Mob account page called "Upgrade account (Upload ID / Phone verification)" - click on that link to proceed and for more information.

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