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Mob Calendar / Christmas Calendar

I won!! When will I receive my prize?
Congratulations! If you won MobPoints, MobDraw tickets or MobSafe shots, the prize is instant. If you won something else that involves another site, such as a tournament ticket, the prize will usually be issued within a few weeks.

Christmas Calendar:
However, prizes won in "Christmas Calendar" might not be issued until January, due to the amount of prizes to be processed. Therefor, we kindly ask that you do NOT contact support during December. Wait till middle of January to contact us (and not the site for which you won a prize - they can't help you, only us!), if you still haven't received your prize.

How many times can I use the calendar?
Five times a day. For example, if today's date is December 15th, you would click on door number "15". Then you are presented with five (5) "mini doors", you can click one every hour (1 hour interval, so 13:05 and 14:05 will work, but 13:55 and 14:15 will not). Each mini-door has an equal chance of winning.

I won something that I cannot use. What to do?
This only applies to "Christmas Calendar" and not our regular "Mob Calendar":
Due to local laws, restrictions etc., it's possible that whatever prize you might have won, simply cannot be issued to you, if for example your country is not allowed to play at the site for which the prize belongs. In that case, we usually offer you the option of converting your prize to tickets in our "Xmas Prize Draw", see below for more info. We understand that this might be frustrating, but unfortunately we cannot change local legislation etc.

Xmas Prize Draw/Lottery - what's that?
This only applies to "Christmas Calendar" and not our regular "Mob Calendar":
If you won something that you don't want, or can't have, you can convert your prize into lottery tickets. For example, if you won a tournament ticket worth $109, you can convert that prize into 109 lottery tickets for the draw. On December 27th, we will draw X lucky winners who will win MobPoints, MobDraw tickets or MobSafe shots (see below for more info on those games). It's possible for you to win multiple chances, if you have more than 1 ticket. 1 ticket equals 1 chance of being drawn, so many tickets means many chances.

MobPoints, MobDraw tickets and MobSafe shots - what's that?
MobPoints is a local BankrollMob currency. $1 = 100 MobPoints. You need 5,000 MobPoints in order to request a $50 cashout. If you win MobPoints, it goes straight into your Mob account where you can use it to either cashout later, or purchase MobDraw tickets or MobSafe shots.

MobDraw tickets can be used in our weekly draw, where we draw x amount of $50 winners. Sometimes there might be two $50 prizes, other weeks there might be four $50 prizes. The more tickets you have in that weekly draw, the more chances of you winning one, or more, of the weekly prizes.

MobSafe shots can be used to crack our safe, which holds a certain dollar amount. The code is 3-digit, if you guess it, you win what's inside (anything from $20 and up).

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