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Full Flush Poker Review & Bonus Details

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150% up to $1500

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Traffic: Bonuses/Loyalty:
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Full Flush Pokerreview overviewOverview
Full Flush Poker is owned and operated by Equity Poker Network (EPN) and considered to be as their flagship poker site. It is actually first launched on September 2013, and founded by a group of entrepreneurs as well as online poker industry veterans who dream of having an online poker network that provides online players a secure environment. The main headquarters of Equity Poker Network is located in Curacao along with their game server.
Full Flush Poker is committed to providing US players as well as other players from all over the world quality and professional online play that are guaranteed to be the best and safest within the industry. Full Flush Poker is certain to appeal to newbie, recreational, and seasoned players with their large offerings of a variety of ring games, tournaments, freerolls, and promotions. The overall playing environment can simply be identified as ‘exciting’ as winning is very much achievable that any player has the capacity to build their bankroll.

The feel for Full Flush Poker is a little different due to the fact the Equity Poker Network has a different setup than most networks. Basically, since this is a non-profit network, Equity Poker Network provides its individual skins a lot of leeway to set their own rules, decisions, and promotions that will help attract players. Full Flush Poker guarantees to deliver a safe, user-friendly, fun and flexible online poker gaming experience.
Full Flush Poker is considerably a new online poker site. Despite this, it is already seeing decent traffic within their low stakes cash game tables, not to mention a very impressive and successful “freeroll” opening weekend.
Full Flush Poker accepts US players.
Full Flush Poker software reviewSoftware
Full Flush Poker is a part of Equity Poker Network and utilizes software provided by Playsafe Holding AS, a publicly traded Norwegian Poker Software provider. The use of Playsafe by Equity Poker Network is actually a very much evaluated one. However, due to Playsafe’s usability across different business models, the most logical choice was obvious.
Playsafe has developed an advanced unified gaming platform that incorporates a suit of games which ranges from the usual poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Big2 and Pan to regular Casino style games like slots, Blackjack, Roulette and video Poker. The unified platform enables all players to play any of the game they choose within the system using just one account. In fact, the software even allows players to play games simultaneously, regardless of their type, even Poker cash games. Overall, the total gaming suite consists of more than 60 different real money game types. Some games may be enabled or disabled depending on the regulatory framework the software will operate.

The Playsafe Holding software used for Full Flush Poker is multi-lingual and multi-currency. It has full network capabilities which allow external operators to connect to the network in both network and private tables. Additionally, the software has state-of-the-art functionalities that allow expansion complex operating structures and expansion into worldwide markets when necessary.

In terms of security, the software is designed and built following strict IT security policies that are found mostly in the banking and finance world. Through hardware, software, and procedural measures, sensitive data can be both protected and safeguarded from any malicious intrusion or exploitation. The software is seamless and has an untainted security record. Despite this, the system is still regularly checked by outside consultants for any security breaches and to ensure smooth and optimized hardware and software system.
The main core of the software has been thoroughly tested for more than a decade under live operation. In the past, more than 10,000 players can connect to the system at one time. However, due to updates and optimizations, using robots acting as 25,000 users simultaneously within the lab testing environment, the software has managed to smoothly handle the test. Aside from this, the upgraded design of their core framework now allows for an addition of nearly unlimited amount of horizontal server upgrades to elevate the software’s capacity in accepting higher user load.

Full Flush Poker software supports online poker games in both a downloadable version and a browser-based version (no download required) so that you can play instantly. As of now, the only supported language available on their site is English. They accept currencies including British pounds (GBP), US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) and all other foreign currencies; however, all poker games played at Full Flush Poker are in US Dollars. 
Full Flush PokertrafficreviewTraffic
Although Full Flush Poker is considered to be a relatively new online Poker site, it is receiving a decent amount of traffic, particularly in their low stakes cash game tables. During peak hours, the players number only in the 400s. Eventually, traffic is bound to further increase as promotions and tournaments become more regularly attended by prominent online poker game players. 
Full Flush PokeropponentsreviewOpponents
Full Flush Poker has very soft competition. Since traffic is not as vast as other poker sites, it is safe to say that you will not encounter many seasoned online poker game players here and that skill level may be a bit on the lighter side. Nevertheless, there is an increasing number of new and seasoned poker players trying out Full Flush Poker. 
Full Flush PokerTournamentsreviewTournaments
There are several tournaments available at Full Flush Poker and many of these are appealing to both beginners and seasoned players. There are heads up tournaments for players that have busy schedules and there are also larger multi-stage tournaments that can last weeks for those who are looking for an exciting tournament. Full Flush Poker has Daily Tournaments as well as special Monthly Tournaments. 
Full Flush Poker cashgames reviewCashgames
Full Flush Poker offers popular cashgames like Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Omaha High Low, and Blackjack. 
Full Flush PokerreviewBonuses/Loyalty
150% Welcome Bonus – Full Flush Poker provides first time depositors a great welcome bonus of 150%. This means that on first time deposits of up to $300.00, you will be receiving a 150% bonus of your initial deposit making it $450.

20% Cash Back on First Deposits over $50 – This January 2014, 20% Cashbacks will be given to deposits of over $50! All deposits over $50 qualify for an instant 20% Cashback, giving you 20% instant cash into your account!

$500 First Depositors Freeroll – When you make your first deposit at Full Flush Poker, not only will you be getting 150% welcome bonus of your initial deposit, but you will also receive 10 Copper Coins. These Copper Coins can be used to enter their $500 First Depositor’s Freeroll that occurs every last Saturday of every month at 12 noon ET.
Sunday Blowout $5,000 Guaranteed Tournament – Every Sunday at 1500 ET, Full Flush Poker is hosting their Sunday Blowout $5,000 Guaranteed Tournament! You can buy-in for just $20 + 2, or use 2200 Promo Bucks or win a seat through their daily Satellites: buy-in for $1 + 0.10 where can win 220 Rubies which you can also to use to buy-in also. The $5,000 Guaranteed Tournament will be a re-buy tournament, re-buys will be allowed during the first hour at a price or $20 + $2 and players will receive 2000 tournament chips per re-buy.

The Big Deepstack Saturday $2,000 Guaranteed Tournament – Every Saturday at 1300 ET, Full Flush Poker is hosting their Big Deepstack Saturday $2,000 Guaranteed Tournament! You can buy-in for just $10 + 1, use 1100 Promo Bucks or win a seat through our daily Satellites: buy-in for $0.50 + 0.05 where you can win 110 Rubies which you can also you for your buy-in. The $2,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Tournament will be a re-buy tournament, re-buys will be allowed during the first hour at a price or $10+ $1 and players will receive 5000 in tournament chips per re-buy. The top 10 finishes will share the total prize pool. 
Full Flush Poker transactions reviewTransactions
The following can be used for deposit: Person to Person transfers, Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Debit and Reloadable Cards, and EZ Voucher (or Pasteandpay).

The following can be used for withdrawal: Person to Person transfers, Money Orders, Bank Wire, eCheck, and Check delivery via courier. 
Full Flush Poker support reviewSupport
Full Flush Poker offers friendly 24/7 customer service support which can be reached via e-mail, telephone, fax, and live chat. Full Flush Poker also has a regularly updated FAQ section that can easily provide players the quick and helpful answers they need to some of the more commonly asked questions.

You can email them as well at support@FullFlushPoker.com. Don’t forget to include your sign-in name and other important details, to speed up the process of answering your queries or solving any issues that you may have.

You can contact Full Flush Poker’s friendly and reliable customer support agents via their toll-free telephone number: 1-800-841-0286.

You can also send them your message via fax at 1-305-418-7454.
Full Flush Poker’s 24/7 live chat support can be accessed through their support page at the topmost left part of the screen. 


User Reviews

Average rating based on 19 user reviews:
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FreeChips4YO Saturday, July 09, 2016
full flush poker is a new us poker site this room is very good for new beginners players this room give the opportunity to get a good bankroll give alot freerolls for all players every day.. there's good tournaments to for the weekends
i like the 150 only players tournaments this is excelent .. in my opinion and the bad ones is there is a very bery bad traffic, the software is regular and the oponents are easy to win .. bonuses and support are great for me is 10 - 10.. the cash games good 10 - 10
vaci38 Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Full -Flush Poker is very little time at the market , formed an in 2013 , and it is difficult to break through near the older and established poker sites have bonuses up to 150 % but it is not enough to attract people to play poker with them , for example not can be costly minimum of people in one tournament and that is why a lot of tournaments are canceled and positive thing for people from USA who can play there, but they rarely use this poker site.
Software: 7 / 10
Opponents: 6 / 10
Tournament: 6 / 10
Cashgames: 6 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 7 / 10
Transactions: 7 / 10
Support: 7 / 10
pajalnick Saturday, November 21, 2015
Software: 7 / 10
Opponents: 10 / 10
Tournament: 6 / 10
Cashgames: 6 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 9 / 10
Transactions: 7 / 10
Support: 7 / 10
Full Flush Poker is a part of Equity Poker Network and utilizes software provided by Playsafe Holding AS, a publicly traded Norwegian Poker Software provider.150% Welcome Bonus – Full Flush Poker provides first time depositors a great welcome bonus of 150%. They offer Hold'em and Omaha games, and the client has a build in casino.There are several tournaments available at Full Flush Poker and many of these are appealing to both beginners and seasoned players.My impression room is very weak. very few players to win a large sum is quite difficult. I do not recommend this room novice players. learn how to play poker is quite difficult.
canecorzo86 Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Software: 9/10
Traffic: 2/10
Support: 5/10
Transactions: 5/10

ull flush poker is a platform fairly known to the public in the United States of America but in Europe do not enjoy the same success as well as a platform that is not active for a long time , has a soft good enough but that lacks bonus free deposit is a real disadvantage compared to many other platforms, a platform from which I can not give it more than grade four . good luck at the tables
legionarul24 Saturday, September 26, 2015
Software: 5 / 10
Opponents: 3 / 10
Tournament: 5 / 10
Cashgames: 5 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 7 / 10
Transactions: 8 / 10
Support: 8 / 10
Software: 7 / 10
Opponents: 10 / 10
Tournament: 6 / 10
Cashgames: 6 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 9 / 10
Transactions: 7 / 10
Support: 7 / 10
With an interface quite trivial, Full Flush Poker trying to attract players from all over the world. Although not active in the market for a long time, but in 2013, Full Flush is at the beginning, and has time to grow and develop a wide range of poker players worldwide. They have a lot of work to Chapter aspect but that's not an end of line, just an observation. Support is currently non stop with answers to any problem related to poker or bugs that they find on the site users. Bonuses are quite weak and unimpressive, because they are quite new to the market should attract players through deals with welcome bonuses and all.
pochui Tuesday, July 28, 2015
full flush poker is a small poker room with a very small amount of players even at peek times. not much joy here, huh- you can jump on-board if you like being a big fish in the small pond, but the thing is that this small pond can easily dry out and you can become a fish with no pond... with more than enough larger, well backed up poker rooms on offer these days, i am not really hooked up to the idea of investing my money in those small rooms, yeah i do take a no deposit bonus here and there, and maybe take part in some promo if it's not too bad, but usually that's that...
mirexxx Thursday, May 28, 2015
Full Flush Pokeer is offering real money onliine poker and is establkiished of November 8th 2013,Full Flussh is the skin on the new Equity Pooker Network,Full Flush Pokeer is a new room and as such traffiic is good at the lower staakes levels but iit may be haarder to find actiion at the highher stakes tables
Payment Methods are awailaible Bank Wire Transfer, BitCoin, MasterCard, , Prepaid Card, Visa
Support is wery goood and you may contact the team via email, liive chat or tele phone....
Skpmorita Saturday, April 25, 2015
Full Flush Poker is new room , and the problem with all new rooms is the same
yes you guessed right , it is the traffic , probably one of the worst
sorry to say this because i like the software , and i really encourage new poker sites
but the lack of players makes it hard to enjoy playing there
they do actually have nice promotions
so i would say this an average site
My Summary :
Software: 9/10
Traffic: 2/10
Support: 5/10
Transactions: 5/10
YapiYapo Friday, April 03, 2015
Next quite small site which I always liked - many of them were scams but not that. Although is small there are few tables in every limit up to 1/2$ so it is acceptable. Next advantage of this site is of course US players available. There are many freerolls with different prize pools like 10$, 25$.... or even 300$. I see here many promotions with WSOP Leaderboard with WSOP Main Event entry on top.

Software: 8/10
Opponents: 8/10
Tournament: 6 / 10
Cashgames: 7/10
Bonuses/Loyalty: 8/10
Transactions: 7/10
Support: 7/10

westside1950 Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Fairly new room. The definitly best thing is they welcome USA players, so very often I find myself sitting on all-american tables (besides me). Softer is ok, could be a little faster. Traffic isn't as good as on bigger networks, you must wait for american ET time (evening hours) to get the traffic going. Bonuses are pretty fine for a small poker room. To sum it up, worth playing beacuse of the american players.


Software : 7/10
Opponents : 9/10
Tournament : 7/10
Traffic : 7/10
Cashgame : 7/10
Bonuses/Loyalty : 7/10
Transactions : 8/10
Support : 8/10

bowie1984 Thursday, February 26, 2015
They are new, they are not even 1.5 years old - so every fresh onlne poker room's illness could be found here. Daily lagging, software bugs, unsignificant traffic but...
But they accept players from the US of A, have multiple freeroll and rakerace, challenge and leaderboard. So there is something positive to mention too besides the generous first time and redeposit bonus offers - which is good.
However - game choices are limited to Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha H/L - no stud games people! - and the traffic of the latter couldn't be hold up in comparison with the former's.
Still need some things to be worked out in my opnion before this place could be a desired destination to anybody who playes for a living or just grinding through the weekends.
sunirico Friday, February 20, 2015
My review will be strongly biased from a Mac OS X user's perspective, this may or may not be true for other platforms and versions of their poker software. I may also be lacking the appropriate intuition to find the features and if you can correct me I will gladly eat my hat.

Some features I consider to be of the utmost importance that MUST be available in a poker client.

1. Four colored deck, I can't find any option to select a four colored deck.
2. Preferred seating or center seat functionality. Having to look for where you at on the table makes it very hard to multi-table.
3. Hand replayer or at the very least a visual representation or screen capture of the last board. Having to search for the last hand through the hand history which only provides the dealer chatter is unacceptable.

Some other features that promises to frustrate you even more.

1. Chip fractions, yes you can bet a piece of a $1 chip boys and girls raise to $13.69. This could be overlooked until you misinterpret an oponant's stack size because 658.47 looks much larger than 1623.
3. Notifications are dialog boxes and you have to click OK to stop it from obscuring your view of the table.. Prepare to get tilted.

If you are easily fooled by pretty pictures I can find no wrong the software looks good but as a serious grinder tool it is lacking.
bugarin11 Friday, December 05, 2014
Poker FullFlush is not so famous poker room in online poker but it is gold mine for regulars looking out for bad players.Traffic is not so good,but as i said you will find a looot of bad players so you dont care about traffic as long as you got profit and exploiting mistake by other players.Software is fine but make sure you have account on some other poker room if there is not good traffic in time you play so you can play whenever.

Software: 7 / 10
Opponents: 10 / 10
Tournament: 6 / 10
Cashgames: 6 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 9 / 10
Transactions: 7 / 10
Support: 7 / 10
qwertolog Thursday, October 30, 2014
Full flush Poker, which is part of a network Equity Poker Network (EPN), becomes the next goldmine for all serious grinders!
The site that receives the USA players fully revives the good old days. A large number of fish and a lot of players who play all sorts of maps.
Full Flush Poker offers plenty of action at the cash game tables, as most poker novice or low stakes players in, the game are excellent. They offer a No Limit and Pot Limit Hold'em and Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo.
Everyone who first deposit (between $ 25 and $ 400), returns a 150% up to $ 600 First Deposit Bonus! Thus, for example, your deposit $ 100 you get a $ 150 bonus!

shokaku Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Full Flush Poker is part of the Equity Poker Network. One of the few outfits that still accepts players from the US of A. As they are only in business for around a year, one can say the network was set up to aim at the american market. So they are one of the few sites that have increasing traffic. But the playerbase is still much smaller compared with the bigger rooms/networks. They offer Hold'em and Omaha games, and the client has a build in casino. First time players can claim a 150% up to $1500 first deposit bonus. It clears with 20 player points for every dollar.
BubbleGumTrb Wednesday, August 06, 2014
This poker room is pretty new so it needs a lot of things, but mainly players! They have nice tournaments though, great freerolls so they will attract players pretty easy! Their software is ok, has a nice design and seems to work properly all the time! The cash games are also exciting because there are some players who are not that great so it's easy money! I can't say anything about the support team because I did not need them. It's not one of the top sites, but it's not bad to start building a bankroll on!

Software: 7 / 10
Opponents: 10 / 10
Tournament: 7 / 10
Cashgames: 8 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 9 / 10
Transactions: 7 / 10
Support: ? / 10

hazeform Friday, July 18, 2014
Full Flush Poker is the flagship brand on the Equity Poker Network (EPN)
Equity Poker Network use a software from Playsafe Holding which runs on
Windows, Mac and Linux systems.The traffic is not very high and is listed on
place 34 at pokerscout (290-300 real money ring game players at the peak hours)
You find some soft cash games here some good promotions.
The softwear runs smooth and has a clear layout

Software - 7/10
Opponents - 6/10
Traffic - 5/10
Bonuses/Loyalty - 7/10
Cashgames - 6/10
Tournaments - 6/10
Support - ?/10
Transactions - ?/10
gufra20 Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Poker FullFlush a new room.
This poker room is perfect for beginning players.
This room also gives you the ability to create your bankroll in an easy way because it has freerolls for all players $ 10, $ 50, $ 100 and $ 150 every day.
It also has excellent tournaments on weekends, and these are the tournaments that I like.
These tournaments are $ 5000 and $ 10,000 grantizados.
Admission is $ 22 and $ 27.50 respectively.
the most exciting is that these tournaments and only play about 150 players; This e suna excellent choice to start earning some good dollars.
ddblt1970 Saturday, January 25, 2014
Software: 7 / 10
Opponents: 10 / 10
Tournament: 6 / 10
Cashgames: 6 / 10
Bonuses / Loyalty: 9 / 10
Transactions: 7 / 10
Support: 7 / 10

Very poor traffic, software is ok, nice deposit bonuses, terrible player field.

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