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Violent Casino Brawl After Shocking UFC Fight Outcome

Tags: Crown Perth Casino, Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey, UFC.
Posted on 20 November 2015 by "T".

After the shocking outcome at the UFC fight between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey, it was the men's turn to throw their punches and kicks at each other at a casino in Perth, Australia.

An amateur video footage captured at Crown Perth casino shows at least 6 men throwing punches and kicks between the casino's slot machines. The brawl happened right after the conclusion of the UFC 193 fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium.

It was Stephen Pekaar, 21, who said that shortly after Holly Holm was crowned the new bantamweight champion, he heard men shouting from the gaming floor area. When he came closer to the scene, he saw a group of men shouting expletives to others in the casino while wielding either pint glasses or glass bottles.

When Pekaar started filming the situation, a pint glass almost hit his head as it was thrown at him, but it smashed into a slot machine instead. "Glass went everywhere and on to everyone, including elderly people playing the machines. First 2, then up to 6 men became involved, while the other men right the original group who were initially wielding glass, ran off immediately," Pekaar said.

It took the casino's security team almost 30 seconds before they were able to control the situation.


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3 comments on "Violent Casino Brawl After Shocking UFC Fight Outcome "

 pochui20/11/2015 15:41:47 GMT
ah the good old fight between the degenerates at the slot machines... yep casino is a fun place to spend the evenings. now another question we should raise here- who the fcuk is that dude stephen pekaar, who is passing over the info right from the hot spots... surely he needs a few kicks in the head and someone to film that and upload to youtube...
 TheMachineQC20/11/2015 18:26:07 GMT
Lol, well going to a UFC event can be dangerous, there is a lot of hotheads who watch this. Being a fan myself, I know there's a lot of fans of this sport that are just plain dumb and probably watch WWE also. Try following a UFC thread on facebook or something like that, you'll be amazed how stupid some people are Blink

Fighting in a casino knowing there's security guards everywhere seems to prove my point Blink
 klash2321/11/2015 12:20:32 GMT
Well who would have thought this could happen at a fighting event.......some drunk Australian men had a little scuffle!!
I love the last line.."It took the casino's security team almost 30 seconds before they were able to control the situation." that a criticism?

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