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Affiliate: How do I register as an affiliate?

It's free to become a BankrollMob Affiliate and it only requires a few clicks. If you're not already logged in at your Mob account, please do so in the upper right corner of the screen or click here to go to our login page. If you do not have a Mob Account yet, you need to sign up for a free Mob account: Create a free Mob account now!

Once you're at your personal "Mob Account"-page, you will find a shortcut in the top called "Mob Points / Affiliate", this will scroll you down to the Mob Points section of your account page. Click the "Affiliate"-tab, read the text/terms and click the "Yes - sign me up for your free Affiliate program"-button. You have now signed up as an affiliate and an unique referral link assigned to you. Use this link to refer players to BankrollMob, and you will get paid Mob Points ($).

To view exactly how many Mob Points ($) you earn as an affiliate, click the "Paytable"-tab and scroll down to the section that shows what you earn as an affiliate.

Minimum cashout is 5000 MobPoints ($50).

Remember that we do not allow posting of our referral links in places where it's not allowed. Make sure you read the rules for the website/forum before you post. If you post the link where it's not allowed and somebody complains about your link, we are forced to close down your Mob account immediately.

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