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Man Jailed After Attempting To Rob Betting Shop

Tags: betting shop.
Posted on 28 December 2015 by "T".

Just a few hours after winning a handsome amount of £1,600 on a gaming machine, a man lost almost all of it at a bookie's shop. The weird thing is - he then demanded the manager to give him his money back!

The 43-year-old punter of New Devonshire Square, Salford, Adrian McDonagh, luckily won £1,600 on a gaming machine during the afternoon of June 20, 2015, at Ladbrokes betting shop on Chatley Street, Strangeways. Instead of walking away with it, he decided to play it all, but this time, lady luck wasn't smiling, and so he ended up with nothing in his pockets.

At around 9:30pm, the manager was locking up the shop when McDonagh approached saying that he was thirsty and requested if he can come inside for a drink.

Once inside, McDonagh acted aggressively and said to the manager, "I want my ****ing money back, empty the machines."

He then walked the manager to where the safe, tills and gaming machines were, and demanded that they all be opened.

The manager reluctantly agreed, but as soon as he saw the chance to escape, he ran out of the shop and locked McDonagh in!

Shortly after the police arrived and caught the burglar with £625 in his possession.

Judge David Stockdale QC told the apprehended burglar, "I accept your remorse was genuine, but I'm left with the robbery of a bookmaker manager on his premises alone at night. This serious offence must be met by an immediate custodial sentencing.

McDonagh, who admitted to robbery, was sentenced to jail for 8 months.

source: mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/punter-tries-rob-bookies-lost-6919348


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2 comments for "Man Jailed After Attempting To Rob Betting Shop"

 bowie198428/12/2015 19:01:07 GMT
I guess next time whe he has a financial meltdown just gonna have to rob a bank. Seems less of a hassle than a betting shop and the reward is better. But seeing his luck, his gonna probably go after an online bank.
 klash2330/12/2015 20:12:01 GMT
The judge said that he had to give him a jail sentence even though he didn't have a weapon and didn't actually leave the premises with anything yet in another story a woman who stole from all the businesses she worked for and stole hundreds of thousands only got a couple of years.

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