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Enhanced Odds: 4.00 on City and Real Madrid

Posted on 12 April 2016 by "H".

Tonight the Champions League is back for the second matches, when Manchester City is hosting PSG and Real Madrid is hosting Wolfsburg. Both teams are under pressure if they want to advance to the semi-finals.

Manchester City did do well in Paris, where they got away with a 2-2 result. It was PSG who was the better team though, and they should have won the match. In the other match Wolfsburg surprised everyone, when they beat Real Madrid by 0-2. That means Real Madrid has to win today with min. two goals, and a home win should be the outcome today.


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Unibet is offering higher odds on City and Real Madrid to win as an enhanced double, and right now they offer odds 4.00! - If you choose the two teams seperately and combine, it will give odds 3.48 in return.

So there is no doubt, that there is value in the Enhanced Odds, but will City and Real Madrid both win their matches? What do you expect from the two matches tonight?

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4 comments on "Enhanced Odds: 4.00 on City and Real Madrid"

 bowie198412/04/2016 13:10:58 GMT
Nope, not again. Ya know - fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...
Either $hitty or Real Margit gonna $hit the bed tonight so this is again a meaningless double of course. Even their traders know this and that is the saddest part of the whole story.
 BRM_Henrik13/04/2016 09:19:54 GMT
It actually won :O
 Theapple13/04/2016 10:09:24 GMT
yeah that was a decent promo, especially considering psg was basically missing half of their 1st team (:o
 bowie198413/04/2016 13:22:40 GMT
Posted by Theapple:
yeah that was a decent promo, especially considering psg was basically missing half of their 1st team (:o

You cannot say this with a straight face, Uni had half a dozen of these in the recent months and this was the first one which won. If you had stakes on all of them you are still in the red.

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