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Watch How Poker Player turned $50 into almost $10,000 at Bicycle Casino

Tags: Bicycle Casino, Matthew Szewczyk.
Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019 by "T".

There's a saying when life knocks you down, then you get back up. But how does a poker player recover from a series of bad beats? This one knew what to do. Read on to find out what happened and tell us what you think.

Last week at the Bicycle Casino located just outside of Los Angeles, a low-stakes poker player named Matthew ‘Weez' Szewczyk apparently lost two huge pots ($3,000 and the last of his money worth $915) that rendered him totally felted in a $5-$5 NLHE cash game with a $5 ante. The session was livestreamed by the casino's Live at the Bike!

A regular player who occasionally commentates on Live at the Bike, Weez stood up and left the Bicycle Casino poker room, but instead of going home to lick his proverbial wounds, he zoomed straight to the casino section with his final $50 left on his pocket. If he loses this, then probably he's going to have to walk on his way home. Turns out that Lady Luck smiled upon him this time, and his $50 managed to not only survive, but allowed him to get back on track and not walk away empty-handed.

Weez was able to raise his money to $1,800 from the casino section and with that he decided to go back and play poker, which also turned out to be a great decision.

Scene 1:
Phil got K-J
Weez got A-K
The board ran 5-2-9-4-9, so Weez won the pot worth $1,920.

Scene 2:
Veronica had A-J
Weez had K-K
The board showed 7-Q-4-5-2, and so Weez won a nice pot of $4,465.

Scene 3:
Phil got K-10
Weez got Q-J
The board ran A-5-3-Q-10, making Weez the winner of the $1,035 pot.

Scene 4:
Bally had 3-3
Weez had Q-Q
The board revealed 3-5-7-Q with the pot being $5,250, and then the video was cut short.
At the end of the video, it showed how much Weez had so far - it was $9,475. Not bad considering he only had $50 left in his pocket to start with after he got felted in the beginning.

Watch the video here:


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13 comments for "Watch How Poker Player turned $50 into almost $10,000 at Bicycle Casino"

 doubletop7771/31/2019 9:15:17 AM GMT
What a fantastic story this is and well done to him for not giving up. It must have been one heck of a rush when he was rebuilding his stack and , i think,we all dream of going on such heaters'
 Fakiry1/31/2019 10:15:27 AM GMT
Perhaps nobody asked him, but analysing his behaviour through the session in which he left with only $50, one should have been able to conclude Weez wasn't on tilt. The casino session after that may have been luck or not, but his return to the poker table was definitely the best decision he could have took at that time. On the other side, he couldn't be on tilt, or else this story wouldn't be possible. This is a story to remember, but only to decide to try on our own if we are certain to not be on tilt.
 dule-vu1/31/2019 2:14:30 PM GMT
well this is that situation when you dont have anything to lose more,you have only that 50 $!they cant help you much,but if you win something from it then this can help you and you can back money that you lost!can imagine his happiness when he got that amount!
 shokaku1/31/2019 3:03:51 PM GMT
The poker hands may have won more money, but the really interesting part of the story is missing. How did he turn the 50 bucks into $1800 in the casino? This is a 36x increase! So maybe all was bet on one lucky number at the roulette wheel.
 Mober1/31/2019 4:58:27 PM GMT
Well, he was lucky, no doubt at all. Even if you take in mind his casino
winnings only. From 50 USD he managed to go u to 1800 USD Smile
You can say that this alone was an impressive win.
And of course his luck continued with the poker session.
10K from 50 USD is indeed a great turn up.
 CALICUL1/31/2019 6:20:20 PM GMT
It is a notable performance.
It's very hard to succeed, but he did it.
His luck at the casino was the most important thing.
With $ 50 he won $ 1800 and managed to win with poker the rest until 9475 dollars.
This period it was one very lucky for him.
There are many ways of luck but if they are not narrated, we do not know about them. Smile
 Nightkid2/3/2019 12:46:54 PM GMT
Good congratulations to this man for having been so lucky and have converted $ 50 in a very nice number as it is 10 thousand that's the good of poker in this as in any game of the casinos, but good indeed this man's amazing and I hope that there are many more winners like that Worship Worship Worship
 dule-vu2/3/2019 4:46:37 PM GMT
ofcourse this doesnt happen lot of time,but its nice when you hear about this kind of win!its nice if this helped him in any problem and if he earned more then he spent it!he could have big smile after that winning!but very nice comback with last 50 $!
 Arithmajik2/4/2019 4:38:32 AM GMT
Holy crap and here I thought I was doing good because years ago I turned my $50 poker stake into about $1500 (although that includes some bonus whoring). Damn it's paltry compared to that crazy achivement.
 Gerimantas2/4/2019 5:20:05 PM GMT
I personally think it is very big amount to win from 50 Dollars you have, 10.000 is 200 times from your bankroll so it is not easy to have. Of course so results can only be when you have serious luck not skill enough
 CALICUL2/4/2019 6:37:06 PM GMT
Posted by Arithmajik:
Holy crap and here I thought I was doing good because years ago I turned my $50 poker stake into about $1500 (although that includes some bonus whoring). Damn it's paltry compared to that crazy achivement.

You made a nice win for your bankroll and i can say: it's a good result for you.
I was not able to make that profit since me i'm playing poker.
Not because of the skills but because of the software.
Bad luck is following me all the way, when i have to do something good for me.
You were lucky and i congratulate both for your results. Cool
 dule-vu2/6/2019 6:49:24 AM GMT
and its big difference where you play,is that casino in your town or you play online,is that live poker or you play online at some site!this change lot of things and winnings are different!online you can change quick slots and earn something good with bonuses!
 bowie19842/12/2019 8:23:21 PM GMT
He would have probably Uber his way home to be honest, so that fifty bucks would not have made a big difference either way on his chances getting home safe and sound. Congrats to this guy, truly a gambler in every sense of the word.

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