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Three players of a Bundesliga club arrested due to attempted casino heist

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Posted on 17 February 2016 by "T".

Three young players of the Bundesliga club, Hannover 96, were arrested last week for attempting to pull a heist on a local casino situated in the north German city.

According to a report released on February 8 Monday by the German newspaper Bild, the three young men were on their way to the casino wearing balaclavas, armed with gas pistols, and driving a stolen Audi vehicle with which they fitted fake license plates. Along the way, they changed their minds and backed out at the last minute.

Bad luck is on their side because when they were on their way home to think over what they might have done that time, their car was pulled over and investigated by local police who noticed their unmarked plates. Another speculation as to how they were caught, as stated by Bild, is that they had parked their car earlier in a restricted area, which prompted concerned pedestrians to contact and notify the authorities.

Police spokesperson Gabriela Mielke released a statement to the press, "In addition to a possible attempted robbery charge, the trio also have forged documents and vehicle registration plate theft to answer to, as the vehicle they used had stolen plates attached".

The three young men were taken into custody, where they admitted to the plan after they were individually interrogated.

Hannover 96 currently ranks last place in the Bundesliga standings, and much to their dismay, they confirmed the unpleasant incident. They stated that they have suspended the three on Sunday, February 7. The three players belong to the roster of the Under-19 team.

Club spokesman Christian Boenig commented, "We condemn this as a club; it has nothing to do with the moral principles of Hannover 96. We cannot tolerate such behaviour."

The police are still continuing their investigation regarding the incident.



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1 comment on "Three players of a Bundesliga club arrested due to attempted casino heist"

 pochui17/02/2016 16:05:09 GMT
cool story- just wonder why admit that they were planning to do something, when they haven' done anything? not too bright fellas imho. they could've just told that they has gas pistols because they wanna look cool like Mafioso in front of their girls ir sth... driving a stolen car with fake license plates is a bit too much though... well they can say that they mistakenly hopped into the wrong car, they were tired after training session and didn't notice the difference... wearing balaclavas because they are too tired of attention from fans, so they are hiding their identity...

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