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Hollywood Stars To Host WPT Foundation Event

Tags: Mel Gibson, Mike Sexton, poker charity, Vince Vaughn, WPT Foundation.
Posted on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 by "T".

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, two movie stars who probably don't need any introduction, are two of the hosts for the upcoming Four Kings and an Ace charity poker tournament organised by the World Poker Tour Foundation, which raises money for Mending Kids charity that helps providing surgery and medical care to children in 57 countries around the world.

The event will take take place at CITIZEN Beverly Hills (a popular restaurant) on October 21st and it will include a charity poker tournament, casino games and a live and silent auction. An entrance ticket costs $500 and those who want to play the poker tourney will have to fork out another $5,000. The poker tournament will include poker stars such as WPT Ambassador and Poker Hall of Fame member Mike Sexton, WPT Champions Club members Erik Seidel and Scotty Nguyen. 

The WPT Foundation has raised more than $6 million for charities so far, and hopefully a lot of money will be raised at the upcoming event! 

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12 comments for "Hollywood Stars To Host WPT Foundation Event"

 doubletop77710/19/2016 9:12:09 AM GMT
This sounds like a great tournament to be a part of and i am envious of anyone playing in this. Mel Gibson has always been one of my favourite actors and it would be a pleasure to meet him
 pajalnick10/19/2016 3:44:03 PM GMT
always a pleasure to read such news ... good actors do a good job ... to get people to do charity now we need them as something ..... interest and involvement of these actors in this action is a good idea .. I hope the tournament will play a lot and people will go to charity a lot of money
 Tony_MON7ANA10/19/2016 5:10:18 PM GMT
The WPT Foundation has raised more than $6 million for charities of all different shapes and sizes, which helped provide life-saving surgical care for children in need around the world. It sure is a moral, motivational and inspirational story.
 Mober10/19/2016 8:26:05 PM GMT
I almost didnt recognize mel gibson in that photo Smile
Dont even remember when was the last time i saw a movie with him.
This tournament is going to draw some attention, no doubt about that.
I hope they can raise a big amount for the kids. Thumbs Up
 Calmplay10/20/2016 5:36:19 AM GMT
another good poker cause after the Big One for One Drop Invitational which also raised a huge amount of cash for the charity Thumbs Up and also I'm glad to see Scotty on the circuit again as he's not often on it those last yrs...
 dule-vu10/20/2016 10:50:29 AM GMT
its nice that they thinking about children and to take care about them!whatever they collect will help for those who dont have anything in life and for all of this player this amount isnt something and they can afford to pay it!keep going like that!
 pochui10/20/2016 4:42:23 PM GMT
charity is just an excuse for those rich dudes to get away and do some gambling with their wives endorsements. they go like this: hey honey, tomorrow i will play some poker for a charitable cause, it's just a way to do some good for humanity... much better than: tomorrow i go to play some poker and drink vodka with some random dudes and hot ladies with no undies...
 bowie198410/21/2016 1:00:30 AM GMT
Posted by pochui:
charity is just an excuse for those rich dudes to get away and do some gambling with their wives endorsements

Well, charity is always just an excuse for these people to do something where tuckload of moneyheir publicist could create an article with their name stamped on with a positive light...
Mel Gibson has truckload of money, could just give some of it away on will.
 dule-vu10/21/2016 11:42:23 AM GMT
he,he pochui maybe you are right and they doing this for own promotion with some small amount for them!we cant know whats behing this,but if this go to charity,good from them!but I am always suspicious does all money go to people who really need it!
 cwdignus10/21/2016 3:47:46 PM GMT
with these beasts promoting the tournament will be really very cool, charity and winning, I hope someday participate in a tournament of this suit is us
 sammybeyo10/21/2016 4:35:41 PM GMT
It's very nice that these celebrities are hosting this tournament for charity giving back and helping people and children in need this goes to show the good side of poker keep on hosting these great events Big Smile
 trasher500010/21/2016 8:20:42 PM GMT
EL día domingo hay varios torneos weeklys de mis modalidades preferidas, y los fields son lindos. Ya no diré que este bancaje es el bueno, por que justo ahí la señorita varianza dice presente, llevo 2 bancajes infames, y precisamente los 2 últimos, por otro lado tengo todavia 5 positivos (los primeros 5), esta vez quiero volver a mis principios y juegos con mas ev y jugare 3 semanas el mismo pack (no solo para reducir mi varianza, sino también la de ustedes) estuve analizando con detenimiento sharkscope y jugare el pack con mas EV (insisto al ser el mismo durante 3 semanas si salimos raspados tolerare...

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