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Phil Hellmuth shares his 2019 Poker Goals

Tags: 2019 WSOP, Phil Hellmuth, poker books.
Posted on Friday, March 15, 2019 by "T".

American poker pro Phil Hellmuth has shared his poker-related goals for 2019 Twitter on Sunday, March 3.

The 54-year-old poker player has an impressive portfolio: 15 WSOP gold bracelets, 136 career cashes and almost $23 million in total earnings. Despite letting his achievements do the talking at most times, he obviously loves doing self-promotion, and a lot at that.

The Poker Brat's most recent self-promotion piece was an enumerated list of his goals for 2019, written in erasable marker on the bathroom mirror of his room at Commerce Casino.

From what we are seeing on his list, we'd say those are pretty ambitious goals! Ambitious, but in life, as long as you strive for it, hopes and dreams are not entirely impossible to pull off.

He currently has 15 WSOP titles (figuratively) on his belt, therefore his goal of earning another three within a year is going to be quite tough. While it may be possible to snag two bracelets, winning three titles in one year is already a very rare occurrence in the poker world.

As for the WPT, this is where it gets even tougher for the likes of the Poker Brat. Throughout the history of WPT of 17 years, Hellmuth managed to earn 16 cashes only, and in those cashes, he has made it to the final table five times, his best payout being in the 2017 WPT Legends of Poker Main Event held at the Bicycle Casino. In that event, he finished 2nd for $ 364,370.

For his author works, it isn't entirely clear whether he's doing absolutely great or just fine. He has a collection of previous books on poker and his autobiography entitled Poker Brat: Phil Hellmuth's Autobiography was well-received. However, upon checking it out at Amazon, it seems like the self-help poker book isn't doing so well - based from sales data, the book Positivity ranks at #653, #13,856 in the self-help genre, and 113 in sales.

His fourth goal is difficult to decipher.

His fifth goal of writing Positivity 2 will most likely depend on the success of his first edition.

On Wednesday, March 13, Phil posted in Instagram a sort of continuation to his 2019 poker goals and wrote his "Blessings" and "Yearly Goals" on their bathroom mirror. He says having written these goals and taking a photo of it helps him realize his real blessings: "health/family/15 WSOP wins/inspiring the world w my books #POSITIVITY and Poker Brat/financial security"

It is only March so Phil Hellmuth still has nine more months to go to make his this year's goals come true. Only time can tell if he can achieve all of them. Love him or hate him, we're always rooting for him to win whenever he's at the poker tables.



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15 comments for "Phil Hellmuth shares his 2019 Poker Goals"

 doubletop7773/16/2019 7:31:56 AM GMT
You've got to love his positivity and there is nothing wrong with setting yourself some goals. Most people would be happy with winning just one tournament but Phil wants to win at least 5!!
 damosk3/16/2019 8:12:09 AM GMT
Nice goals, with no clear explanation of how he intends to achieve them! They look fairly passive to me and more wishes than goals.

As for 4, does it say 'blow up music headphones'? I think it does, so that may be something he can actually achieve fairly easily! Maybe he will do a post of a recording of him doing this so that he can at least prove he achieved one of them!
 Mober3/16/2019 10:52:52 AM GMT
He sure has some high goals. Not easy hitting all these goals, but his is aiming
high, to get at least something Smile
Besides the WSOP wins he would like to have, i see he has set a goal
of selling a fixed amount of copies from the book that he has written.
Also he is planning to write a second one Smile
 CALICUL3/16/2019 11:02:30 AM GMT
Phil Hellmuth is a player who loves poker and some normal or stranger bets. When you hear about those bracelets won by him, you can only think of the fact that he is one of the biggest players in this industry. 1st place in the world in this top and he has time to win other bracelets. We will see what he will do in 2019 with his plans.
 dule-vu3/16/2019 1:28:01 PM GMT
well this goals are big,very big for every players and it would be very hard to make it all of them!but ofcourse every player have to have some goals and to see how far from it he is!dont say that he cant do it,but he will need lot of luck and ofcourse calmness,which he dont have when he lost few hands!
 Nightkid3/16/2019 1:37:11 PM GMT
Good many congratulations to the great Phil Hellmuth for these multiple awards that he has taken throughout his career and the truth is not bad the silver that was taken in his passage through the poker tables ... I do not keres adopt phil ??? LOL Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 Gerimantas3/16/2019 3:35:54 PM GMT
I personally think first two goals from phil hellmuth not have good chances, now 9 months go in this year and he want to win 3 wsop tournament and 2 wpt tournament. I think only can be if it is tournament where 10 people register
 Nightkid3/17/2019 1:46:08 PM GMT
Well I really do not know what to say because I do not follow the career of this player or many others less hahaha but I wish him the best and hopefully he will fulfill what he wants because he already has his years in the hole Tongue Tongue Tongue
 pajalnick3/17/2019 3:52:37 PM GMT
Helmut is of course a wonderful player and his achievements are very cool .... the fact that he sets himself goals for 2019 is very happy ... very happy that he continues to play great and his behavior at the table I really like .... I hope this player achieve goals that set for yourself
 dule-vu3/18/2019 10:09:47 AM GMT
lot of tournaments are at WSOP and they give bracelet for every of them,so he have better chance on them!in time when he won his bracelets,there were small number of players and it was easier!now we will see what he can do this year!but 2 WPT tournament will be hard to win!
 Gerimantas3/18/2019 3:24:52 PM GMT
yes to me it is hard to understand why so big goals to set for one year, this guy is legend and win many money tournament and have 15 bracelet in long career, and now want o win 5 bracelets in one year, why so almost stupid thing to want like goal. he can also say that his goal is to win 30 brecelets in this year.
 bowie19843/19/2019 7:15:13 PM GMT
The most impressive feat from this list IMO would be to sell the two million copies from his new book, since I am not sure if he could ever be a posterchild for something like 'positivity' but whatever. Nobody reads nowadays and those who do probably not liking Phil that much...
 CALICUL3/20/2019 11:08:11 AM GMT
Nowadays people interested in poker or amateur players they want to see a video on how to learn the strategy of this game. Reading is harder for most persons and this can be noticed with what's happening in the real world. If you do not read, then the chances are lower to understand something good, even if you have the opportunity to see a video. Reading is better than a video material.
 dule-vu3/20/2019 11:43:29 AM GMT
I missed this number of books that he want to sell bowie1984,didnt see that this number is so huge!in todays world and kids who only use computers,smartphones and this kind of things,he will not sell so many books and he can bring bracelet from WSOP,but this he cant do!
 bowie19843/20/2019 10:30:11 PM GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
I missed this number of books that he want to sell bowie1984,didnt see that this number is so huge!in todays world and kids who only use computers,smartphones and this kind of things,he will not sell so many books and he can bring bracelet from WSOP,but this he cant do!

I mean it's just weird to me that this guy giving out 'life advices' about positive thinking when he acts the total opposite whenever he plays at a publicly televised tournament.

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