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PokerStars MicroMillions: A Brand New Micro Stakes Tournament Series

Tags: big guarantees, cheap buy-ins, micro millions, pokerstars.
Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by "T".

Only two days to go until PokerStars MicroMillions will see daylight for the very first time. The new tournament series is for anyone who likes to play low-stakes tournaments but still play for huge prizes. In total, there will be 100 events running from March 15-25, with million of dollars in guaranteed cash prize pools.

The buy-ins starting from as low as $0.11, so it's really the series that everyone can play. There are satellites to all 100 events up running already, and it's possible to buy-in for some satellites for as little as 10 FPP.

There are 7-10 events running every day March 15-25th, starting around the clock, so it doesn't matter where in the world you are located - you will always find an event to take part in! The highlight of MicroMillions will be the $1,000,000 Guaranteed Main Event on March 25th ($22 buy-in). Then there are two $400,000 guarantee events ($11 buy-in) - March 18th and March 25th.

Click here for more information on MircoMillions.

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8 comments for "PokerStars MicroMillions: A Brand New Micro Stakes Tournament Series"

 Fakiry3/13/2012 1:02:16 PM GMT
I still haven’t decided if I will enter any of this MicroMillions events, they look very attractive, but one has to remember about the huge fields we will have to fight. If a 4,000 field is already crazy, here we must be talking about 8,000… sick, huh? I think I will lose because I would end up to tired to keep up.
 mascona3/13/2012 2:56:17 PM GMT
This is a good opportunity to try your skill in different kind of poker like Stud H/L , Badugi, or TripleStud which are not so popular like holdem or omaha. You can not find such a tourneys in everyday program of PokerStars - I mean the pleyers field....usually there are no more than 50- 70 players in it.
 mast3rush3/13/2012 10:21:00 PM GMT
it is a good chance to win, available to all players because the buy-in is low(0.11), and goes up to 190$(I THINK) stars is the best platform poker....i like it!
 ionellu3/14/2012 6:06:18 AM GMT
i think pokerstars dosen't have a competitor since ftp disappeared and this kind of tourmnaments are more than welcome to the beginers and amateurs who have the chance to win a big prize .
 mast3rush3/14/2012 11:02:47 AM GMT
it was...5 years ago...if don't mistake...World 3D Poker...where was 200$ freerolls from 2 in 2 hours...there you could won a lot of money, 'cause those players where really stupids!!!(sorry for my English)
Best of luck!
 pochui3/14/2012 11:53:41 AM GMT
i would like if stars one day organizes something like pokerstars zero millions Big Smile name sounds strange enough, but what i mean- a series where it would be possible to play with no cash, but to win some cash- not talking about big sums- just for fun- and keep the structure close to that of big buyin tournaments
 Fakiry3/14/2012 1:08:50 PM GMT
Posted by mast3rush:
it is a good chance to win, available to all players because the buy-in is low(0.11), and goes up to 190$(I THINK) stars is the best platform poker....i like it!

I remember playing at World 3D Poker too! And the design of the rooms was awesome, and so was the music. And the game action was very nice by the way. I remember of not thinking about rigged systems while I was playing there. I didn’t won always, I don’t even remember of ever withdrawing from there, but I had some money there and I loved to play there during several months always without the necessity of depositing, which means my action there was stable . But I don’t know what happened to that site. I am glad you woke up my memories from this… It just closed, or did something happen to this site? It was before PKR appeared…
 ionellu3/16/2012 5:32:26 AM GMT
wow , it is unbelievable , on the first day the prizes was huge . 0.11$ buy in ->75k$ prizes ; 1$ buy in ->200k$ prizes; 5$buy in ->200k$ prizes;
i think they have unexpected succes with this tournament series

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